Thursday, April 21, 2005


I have had enough! Who is designing the clothes we wear these days?

Last summer I bought a running skort, I love it. It is size XL.

I am in the process of buying new shirts for our softball team. I went to costco where I found these great wickable white t-shirts for $15 each. A great price, by the time I have them silk screened they may only cost me about $25.00 a shirt. No problem.

Yes problem: We are all shapes and sizes on the Barking Cows. Some of the cows are thin, some of the cows have large udders, some of the cows have done nothing but chew cud and drink beer all winter long and these cows need large shirts.

I am 5 feet 8 inches tall, I weigh in at 143 pounds. I run anywhere between 35K and 50K a week, I lift weights 3 days a week. I am a 36B (PJ ate them, breast feeding caused shrinkage, mom you lied!) My shirt size: extra large. WTF?

If you happen to be over 143 pounds what on earth are you supposed to wear? I buy extra large dress shirts and they are to small in the shoulders. Often I can barely button them over my 36B's. What if I had boobs? What would I wear to work? It frustrates me! If you are any bigger than I am is your only clothing option big sloppy T-shirts and jeans? Hello out there??? People come in all shapes and sizes, perhaps we should make clothes in all shapes and sizes. Novel concept, I know.

Is this a conspiracy? All the clothing designers are making shirts that only cover 36B's and under, all the ladies larger than that can't buy shirts. The master plan: all women over 36B must go naked. Well boys you're BUSTed, get out the fabric and start making clothes that fit everyone. I am average sized women, I should be a medium!

This problem is not gender specific either. Paul, my DH is just under 6 feet tall, he weighs in at about 190 pounds. The last dress shirt I bought for him...yes you guessed it EXTRA LARGE. It was to small in the shoulders, but fit in the body.

The Barking Cows need clothes! We can't put the whole team out to pasture naked. Can we? If we did we might win a record 2 games this year, the other team would be so busy laughing they would not be able to play.


Shannon said...

I recently read an article about clothing sizes. They're not standard. Every company has a different standard for a size 8 and so on. Now companies want to make people feel better about themselves and all the sizes are getting larger even though the tag may say size 8. I've bought a few things that say they are a size 4 or 6 and I know I don't wear a 4 or a 6. Before I had children I wore and 6 or an 8 depending on who made the clothing. My problem is not shirts. It's skirts. They will fit perfectly everywhere but in the waist. Skirts are always too big in the wiast for me.

angie said...

I totally agree! I have 34D's and it is VERY hard to find a shirt that isn't obscene. And since I don't want to wear any tight shirts to work (incarcerated teenage boys don't need any more ammo to pleasure themselves too)I often have to buy men's shirts which just don't fit right. Maybe we should start our own clothing line!

Keeefer said...

Did i stray into the powder room?

Wudas said...

I wear a 36E! I can't even find bras! I gotta wear DD's. If I find a shirt that will go around the girls the shoulders are halfway to my elbows. I am a generous size 14 right now and waists are also too large in pants and skirts. I stick to sloppy knits. They fit the girls and aren't tight enough to show off my middle. No wonder so many of us look like slobs. I have great makeup and jewelry though.

Kelly O said...

Welcome to the powder room Keeefer...smells better than the mens room and the girls get a couch too!

34D's and 36E's. Share the wealth will ya.

angie peg leg said...

You don't want to share this wealth, it came with 40 extra pounds!

Keeefer said...

I think im about a 34 AAAAA

Brown Granny said...

Hey Kelly, good web page. You are a funny kid.

justcinful said...

Ah yes, the slut-o-rama clothing. Everything, and I do mean everything seems to be cut short and tight. This is obscenely obvious in children's clothing as well!

It makes you wonder what all those clothing designers are thinking. 143 pounds should not be an XL by any stretch of the imagination. As far as what people over 143 pounds wear, honey, it ain't pretty. They seem to think that if you weigh more than that you need outrageously tasteless clothing. Hideous stuff. And you go and look at what these same clothing companies offer in size M or L and it's cute, pretty. tasteful clothing. Since when did bigger sizes=Mimi from the Drew Carey Show?

At least with guys clothing they really can not lie on the pants since it all goes by waist size and inseam. There should be someone/thing out there that regulates clothing sizes. My poor 9 year old is wearing women's size clothing! And she has been for the past 2 years.

As for the comment about the clothing sizes getting "larger". ie. putting a size "6" label on an "8" etc. The story that I saw was for the very high end stuff. Something about giving the rich women an ego boost so they will buy more. Funny when you think how that size 6 may actually be a size 6 and that everyone else is cutting small.

I guess they all want us to look like sexless anorexic runway models. And if we don't then it's the burlap gunny sack for us.