Monday, February 28, 2005

Apparently Heli-Skiing ROCKS! I love this picture, it says it all.  Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sick Baby

Quentin has not been felling well today. He woke me up at 1:30 this morning and I changed him and put him back to bed, I noticed he was a little warm and I turned down the heater in his room. At 2:30 a.m. he woke me up again, he was very warm. 100.9F, poor kid, he snuggled in with me and we tossed and turned together for the rest of the morning.

He finally had a sleep from about 10:00 this morning until 1:30 this afternoon. He seems to be feeling a little better and he ate a little lunch had plenty of cold water and is now playing. I am glad to see him feeling better. Is it time for my nap yet?

I did get my closet cleaned out today, well almost. I have a couple things I need to try on to see if they are keepers or not. I did this while Sebastian and PJ played this morning. It it 10 degrees C today, so we also played outside for bit. A productive day all and all.

Paul called yesterday and said Heli-skiing was incredible, he had a great time. He is skiing today in Panorama and should be back tonight around 11:00 or midnight. I am glad he such a great time. He said he took lots of photos for me, I will share some of the good ones, I promise!

Knitting Front:
I would love to post some pictures here of a pair of monkey legs and a half done sleeve, but my DH has the camera still for his trip. My projects are going faster now that I have two on the go. Does this work exponentialy? If I start another one will they all move along even faster? Wouldn't it be great if this were true?

Friday, February 25, 2005

While the Cats Away

Paul left for Heli-skiing this morning. He was so excited, he was grinning from ear to ear when he left. He should be calling soon to let me know he got to Panorama okay. It is about a 6 hour drive. He is with Phil and Andrew, so I know they will have a good time. I made him take the camera and promise he would take some great pictures for posting on my blog. I am excited for him, he has always wanted to do this.

I worked on my sleeve for a while last night, I am about 7" into it. That little monkey leg was all I needed for a little spring in my needles. I would post a picture of the sleeve, but if you've seen one, you've seen them both. I think I will block the parts that are done when I finish this sleeve. My plan is to sew the parts together and then pick-up and knit the collar and the sash, so that I don't have to sew them on later. Hmmm, when I read it like that it sounds like I am in the home stretch. The pattern tells you to knit everything as separate pieces and then seam it all together. Mom suggested picking-up the sash, and I thought why not do the collar that way too? She is one smart cookie, my Mom!

Mom, check out this blog it is one of my favorites and she has a guest blogger this week, who was teaching about dying roving. It seemed right up your alley. I think you would like the information and Stephanie's blog is funny, she makes me laugh almost every day.

Cornstarch is a good idea, I have tried it before, maybe I will give it another go.

I will be checking the mailbox everyday, mom has put the kids afghans in the mail. I can't wait to see them in person! The kids don't know they coming yet, I love a surprise!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Monkey Mama

As you can see by the photo posted below, I started Wrongo. I am glad I started it now because those small needles make my hands sore. I am knitting it up on size 3's and for some reason I seem to death grip those babies. The yarn is hard to work with too, its all knubby and I keep splitting it. When I went back to my sleeve after knitting one monkey leg, the sleeve was a breeze. It will be good to work back and forth between the two projects, they are so different from each other, the yarn textures alone are enough to give variety.

Paul is getting ready to go Heli-skiing this weekend. This time he means it. He was supposed to go in January, but his trip was cancelled due to road closures. Well this time he is really going. I hope he has a wonderful time. He deserves the weekend off.

I will have the kids all weekend and I work on Saturday. I don't get in my long run Saturday morning and that bums me out a bit. My babysitter runs with us and I could not ask her to give up her long run for me. It is enough she is giving up half her Saturday to watch the kids so I can work.

PJ is not feeling good today, she has a fever and her 'tummy hurts'. Q has a rash on his legs and bum that I have no idea what to do with anymore. He has had it since we came back from CA, I have tried everything to clear it up and I am at a loss. He cries and cries anytime he soils his diaper, because the rash hurts when he does. Anyone have any ideas? I have tried several homeopathics, antibiotic ointment, powder, I have even quit using baby wipes on him as I thought he might be allergic to that. I am going to change my laundry detergent when I go grocery shopping tomorrow. I am open to any suggestions. It does get better if he is off dairy...Paul has been feeding him dairy, I have asked him many times not to, but he seems to forget.

