Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Via La France!

Debbles should be in France as I am typing this, how cool is that? Debbles needed a trip to France to seduce her into running her first marathon. I mean who wouldn't be willing to run, walk or crawl for 26.2 miles for an excuse to go to France for a week? I would be running right there with her if I had the money to go. (Paul and I are saving for a trip to Jamaica next year, we are planning our honeymoon, never mind that we have been married 5 years, we were busy having babies and starting a business)

I sent Debbles with 3 gift packages to get her through her trip. The first package was for the plane it contained all you need for a long happy plane trip.

Package number 1: Airplane

1. Cosmopolitan magazine (you need drivel to read while you fly)
2. Star magazine (in case Cosmo was to heavy for the plane trip)
3. A bottle of Bombay sapphire gin (isn't the reason for this one obvious)
4. One of those lime squeeze bottles to go with the gin
5. A couple of protein and meal replacement bars (You don't want to have to much gin on an empty stomach and who knows what or if they will feed you on the plane)
6. A bottle of the homeopathic Calms (in case she decides not to drink the gin and wants to sleep on the plane)

You will notice there is no tonic on the list, you can get that for free on your flight.

Package number 2: Pre-race Kit

1. A pair of magic running socks, cute and guaranteed to keep your feet happy throughout the race.
2. AAA battery (for the MP3 player)
3. A gel pack in case she needs a little pick-me-up at mile 22 (I personally think she should consider packing the gin...But that's just me)
4. A card (because I want her to know I will pushing her every mile)

Package number 3: Post-Race kit

1. Protein bar (she will need to get something into her system when she is done and who knows what they will have to eat)
2. You Did It Card (I have run marathons, they are mental race more than a physical race and accomplishing this feat is amazing)
3. Epsom Salts (she will need a soak in a warm tub when she gets back to her flat)
4. A tube of arnica gel for sore muscles and knee joints
5. I hope she did not already drink all the gin, it would be good with the hot bath too!

Did I forget anything?

I know she will do well, she is a phenomenal runner and strong woman lets all send her a good vibe for her trip. Debbles have a good trip and a great run, I will be thinking of you.


Keeefer said...

How thoughtful!
Being an Englishman i would happily run for 26 miles to get out of France, i really dont see the appeal.
I do however share your love affair with Bombay blue saphire gin. I would happily crawl 26 miles over broken glass with a frenchman on my back peddling onions to the passers by for a bottle, so i really think it should have been in the Post race pack with strict instructions :)

On long haul flights the alcohols usually free too! but they dont often have bombay gin just gordons or Beefeater

Keeefer said...

Good luck Debbles

Wudas said...

I'm on a Tangueray trial right now. Forget the tonic. Don't need it. With you rooting for her how can she lose? I'll send her positive thoughts. When is the actual race?

Shannon said...

I think Debbie will do well. I'm not into gin so I have no clue what you guys are all talking about.

Kelly O said...

I am kind of a gin snob, if all they have is Beefeaters or Bombay I will pick a different drink.

Of course Keeefer, if the gin is free on the flight, well, beggers can't be chosers can they?

Tangueray mom? I think it tastes like a bar of soap to me. You are a toughnut mom, I need a little tonic in my gin, or least some olive juice. Yummy, is it too early to have one now?

Shannon, try a gin and tonic with 2 limes, I think you would like it. It is a great summer drink, good on a hot summer night.