Wednesday, April 20, 2005

2 Poached Eggs and 1 Piece of Toast!

Let record show that is my breakfast almost every morning. I often add a protein shake and a banana, I am not really sure if I ever had beer and M&M's for breakfast. I have had one or the other, but I don't know if I ever mixed my vices before.

We won our season opener. It is great to get out only win of the season out the way, now there is no pressure and we can go on our merry way, happily losing the next 16 games until the tournament. Paul and I won the male and female MVP awards for the game. The other team picks them and we pick two for them, at the end of the season we use the stats to give out a league MVP award. I have no idea why I got it, I had one really good hit and a couple of grounders and I am not sure if I even fielded a ball the whole game. That may be why I won, I had no opportunity for error. A good time was had by all. Paul's nomination was obvious, he hit a home run and as our resident shortstop, he spent the whole game playing with his the ball(s)

It's time for monkey business: I have to go now, I have a monkey to stuff.


Keeefer said...

Damn, i was enjoying the kelly breakfast myth.

Well done on the awards. As a runner do you have to remind yourself to stop after 4th base? do you ever wish you could just run around again?

Kelly O said...

LOL, I am not a sprinter, I am built for distance not for speed. I need an oxygen tank and beer waiting for me at home plate.