Well I think it is time to knit.

A Leg to Stand On

Well I'll be a monkey's mama, its a monkey leg. Meet Wrongo, Sebastian's monkey. Paul offered to let me take a picture of his monkey to can all thank me for saying no. I can see the monkey making is going to be entertaining, definitely bloging about will be. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

6 to 1

Today was a fun, crazy day. Late last night D called me, she was in a jam and needed someone to babysit her twin one year olds today. I said yes, they are wonderful babies to be around and easy to watch.

Today is Tuesday which means I had LB too, and of course lets not forget my 3 kids too. This means I had 6 kids to one adult, and we had a good time. There were no fires to put out and LB, Seabass and PJ were great helpers. All that help and I am pooped out (pun intended, I changed 8 poopy diapers today, there should be laws against this).

I could never run a day care, it takes so much energy to take care of that many children, even when they are great. Just keeping up with their energy and directing their play is enough to wear me out. My hats off to all grade school teachers and day care providers, it is a rewarding job, but how do they keep up?

Knitting Front:
I have started the second sleeve, I am about two inches into it. I am eyeing the yarn I bought for Wrongo the monkey for Seabass, it is calling me. I am trying to stick to my guns and finish the sweater first. But really what is wrong with having 2 or three projects on the go at once?

Angie Peg Leg, I asked the Bass man if he wanted to name his monkey Chongo or Wrongo, he picked Wrongo so that means when Chongo gets knitted up he is yours and Bass will have his mate. I know how happy that will make you.

This is my beautiful yarn from The never Ending Yarn in Vernon. It is 20% Cashmere and 80% merino wool. I bought all they had, it was 50% off, 13 of these beautiful soft wonderful balls! Machine washable too! I am in love. I only wish they had more. Posted by Hello

Monday, February 21, 2005

A Good Weekend

We had a good weekend. After work on Saturday we headed out to Kelowna, with a stop at the Vernon yarn shop on the way by. I will show you my treasures tomorrow. I took photos today for you, but I thought it would be...Suspensful if I waited to post them until Tuesday. The yarn shop was much nicer that anything we have here in Kamloops, worth to hour drive to go check out if you are looking to enhance your stash. I will make it a habit to stop in and see what they have everything we pass through.

Harvey is doing well, he tires out easily, but he is doing better than any of us had even hoped for. He was diagnosed with lung cancer at the end of the summer last year, and at the time was give 3 weeks to 3 months. Well he is beating the odds and doing his best to live life to its fullest. He is walking 2 miles a day, he looks great, has a good appetite and only on medication for pain control. If you saw him, you would never know he is sick, he is a little energy and tires out easily, but he is doing amazingly well.

PJ had a wonderful birthday party at Boston Pizza on Saturday night in Kelowna and then another one here at home Sunday night. Debbles was wonderful (as always) and cooked up a great dinner that she delivered to our door, we shared the birthday meal and celebration with Debbles, Layne B and J-sun. We had a fun time and did plenty of damage to an ice cream cake as well (Thank you J-sun, you are welcome to come over anytime and help us demolish cake, you are a welcome addition to the O Family).

Angie Peg-Leg, thank you so much for naming Sebastian's monkey, I had forgotten all about chongo (and wrongo). I will definitely have to make a for you and one for Seabass. I will make you one for your birthday, it will be late. I hate to make the same pattern to many times but it would be worth it to send one to Benji too, wouldn't it?

It must be time for a piece of ice cream cake and some knitting. February IS a short month isn't it?! (This translates into: 'I am never going to have my sweater done by the end of the month.'

Where do Armies hide? In their sleevies! One down and one to go. Moving right along. Posted by Hello

Happy 3rd Birthday PJ Mouse!  Posted by Hello

Friday, February 18, 2005

Weekend Away

This weekend is going to be another busy one, but the good news is it should be fun and stash enhancing.

I run my long run (8miles) in the morning tomorrow and then I am off to a busy day at work. After that I am going to race home so that we can go to Kewlona to visit with Gran and Harv. I asked Paul if he would mind taking me to the yarn store in Vernon AND in Kewlona. The one in Vernon is supposed to be very good. I will let you know how it goes.

