Friday, April 29, 2005

Crap on a Stick!

I have had enough! Have I not said this yet? I have had one sick child or another glued to me since Sunday evening. I try so hard to be a good mom, but today I have been short on patience, I just have nothing left.

I am now feeling guilty for feeling this way. This morning Quentin woke up fussy and hot, PJ did not make it to school, she is still recovering from the flu bug she had. I have now left the house only 3 times since Tuesday. Once for my health talk Wednesday night and then again for work on Thursday morning, and oh yes, on Thursday morning I took PJ to the office with me so she could sleep on the couch there because Paul had an eye exam and errands he had to run.

My third adventure out of the house this week was this very afternoon, can you guess why? Let me give you some hints. This morning I noticed there was yellow crusty stuff stuck around Quentin's ear and in his ear canal. Yes, you guessed it! An ear infection! I took him to the doctor. This only served to further my guilt, I am a doctor for goodness sakes I should have seen this coming! To my credit, I was knee deep in vomit and laundry at the time. My doctor told me I was being to hard on myself, Quentin is fine and will be fine.

The Good News:
I will get a chance to decompress a little this evening. Debbles, Mnt Goat MacKinnin, Miss Model MacKinnin and myself are scheduled for 9 holes of golf this evening at 5:59. I am looking forward to a little time out of the house with no kids. I am bringing the following with me: golf clubs, a bottle of gin, and enough cash for a cab ride home. My mother raised smart girls, just ask her!

Is it is 5:59 yet? Sebastian just came to me while I was typing away with a complaint that his hands hurt. It seems he is having some sort of allergic reaction to the bubble soap he was playing with and his hands are turning bright red and swelling up, he is now moaning about how much they hurt. I think I have to go now...I hear the gin calling me.


Keeefer said...

Focus on the golf.

My wife and i went for our first golf lesson today. after just i hr i can hit the ball with the funny shaped bat, I am yet to get it over the net though!

Wudas said...

It sounds like the kids might need some kind of boost to their immune systems. It's a bummer sometimes when they pass stuff around. Hopefully, this is the last of it.

Norma said...

I hope the golf (or the gin?) did the trick. Boy, when the family sickness makes the rounds, it is no kind of fun for mom.

Shannon said...

I hope you got to releive some of your stress by playing golf and drinking gin.

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