Thursday, April 14, 2005

We have been spoiled by Debbles with Paris booty. A red parits shirt, a red wrap, the chocolates are for Paul, some apircot peach tea, eyeshadow and lop gloss to make me beautiful, bling bling rings, Debbles tells me a girl can never have enough bling, and a belt I am in love with. As if this is not enough she brought the boys Paris shirts and PJ a very cool skirt and shirt. Oh my we are SPOILED! Posted by Hello


Keeefer said...

Arent you the lucky one!

Debbles probably got carried away after swigging back the gin in mistake for water after the race.
I bet there are security videos of her can canning around the Arch de Triumphe flashing her knickers at the men in their Citroen 2CVs

Shannon said...

Congratulations to Debbles.