Tuesday, June 07, 2005

PJ's Addiction

This is the mouse. PJ Mouse. You see the trouble she caused today at lunch time sitting before her. Well, it is really the trouble my brother-in-law caused. He came over last summer and made us crepes for breakfast. Little did he know that he started an addiction for my baby girl.

Every morning for the past two weeks PJ wakes me up with this simple phrase, "Mommy, can we have crepes for breakfast?" On Sunday morning I asked the kids, "Would you like me to go get doughnuts for breakfast or make crepes?" The answer they gave me: "Crepes!!" We had no clean dishes and so I went and got them doughnuts. They were disappointed.

I promised PJ when she got up today that I would make her crepes for lunch. We do not have enough time on school days to make them for breakfast. So what you see here is part of lunch. We also had homemade raspberry sauce and vanilla yogurt to put in them too. It was so worth the effort they loved them. PJ ate 5 crepes, 2 helpings of fruit and one bowl of yogurt. I made a double of batch of the batter and there was not one crumb left between 4 children and myself. Now that is a compliment to the chef!

The credit all goes to Will for such a good recipe.

In Blender:

3 eggs
1 cup of milk
3 TBSP melted butter
3/4 cup of flour
2 TBSP sugar
1/2 tsp. salt

Whiz it up. Pour some into a hot non-stick skillet covering bottom of entire pan, pour out excess and cook until the edges come away from the pan slightly and you can see little bubbles in the batter. Flip and slightly brown other side. I double the recipe and that is just the right amount of 5 little piggies. Posted by Hello


Shannon said...

When are you coming to my house and making us crepes? Just kidding!

Wudas said...

Four children?

Keeefer said...

crepes are lovely , if you are ever in france id highly recomend them. They dont be a big fry up though.....mmmmmm bacon

Kelly O said...

Mama, I have Layne on Tuesdays and Thursdays along with me own, if you count Paul I have 5 children.

Keeefer, I love bacon too, BLT's are my favorite sandwiches.

Shannon, how about if I come over and Will makes crepes for everyone?