Monday, April 04, 2005

House Call

I just read my Mom's blog she is experiencing acute low back pain and her daughter is a chiropractor (that's me) the bad news is, Mom lives in California and I live in British Columbia.
So Mom, this post is going out to you. The crappy part of living in a different country is that I don't get to be my family's chiropractor, so here goes:

Okay Mom, I brought my table with me so just give me a minute here to get it set up, right here in your front room isn't this great?! I am going to need you to lie face down while I just feel around and see what is going on. Ah, it is just as I though L4-L5, with lots of muscle spasm in the lumbar paraspinals and in Quadratus Lumborum. We can get this fixed up in a jiffy, of course your neck and midback are out of alignment too, it feels like you have been compensating for this lumbar misalignment for a while.

Let me clear your neck and midback first, so I need you to take a deep breath in and blow it out and just relax. (I'm contacting T8) , okay that went in really well, now I need you to go face up for me. Atlas is out of alignment in your neck. This is the segment your head sits on, so as we already knew Mom, your head is on crooked. Let me just contact here on the left side and bring you over really gently now.

Okay, now let's fix up that low back that is hurting you so much. Here just lie on you left side for a second. Fold your arms across your chest, take a deep breath in...And all the way out there, that should so do the trick. Now stay out of the spa, heat is not best thing for you while you so acute, if you are going to heat it follow it with 20 minutes of ice, and then apply some arnica gel to reduce the muscle spasm. Go for a short walk following your adjustment and come back and read this again tomorrow.


Norma said...

Hahah, oh, you're making me want an appointment with you -- I mean my chiropractor!

Wudas said...

I stayed out of the spa, opted for a gentle stretch in the shower. Arnica gel is already a given. I felt fine this morning until I bent over while standing on one leg to put my panties on. I do this to make sure I don't lose the ability to balance. All of a sudden I got a really bad pain. It loosens up in the afternoon. Tomorrow I'll put the panties on sitting down.

Kelly O said...

Mom, skip the panties, you'll feel better.