Sunday is PJ's Birthday, the big 3 years old. She is very excited to be turning 'this many' and is looking forward to being 'big and hairy like my daddy' She is already planning her future, she plans to be a mermaid princess and a pirate. I don't know how all the hair she is planning on growing (her daddy is VERY hairy) will go over in the mermaid princess department, but it will serve her well in her pirate adventures.

I hope to blog Saturday, but I don't know if I will have time. I hope to have some wonderful new yarn photos for you on Sunday anyway.

I bought this book at this week, it came in the mail today. It has about 6 patterns in it I would like to make. Posted by Hello

I want to make this for Sebastian, I think it will be my next project. He has always been my little monkey, so I will knit him a monkey of his own. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Why are my arms so long?

If I had shorter arms I would be done with my sleeve by now. It is coming along, I am more than halfway done with the first sleeve. I spent the past two evenings untangling my yarn and winding it into a ball. I have just started on my 2nd hank out of the 3 I bought. Maybe I will have enough left for a little bag I would like to make.

I decided to handle the Runners Sole issue by asking W to read my blog and leave the ball in his court so to speak. I called him and asked him to read The 'B' list entry. So we will see what he has to say about it. I will give him a chance to set things right and see what happens. I lead the beginning run group tonight, so I will let you know how it plays out. I went for run this morning so I already got in a work out today, if he asked me to go no sweat, then I start a free run clinic of my own and ask Debbles if she would like to join me.

It is sunny and very cold out today. In the afternoons my bed is one big sun spot and I am trying hard to stay out of my room, I am afraid I will caught in it and sleep quiet time away. I think I will fold the laundry and do some knitting in there, in that cozy sun spot. Is this code for nap time???

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Like grandmother, like mother, like daughter. This is my daughter PJ "I'm not tired" Mouse. She fell asleep reading the book that Layne's grandparents got her for her birthday. I think I should go lay on the couch and read now, maybe it is contagious. Posted by Hello

Monday, February 14, 2005

It Should be a Law...

I think it should be a law, that Valentine's Day never fall on a Monday. Monday has enough stacked against it already. Just being Monday is enough work for Monday, then you take poor Monday and you pile on the responsibility of Valentine's Day as well. This is a lose/lose situation for poor Monday. I mean the romance, the broken hearts, the chocolate, the children all whooped up on candy hearts...poor Monday!

On that note, I am having a dinner out tonight with my DH, I asked him if he made reservations somewhere. He said, "you don't need reservations at Burger King" I love my guy. He is a good man, but a little 'romatically challenged'. I will show him, I will break the bank by King Sizing my value meal!

Knitting Front:
Kyoto is coming along. I did not get much knitting done last week, so this week I am hoping to finish the first sleeve. I am happy with the shaping I have going on so far, but it seems a little slow going to me. Is it me or are sleeves where you start to lose interest? I am needing a bit of break as my knitters ADD kicks in. I am going to try and finish the first sleeve this week and then I may need to cast on for a hat or a bag or something that is not a sweater. Or maybe a different sweater? I need a change up of yarn, or needle size, I am thinking of trying some beginner Fair Isle, or some lace work? Cables maybe? I am loving the Fairly Easy Fair Isle sweater in the new Stitch 'n Bitch Book. It looks like a good place to start. I worry about bulky yarn though, I have learned it adds about 90 pounds to my figure. But it is a cardigan...I will think on it while I continue on Kyoto. I am open to ideas? What do you to mix things up when you have ADD?

Sunday, February 13, 2005

The 'B' List

Mom, I think you are right, I believe that men screw up the laundry deliberately a time or two until their wives tell them not to do the wash any more. It is a conspiracy I am sure of it.

The Runner's Sole storey:

First let me give a you a little background. Runner's Sole is the local running store in Kamloops, they opened a little over three years ago and Debbles and I have been involved with them pretty much since the get go. I have been an avid runner for years (15+), I ran in the very first run clinic they put on at Runner's Sole and following that 8 week clinic they asked me if I would be a leader in the clinic. The clinic runs 8 weeks on and one week off. We break up the groups into skill level and run and every Wednesday night at 6:30, I lead the beginning run level. In two weeks I will be celebrating 3 years as the beginning run leader.

