Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Season Opener

Tonight we play our first softball game of the season. Paul and I play on the Canadian Ski Patrol team. I think this year will be my 5th year playing for the Barking Cows. Paul has a longer history with team, he played on it for years before he went to California to find a bride. (Okay, really he went to Ca. To go to chiropractic college, but he was lucky enough to come back to Canada with a bonus...Me!)

We are not a good team, not by any stretch of the imagination. We are out there to drink beer and to socialize (this part we are good at). We play with some names you have read about here in my blog, the Linfields are on the team, the Proznicks (remember the twin girls I knitted the hats for, those are Prozzy babies). Last year we were short men on the team and I recruited Kenny Vike; yes this is the same Ken of 'I lost my @$$ in poker this weekend' fame. And many more wonderful characters I am sure you will hear about as the season wears on. I will take my camera to a few games so you can join the fun with us. The year end tournament is a hoot, always a high light of our summer.

Monkey Business:
I am trying very hard to finish this Wrongo this week. I don't know if this will happen as we have a softball game tonight, I have the run clinic Wednesday night, and we have another softball game on Thursday night. But I am itching to finish a project and get something new started. I have been lingering for to long on what I have going. I need to move along.

And now follow the photos for a morning run with me. There are some typos along the way, but afterwards you can sit down and have a beer and eat all M&M's you want. That is one of the perks of running!


Keeefer said...

Beautiful shots of your beautiful country.
I really must get myself to Canada one of these days.

I used to play softball back in the uk....we were a similar team...useless and came last every year, but we could always be found at the bar celebrating another heavy defeat.

I am a little concerned today though. You run at 7am ish so you finish what 8...9 am if its a very long one.....then you hit the kitchen for M&Ms...and BEER? this is extreme ebven for me...id wait until at least 10 am if i were you ;)

Wudas said...

Cool scenery!

Shannon said...

Beautiful photos. I like them all. I don't blame you for having beer and M & M's for breakfast. On the second morning of our move I had pizza & beer for breakfast. What a way to start the day.