Thursday, April 28, 2005

We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Whhhhoooot! I did my health talk last night and now my brain is free to wander for your entertainment. The talk went well, they had intended to sell 80 tickets, but by the time all was said and done there were almost 100 women there!

I used to speaking to groups of about 20 people and one of things I like to do is answer questions as I go. I like for the group to involved and direct the talk to some degree so they get the information they are looking for and not just what I think they should know. This format was a mistake with such a large group. The first time I asked if there were any questions about 20 hands shot up. This was good in the regards that I knew I was piquing peoples interest and bad in a way too, some people asked really odd questions and drew the talk off topic a bit. I worked very hard to direct things back into the direction I wanted to take things, but this was not always easy. If I were to address such a large group again I would ask them to hold their questions until the end.

I am to hard on myself, I have been beating myself up in my head for not thinking of this before hand. I really wish I waited until the end to field all the questions. I told Debbles this, and she wisely said to me, "Kelly, if that was the only thing you were unhappy with it is very easy to fix!" Yes, she has a point there. Afterwards I was asked if I would be willing to something like this again, so I guess everyone was happy with what I had to offer.

Barking Cows
Paul and Sebastian are at our softball game tonight and here I am blogging! PJ and Quentin have not been feeling well all week long and I stayed home to take care of them. Quentin was sick all day Sunday, poor kid, he felt better Monday but started with the vomiting again Tuesday afternoon, he has been running a fever on and off since.

PJ started vomiting at 1:30 Tuesday morning and pretty much tossed her cookies every 15-30 minutes for the next 16 hours! It was a brutal day I would not have gotten through it if it were not for the extra pair of hands that Debbles provided for me. Paul had impeccable timing with a rotary board meeting at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning followed by a day at work and CSPS meeting at 7:00 Tuesday night. He got home just as cleaned up the last of the vomit, I will never know how managed to time that but my hat is off to him.

Monkey Lovin'
Wrongo, Sebastian's poor monkey remains headless. The rest of the monkey is complete, except it is in pieces. Would it be wrong to just give the poor kid his monkey in a basket, limbs all akimbo, not connected to the torso and the monkey's poor head rolling around in the bottom of the basket? Come on this is the stuff that keeps psychologist in business. The fact that giving my child a headless monkey even crosses my mind means it is time go knit, or is it time to take a Valium and call it a day. To much vomit and not enough knitting makes mommy a freak show.


Keeefer said...

Welcome back!

Glad things went well at the talk.

Why not attach the monkeys limbs and head with velcro, that way you have a cuddly stress toy......would that be wrong for children?

angie said...

Oh...Freak Show. Makes me nostalgic! I'm sure your talk went great and all questions were satisfactorily answered.

Kelly O said...

Oh My! The velcro idea rocks. I don't know if it would be wrong for children, but I am going to make one angie peg leg, maybe chongo should be velcro?

Wudas said...

The velcro idea is great. I bet the monkey would last longer if he came apart deliberately. Also makes for a very imaginative toy.

Keeefer said...

uhoh im a knitting genius!