I do this for nothing. I do this because I like the owner of the store and I enjoy helping him out. I do this because I love running I and love passing this passion on to others. I do this because it is the coolest thing to teach people that they can run 10K when they don't think they can run 5K. I love empowering the people who run in my group, I love kicking them out of my group because they have gotten to fast to run at the beginning run level anymore. I do this because thought I was a friend of the store owner. I do this because it is fun.

Occasionally as a run leader I score some free gear. I have gotten 4 or 5 pairs of free shoes over the past three years and some really nice technical running shirts. This is a great bonus, but I never expect anything. On the 8th week the entire group usually goes out to dinner, W has always been generous enough to buy the run leaders their meals on these nights. I have never showed up without my wallet, I have never assumed that W would pay for my meal. One more perk, when I run any local race, my race fees are waived. This works well for everyone, I get the free race and all the people that I encouraged to sign up for the race in my group get to see me out there encouraging them and leading by example. I always tell W not to give me a race packet or a race t-shirt, I don't want it to cost him money for me to race. W says that I get cost on anything in the store, but if you look at what I have bought there, this had never happened.

Friday night when I stopped by the store to pick up Mnt. Goat for a movie, W pulled me aside and told me that there are new shoes coming in for the run leaders, (Nike is sponsoring I think, This means the shoes are costing W nothing). W told me that Debbles and I will not be getting shoes this clinic, due to the fact that we got 2 pairs of shoes last year. All the other run leaders, (who have been doing this for 6 months) will be getting their shoes (I don't think they received any shoes last year) and Debbles and I will be high and dry. I told W I thought this was weird. I asked him straight up, why he would want to leave Debbles and I out of the loop. I never really got an answer that I understand, except it is his business and he will do with the shoes what he wants. I still don't understand why he wouldn't want to share the free shoes, given to him by Nike for his run leaders, with ALL his leaders.

I also think if he asks a company to sponsor his running group and they chose to do so, and he does something else with the gear, that this is slightly dishonest. A company sponsors the clinic because they know what a powerful marketing tool it is to have everyone running in their gear.

W proceeded to tell me that he did not invite me and my family to an event at his home over the holidays because I was not on the 'A' list. This is a direct quote my friends. So why on earth have I spending every Wednesday night for 3 years, helping out this guy so I can be on his 'B' list, or is it the 'C' or 'D' list I am on? I know why...

I have always done this for all the reasons I mentioned above. But to be told right out of the horses mouth that I am not a friend, and to be told that my value is maxed out at the price of 2 pairs of shoes and a shirt, well that just sucks. My feelings are hurt.

Paul thinks Debbles and I should start our own free clinics on Wednesday nights and shut W down. Maybe then he would value us. I am afraid I could not do this. I just couldn't treat a friend this way...but then again I am only the 'B' list aren't I? I don't think I could disrespect W like this, even though he doesn't seem to value my leadership or my friendship. Just tattoo 'fool' on my forehead.

What bothers me the most is W used to do this because he liked doing it, now he appears to be all about the money he can make. From the outside looking in, it seems like W is more concerned about the bottom line than the finish line these days. This disappoints me, I genuinely like W and I am sad that he seems to have lost the big picture. I am an optimist and belief if you do things because you love them, that the rest comes. I am not rolling in the money with this attitude, but I have a successful business, a wonderful family, great friends and I am well respected in my community. This is where the value of life falls in my book.

I would like to continue to lead the beginning run group, simply because I enjoy it. My anger and hurt over being treated this way not withstanding, I never started this to get anything but fun and good a workout out of it. It still sucks to know you are a 'B' lister and not appreciated.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Crazy Toothy Chaos

I have been to long away from the blog front...I have not been knitting either. I have been...gasp...WORKING! Can believe this? Can it be true?

Paul had his wisdom teeth removed Thursday afternoon. I was shocked to find he had any wisdom at all. As it turned out his wisdom was all twisted up the 'easy' extraction turned into toothy trouble. The roots were are gnarled and twisted and the teeth (the two lower ones) came out in many little pieces. Paul shows up thursday afternoon, following the 'easy' extraction, with his face swollen out to the moon and back, (I wish I had a photo for you, why did I not think to take one?),blood dripping down his face and a fist full of prescription medication. Oh, yeah baby it is going to be a fun weekend.

