Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bug Bites

Watch where you tread my friends, it seems as if there are bug bites all around today.

First, Debbles has been bitten by the marathon bug. She had a great race for the first 32K and was right on schedule to come in at 4 hours flat, which was her goal time. And then it happened...She got sick to her stomach (I am sure this must be when the bug bit her, she must of had an adverse reaction at first.) Her stomach was so upset for the last 10K that she thought she would have to stop and vomit, she walked for a bit thinking it might settle her stomach. Debbles is made of tough stuff and soon realized that she was just going stick it out, she felt the same whether she ran or walked so she ran the last bit and came in at 4:26:19.

She apparently is determined to conquer that bug, she was heard saying the following last night: "I think I will do better next time if I don't eat anything before the race." I think she should try the same game plan again and this time skip the Paris water bottles, you never know what those crazy French men are putting in the water.

Mouse Bites: Apparently Layne and PJ had an altercation at school today. They wanted to read the same book and rather than sharing it they decided they would fight over it. I am sad to say that PJ won the argument by taking a bite out Layne's shoulder. I am embarrassed, but I think all kids bite at one time or another. No Mom, I am not going to bite PJ back, that is Layne's job and I am not hungry.

Giggle Queen Linfield, a good friend of mine has a wonderful job, she give the oldies baths at an assisted living facility. (Giggle Queen is my hero, it is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it) Giggle Queen has a tough costumer who has had her dentures taken away from her because she likes to bit the staff. I am happy to report that Giggle Queen was only gummed.

The bugs are biting, welcome to spring!


Shannon said...

I had a problem with Morgan when he was a toddler biting me. He would just walk up to me and bite me and walk away. He thought it was funny. The only thing that made him stop was biting him back. He never bit anyone again.

Keeefer said...

I agree, bite them back, its amazing what a dose of reality can do for a child

Wudas said...

You only get to bite them if they bite YOU. The other guys gotta fend for themselves.