Sunday, April 24, 2005

Working Weekend

This weekend has been so busy I have neglected my blog. I can't wait for Monday so I can catch up.

Ah, where do I start to catch you all up?

The Cows are Barking. We have won 2 games in row. This is shocking, there must be something amiss in the universe. I don't know what, perhaps Mr. President has something to do with this? We don't usually do well until the year end tournament. Then we do well for a game or two, drink to much beer while we play and all goes to hell after that. By mid-afternoon of last years tournament I remember my DH telling me, he would play better if he knew which ball to catch. Those are the Barking Cows I know and love, this winning thing sucks, I don't want us to get competitive.

Mom, if you have any ideas of a single color logo for the barking cows I am having new shirts made up soon. No worries if it does not stir your creative juices, but if something sparks in your brain let me know. We don't have anything but the CSPS maple leaf logo now and everyone seems happy with that, but the team name just begs for a sassy logo.

Saturday I skipped my long run, my legs where feeling fatigued. I already had 5 runs in for the week, that is more than enough to satisfy my running addiction. I had an easy day at the office followed by my second Rolfing appointment.

Dan worked on my legs for an hour and half, it was a pleasure pain experience. Hurt a bit while he was doing the deep work, but damn did I feel good afterwards.

Paul and I went to see Westsyde Secondary School's production of Romeo and Juliet. Bonnie was in it and I wanted to go see her performance. It was quite good. I am impressed at the dedication of these high school students to put on a great production. (Bonnie is a wonderful gal who I run with, she baby sits my kids quite often, they LOVE her) I was stoked to have the chance to see her perform she was passionate and wonderful.

I have spent the remainder of my weekend hanging out with the kids my DH and preparing myself for a speaking engagement. I am the guest speaker for the Soroptimist's women's forum this coming Wednesday night. I will speaking to 80 women about perimenopause and menopause. I have done some public speaking on this topic before, in fact that is how I landed this gig, I did this talk for the local 'Curves' gym and one of women that attended that talk a year ago asked me if I would do this one for the Soroptimist's.

I am a freak of nature, I understand that public speaking most people's biggest fear. I don't have this problem, I love sharing information with anyone who will listen. I must admit though, that when I received an email asking me if I needed anything other than a microphone, my stomach turned over when I read the word 'microphone'. I don't mind the public speaking, but I don't like to hear myself amplified. Somedays I get tired of the sound of my own voice, I really don't need to hear it louder than it is in my own head. Does this sound silly?

My biggest fear about public speaking is having someone ask me question I don't know the answer to, or not knowing a source I can refer them to for the answer. As long as I am well prepared I can relax and enjoy myself. I better go do some more reading!

Happy Birthday Judy!


Keeefer said...

I doubt Mr President can take any of the glory away from your Cows. I hope you are patting each other on the back......ewww now ive given myself a horrible cow fetish image......would cow fetishists wear leather or would that be bad taste?.....anyway where was i?....Yes thats it, well done. I hope you lose soon.

I hope the public speaking goes well also. Try not to get distracted by the woman in the middle row picking her nose with a fury. :)

Wudas said...

I have an image in my head of a logo. How's black on any color work for you?

Kelly O said...

Keeefer, you mean the woman in the front with the cow fettish don't you? I will know her by the psuedo-leather outfit.

As for the nose picking, it won't phase me at all...remember I have three children all in their nose picking prime.

Mom, black would be just dandy. I knew the team name would trigger an idea for you! You are so good.

Shannon said...

Picking noses isn't a big deal. My son didn't stop picking his nose in public until he was 9. It's the bad hairstyles and outfits that are hard to ignore.

Wudas said...

Gran reads our blogs. I showed her how to make comments. Hopefully, she'll take advantage of it.

Keeefer said...

I can cope with bad dress sense,for me it is always the ones that cant stop playing with various body parts. From fat business men scratching their nuts to apparently intelligent business women fixated by their own reflection, they all irritate me to distractioon.....I understand why teachers used to throw chalk and boardrubbers at pupils when we were staring out of windows wishing we were elsewhere

angie said...

Do you pull a Marcia Brady when you speak in public and imagine everyone in their underwear? That would sure be fun. I know you are a good public speaker because you're clear and patient. I'm jealous, I freak out if I speak in front of adults. I can speak to a room full of juvenile ciminals with no problem on a daily basis, but that's because they have no choice but to listen!

Kelly O said...

I honestly hope I don't have any fat men scratching their nuts at the women's health forum, that would just be...nuts.

Especially if I was picturing everyone in there gitch. What if the fat nut scratcher is going comando, then what do I do.

Mama, Gran commented on my blog entry about ill fitting cloths, she cracked me up. She is posting as Brown Granny if I remember right. I know where my humor comes from!