Friday, April 01, 2005

Magic and Mischief

Wirthy got me wondering about something. You see he posted some sage advice on my blog a few days ago and when someone posts a comment I like to go check out their blogs and see what they are about. Now click the link up there and check out Wirthy's blog.

Now here is what what Wirthy has me wondering: How on earth did he stumble onto my blog? He commented on the entry titled 'FUBAR', did he google FUBAR and I just popped up or is Wirthy a manly knitter and he was just popping in to see what I had on the needles?

There is a little magic and mischief in blogging I think. I stumble upon blogs myself that I would never think to look up and I get sucked in to other people's lives and experiences. It seems the world gets smaller every day.

A few days ago Sebastian was building something with his K'nex in his room. He called me into his room to show me what he was working on and to ask me to take a picture of it. I went and got the camera and snapped a photo for him, as I was walking out of his room my 4 year old son said to me, "Mommy, can you go put that picture on the internet for me?" How small will the world be when Sebastian is my age?

I think there is a little magic and mischief in 4 year old boys too.


apl said...

Okay, Wirthy's blog is damn funny. I really want to know how he came across your blog too. This world is getting small isn't it?

Shannon said...

Kelly, you used to lecture me when Morgan was a toddler about giving him over the counter medicines. That's why I thought you would be annoyed with me. You're mellowing out with age. I would prefer homopathic remedies but they're difficult to find.

I chedked out Whirthy's blog and it was quite entertaining. Reminds of guys I used to know in high school.

Kelly O said...

Shannon, I am like a fine wine getting mellower every year that goes by...either that or I am quickly turning to vinegar, I am not sure which.

I buy my homeopathics at the local health food store. Is there no longer one in Castro Valley?

Kelly O said...

Peg Leg, I agree wirthy's blog cracked me up too. I think Shannon is right. It reminds me of some of the people we used to work at Bobby McGee's (us?)

Wirthy said...

Hello, it is I, Wirthy. I have revisited your site in order to end the mystery about how I stumbled onto your blog.

The truth is, I stalk you, I've been stalking you of years.

Ok, the real truth: See that little Next Blog button in the upper right hand corner? I have no life, so I just keep hitting that and reading blog after blog after blog.