Friday I went to work for him, I was slammed all day and did not eat enough. He stayed home, unable to 'operate a motor vehicle' but apparently okay to watch 3 small children. He did a good job, when I got home not only was the house still standing, but the laundry was done and he did not shrink my good shirts. (He has a previous record in this department and is not allowed near the washing machine)

Today, I did a shorter run, 6 miles, it was a down week, gave a health talk, and saw 25 patients and 2 dogs, all before 1:30 in the afternoon. Then it was off the the rotarian Oldies dinner where I pulled Paul's set-up shift. Now I am home and getting ready to load the kids up for a birthday party. I really would love to just sit on the couch, knit one row and fall asleep.

Is the weekend over yet? I need a rest!

Oh yes, don't let me forget to tell you about the Runner's Sole fiasco. I have to pack the kids up now. But you will love the story, I promise!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

SUNSHINE! We have not seen the sun here in The Loops in a couple of weeks, this afternoon it has decided to peek its lovely head out to make us all smile today. It is funny to me that it only takes one day of sunshine to help you break the winter blues. I get so tired of all the winter grey. Posted by Hello

The back of Kyoto and start of the first sleeve. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Picture this...

Yippie! I finished the back of my sweater! I would be posting a wonderful photo for you, but I can not find the camera anywhere. I even checked between the couch cushions, I found some stale popcorn, a magnet, a playing card, a money and no camera. Okay I am blind, as I was typing away, telling you all what I did and did not find I looked up and saw, right in front of me...the camera. I will take a picture and post it after I am done with this post.

I need to do a little math before I start the sleeves, I would like to get a start on one tonight. I am changing the pattern if you remember. 16' square sleeves have no appeal to me, I am going to give them a bit of shape. Maybe 16' at the wrist coming down to 14' around the elbow and back out to about 15' at the shoulder. I just need to figure out where my decreases and increases should go, so both sleeves come out the same. I will develop a pattern and see how it knits up, I can always frog it if I have to. That would be sad!

I am giving myself a goal for the sweater, I would love to complete it by the end of the month. I have excuses at the ready if I am not done...February is so short...we were soooo busy this month...ect. ect. I expect most the knitting will be done on time, but I will most likely have some finishing work left at the end of the IS a short month after all!

Running Front:
Monday morning I did an easy recovery run, to work out the kinks from the Saturday long run. I did a leg work out too. I like to get this done early in the week so I can recover for the next long run. There was a 5K time trial run scheduled for Monday night, but I did not plan to go, it is a busy week for us and I thought I would stay home with the kids and Paul. Well, I got talked into going...and kicked butt!!! I took almost 2 min off my previous 5K time trial. I came in at 25:17 and felt good the whole time, as good as you can feel during a 5K time trial (which means you are running race pace the whole time and just giving her all you have for about 3 miles.)

The difference for me is the weight lifting, adding the leg workouts is making me faster. My cardio work outs have not changed, if anything I thought I had slowed down due to winter road running conditions. Maybe I will be able to get the 1:55 1/2 marathon. It is very satisfying to see all my hard work pay off.

I took the day off today to rest sore legs and I have a recovery run planned for tomorrow morning.

A knitted room

Strathaven folk knit themselves a room :: ABC Tasmania

This is so cool. Takes knitting to the next level.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Weekend? What weekend?

Weekends are so busy for everyone I know, it is a good thing we have the work week to rest up for the weekends isn't it?

I logged an 8 mile long run yesterday in the snow, in 1hour 14min. Not bad. I am feeling much less craby now. I had a busy day at work as well. I did follow that up with an eyebrow wax (ouch! But I look much better now) and a shopping spree. I bought a beautiful, cranberry colored wool coat. I could not help myself, it was 50% off, and my LB $ was burning a hole in my pocket. I also love the color and I look good in reds, especially red with blue under tones. I will have to post a picture of it for all to see. (Thank you Debbles.) I also bought two pairs of pants and 3 shirts, all were 50% off. The pants are worth every penny, they make me feel skinny, after three babies in three years it is nice to feel skinny.

