Friday, April 15, 2005

In Service Day

Today is an In-Service day for the kids. I think this is kind of funny, helllloooo, it's preschool here people. I guess pre-school teachers need to get their acts together too.

I took the kids for hot chocolate and muffins at Cowboy Coffee for breakfast. I met part of the MacKinnon gene pool there. Moma MacKinnon and Mnt Goat's sister, Miss Model MacKinnon (the MacKinnon family seems to be blessed with beautiful women, the three of them together make heads turn). The kids and I made quite an entrance, we all tramped in, everyone being polite and good, three little ducklings in a row and the littlest duckling, Quentin trips coming in the door. He gave himself a bloody nose and started wailing. A couple of napkins, a lot of slobber on my shirt and all was well. A good time was had by all.

We followed this with a trip to the dollar store for some art supplies and the kids and I came home and colored. We have been having a lot of fun together today.

In-Service day, I think I need an In-Service day. Mom's all over the world let's call for an In-Service day, we deserve it. As a matter of fact let's match the schools In-Service day for In-Service day. Moms all over the world will go get pedicures and manicures and massages. We will sip wine, read good books and knit the whole day away. We will spend the day doing the things we love to do to relax and re-charge our batteries...What would you do?

(I think it is a sorry state of affairs that my spell check program does not recognize the word 'pedicure', this is just a shame!)


Keeefer said...

Kelly....I have no idea what an 'in service' day is but it sounds horrendous!

In service.....people die 'in service' in far flung corners of the world. Was this day out a prelude to your children being shipped overseas, with saucepans for helmets, fighting one of these child wars in africa i constantly read about?
Has canada sunk so low? was Quentins bloody nose really attained on a preschool assualt course?

Im very concerned


Kelly O said...

LOL, Keeefer, I am not sure I know exactly what an 'In-Service' day is either.

All I do know is that the teachers all go to school but the kids all stay home. I think it is a chance for the teachers to do some training and get their acts together, but I really don't know what they do. Perhaps they jus sit around and drink gin...

Shannon said...

Here they call it a teacher work day. Maybe they do sit around drinking and taking a break from the kids.