Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Secret Talent

I am sad, today I realized that I have not yet discovered my secret talent.

My sister for instance, when we were little I was awed by her ability to roll her tongue and spit through it. I wanted to be able to that so badly I tried until I had drool dribbling down my chin and onto my shirt. I can't even roll my tongue. Apparently this is a genetic trait that just passed me by, my mother and father can do it, where was I when this gene was being handed out? Shannon got all the good stuff.

Mnt. Goat MacKinnin can run anyone into any trail in Kamloops and get you so turned around you don't think you are ever going to find your way out, and then then next thing you know she has run us right back to where our cars are parked. I may have the worst sense of direction on the planet, if asked me to point south right now I could not do it for you. Mnt. Goat also has the gift of gab. She can talk to anyone, at any time, about anything. That is a true gift.

Debbles, amazing cook, give that girl 5 odd ball ingredients and somehow she will procure for you an amazing 8 course meal. I get by in the kitchen okay, but I would rather be knitting. I think Debbles greatest talent is giving of herself, but this is no secret.

Artistic talent, look to my mother. She takes a shower and has to come out and write down every idea she had while she was in there. She can design anything, what do you want a new business card or a wedding dress? She is your gal. My sister is really artistic too, she may be better on a sewing machine than even my mother, which is truly saying something. And Shannon is fast, I don't know how she does so much quality work so fast.

Paul my DH, "honey can you build me a what-cha-ma-call-it that will fit right here?" No problem. He built a work bench in the garage an elephant could sleep on it is so structurally sound. His true secret talent I think is softball, my husband is blind in one eye due to a congenital problem (born with it) with one of the muscles in his eye. He had a wonky eye as a child that was surgically repaired. By the time the surgery was performed his brain had already turned off the imagine from the lazy eye. His brain shut down the image coming from the Wong eye to keep him from seeing double. Innate intelligence. Anyway, Paul bats left-handed and is blind in his right eye, yet somehow he wins the homerun contest for our team every season. The first season we played on the team together he was having trouble with his eyes and he was seeing double whenever he focused on something, like a softball. He still had the highest number of homeruns on the team. Blind in one eye and can't see out the other and he is a great batter, now that is a true secret talent.

I can't wait to one day learn what my secret talent is. I would take anything, I am not picky, I will take the smallest talent and celebrate it. I mean sign me up for something as silly as Claire's talent, Molly Ringwald's character in The Breakfast Club. She can put lipstick on with her breasts, you know put the lipstick tube in her cleavage and apply the lipstick to her lips. Hell, I can't even put lipstick on without a mirror and certainly don't have the cleavage to support this handy trick.

Don't get me wrong, I have skills, but a secret talent? What is your secret talent?


Keeefer said...

oooohhhh good post Kelly

Im not sure what my secret talent is.....unless spectacularly stupid accidents count.....I'll give it somethought now though....there must be somthing

Shannon said...

I didn't realize that rolling your tongue and spitting through is a talent. You give me way more talents than I have.

Your talent is patients. Something I have very little of. You hardly ever yell at your children and you always seem very patient with them. I do not have this ability. I think someday my children might drive me insane.

Wudas said...

I can't tell you. It's a secret.

Kelly O said...

A big thank you to all who e-mailed, blogged and commented on my sercret talent. It seems to all who love me that I have many gifts. This does not negate the fact that I still wish I curl my tongue and spit.

I will just have to keep practising when no one is looking.