Winter has come back to Kamloops, we had snow yesterday, and as I look out the window now it has just started to snow again. I am the only one who seems to be happy this. I am still in love the snow, its seems to have magical properties in my book, it takes our ordinary neighborhood and makes it look a bit fairy tale to me. I love the silence of snow...I have 3 kids silence is my favorite sound. My DH is ski patrolling all day up at SunPeaks all day, so the fresh snow will make him happy too.

I lost most of my weekend to my DH, he went to a hockey game last night and is skiing all day today. I don't expect he will be home until the kids are in bed. I am guessing after ski patrol it will be a couple of beer and the end of the SuperBowl. This means I have the kids full time, we are planning to bake cookies together after they have their quite time. I think I might try to get in a few rows of knitting while they are playing nice in their rooms...wish me luck!

This sweater just arrived, the third wonderful sweater from Grandma Flying Fingers. I love this one, it is such a good color on him. She is so fast and so good, how does she do it!!?? Posted by Hello

Silly kids in Grandma's beautiful hand knitted sweaters, this was taken Friday, the kids were on their way to pre-school. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 04, 2005

What happened to the Mnt. Goat Tote?

Is anyone out there????!!! I can't believe I can't count on you to keep an eye on me. I need this, you should know that by now. Where is the Mnt. Goat Tote? Do you all even remember the Mnt Goat Tote? Well, here's what happened:

I ran it through the wash...
I ran it through the wash...
Then I ran it through again,

I was happy with it.
I thought I was happy with it.

Debbles shaved it.
It sat around the house waiting for handles.
I was just not happy with it.
It was to big.

Today the light goes on! It's wool, it's felted and it's to big. It's in the wash. I am going to felt that Tote until I am happy with it. Then I will post a picture for all of you to enjoy. I still can not believe that no one called me out on never posting a finished photo. I think you all knew it was not finished before I did. Sigh, I should be used to being one step behind myself by now.

Speaking of steps, I have been grumpy all day. This is because I have not had a morning run since Monday. I ran Wednesday night, but that is different. It has been very windy in The Loops, and I don't like to run in the wind. Today, I got up to run and it was raining cats and dogs, I went back to bed. It has since turned into very wet, very mucky snow as the day has worn on. I will run a long run tomorrow morning if it kills me, (and it may) and I promise I will no longer be grumpy.

tomorrow I will be in better spirits and more relaxed, that is what running does for me. It is an illness, I know. Stay tuned, tomorrow I have a very cool post for my mom!

I covet this yarn


The Rowen Summer Tweed, I NEED to knit something out of this!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Anyone remember the twin unbilical cord hats, here they are with the twins in them. Cute eh? Posted by Hello

I'm not kidding, who shrunk my husband?!?! Posted by Hello

Who shrunk my husband? Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mr. Independent

As everyone that reads my blog must already know, I have 3 lovely children. The youngest Quentin (Q) is 16 months old. He is the most independent child in the world. He is into everything and anything and is a happy little camper about 99.9% of the time. I am blessed. This morning he went into the kitchen, opened the drawer that contains his bibs. He took one out and threw it on the floor. Q proceeded to toddle over to his chair, take the booster seat down and use it as a step stool to climb up on the chair. He then climbed onto the table to pull Sebastians plate of peanut-buttered toast over to Q's place at the table (Sebastian is off to pre-school already so he does not mind Q stealing his breakfast.) He climbed down off the table, settled himself into his chair and ate Sebastian's breakfast. When he was done, he climbed down and gooed up the whole kitchen with his peanut butter hands.

They are holding out on me. The moral of the storey...they can do everything themselves and I am here as a glorified waitress. They are so much smarter than me! It has taken 3 children for me to catch onto this fact. And even though I have seen the light, I am going to go put in a load of THEIR laundry, make THEIR beds, and take something out for THEIR dinner. THEY are conspiring against me...and winning!

They may still need me on occasion, I just caught Q eating the chapstick. Or is this all a ruse to perpetuate the myth for Mommy?

Look Ma! A matching set! The fronts of Kyoto, I love the way the color came out, I did not, could not plan that. Oh yes, that piece on the needles, that is the back. I am making progress in spite of my family Posted by Hello