Friday, April 08, 2005

Blogger Bites

I am a bit annoyed with blogger again. I could not post all day yesterday and cold not get my post out this morning either. It looks like it is up and running now so here goes nothing.

Okay, now that I have a chance to actually blog I can't remember all the wonderful topics I had for you. Isn't that just the way it goes. I will just type away and see what spews forth.

I am still feeling the yuck of Daylight Saving Time (DST), I just can't seem to get my bum out of bed in the early mornings and run. I ran only 2 days this week so far, Monday morning and Wednesday night run clinic. I took my group into the trails on Wednesday night and we did about 10K of good hill climbing, it made me want for some trail shoes though. I am running in Nike Shox shoes right now and they have a very high stance (they are high off the ground) and I don't feel very stable on the rocks and roots, it makes it to easy to turn your ankle. I tried on a few pairs of trail shoes this morning and ordered some from Runner's Sole. I can't wait until they come in!

The Runner's Sole Fiasco (Check out Sunday Feb 13 blog entry The 'B' List) ended with Wayne apologizing for telling me I was on the on the 'B' list and not worth two pairs of shoes a year. We worked it out so that Debbles and I continue to lead our run groups for him and we get the employee discount on anything we would like to order (50%) and it we want anything all ready stocked in the store we only get 25%. I am okay with this, but it explains why I ordered the shoes in instead of buying some right then. Oh yeah, I also get free entries into of the races that Runner's Sole puts on throughout any given year, that is a nice perk too. I am good with the way that things worked out, but I do find my relationship with Wayne has changed, he not so much a friend now and more a business acquaintance. Which is just fine, I enjoy doing the clinics and have met so many great runners through it and that is far more valuable to me than anything else.

The long run tomorrow is out at Campbell Creek Rd. Which is one of my favorite places to run. The downside, it is the longest training run we do at a whooping 14 miles and I am in the half marathon group. I think the marathoners may be doing the full 26, but I am not sure. I enjoy the runs, I am just having some trouble getting into the swing of things since DST. I can't remember ever being this thrown off by it before. I am just going to have to suck it up and dig in and I will feel better in another week or so.

A package came in the mail to today from Shannon, Will, Taylor and Morgan. PJ's birthday gifts arrived. They sent PJ a beautiful pink feather fan and a box of kid k'nex. I wish you could have seen PJ's face when she opened the K'nex. Her face just lit up and she said, "Now I have my own K'nex to play with!!" She then took the box into her bedroom and hid in her closet with them so she could play with them by herself. I did not know she wanted some so badly, it was the perfect gift Shannon, Thank you. You should know that she also ran around the house with the fan asking anyone if they wanted some 'wind'.

Morgan and Taylor sent a big treat for Aunt Kelly. They sent me not one, not two, but three LARGE bags of peanut M&M's. My taste buds thank you for supporting their addiction. Thank you for thinking of me!

(PSST, for of those of you reading today, tomorrow is my Shannon's birthday, be sure to surf on over to Shannon's blog and wish her a happy day)

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Shannon said...

I'm glad that Paige liked her gifts. I wish I could find one of those fans in red for Mom.