Friday, April 29, 2005

Crap on a Stick!

I have had enough! Have I not said this yet? I have had one sick child or another glued to me since Sunday evening. I try so hard to be a good mom, but today I have been short on patience, I just have nothing left.

I am now feeling guilty for feeling this way. This morning Quentin woke up fussy and hot, PJ did not make it to school, she is still recovering from the flu bug she had. I have now left the house only 3 times since Tuesday. Once for my health talk Wednesday night and then again for work on Thursday morning, and oh yes, on Thursday morning I took PJ to the office with me so she could sleep on the couch there because Paul had an eye exam and errands he had to run.

My third adventure out of the house this week was this very afternoon, can you guess why? Let me give you some hints. This morning I noticed there was yellow crusty stuff stuck around Quentin's ear and in his ear canal. Yes, you guessed it! An ear infection! I took him to the doctor. This only served to further my guilt, I am a doctor for goodness sakes I should have seen this coming! To my credit, I was knee deep in vomit and laundry at the time. My doctor told me I was being to hard on myself, Quentin is fine and will be fine.

The Good News:
I will get a chance to decompress a little this evening. Debbles, Mnt Goat MacKinnin, Miss Model MacKinnin and myself are scheduled for 9 holes of golf this evening at 5:59. I am looking forward to a little time out of the house with no kids. I am bringing the following with me: golf clubs, a bottle of gin, and enough cash for a cab ride home. My mother raised smart girls, just ask her!

Is it is 5:59 yet? Sebastian just came to me while I was typing away with a complaint that his hands hurt. It seems he is having some sort of allergic reaction to the bubble soap he was playing with and his hands are turning bright red and swelling up, he is now moaning about how much they hurt. I think I have to go now...I hear the gin calling me.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Whhhhoooot! I did my health talk last night and now my brain is free to wander for your entertainment. The talk went well, they had intended to sell 80 tickets, but by the time all was said and done there were almost 100 women there!

I used to speaking to groups of about 20 people and one of things I like to do is answer questions as I go. I like for the group to involved and direct the talk to some degree so they get the information they are looking for and not just what I think they should know. This format was a mistake with such a large group. The first time I asked if there were any questions about 20 hands shot up. This was good in the regards that I knew I was piquing peoples interest and bad in a way too, some people asked really odd questions and drew the talk off topic a bit. I worked very hard to direct things back into the direction I wanted to take things, but this was not always easy. If I were to address such a large group again I would ask them to hold their questions until the end.

I am to hard on myself, I have been beating myself up in my head for not thinking of this before hand. I really wish I waited until the end to field all the questions. I told Debbles this, and she wisely said to me, "Kelly, if that was the only thing you were unhappy with it is very easy to fix!" Yes, she has a point there. Afterwards I was asked if I would be willing to something like this again, so I guess everyone was happy with what I had to offer.

Barking Cows
Paul and Sebastian are at our softball game tonight and here I am blogging! PJ and Quentin have not been feeling well all week long and I stayed home to take care of them. Quentin was sick all day Sunday, poor kid, he felt better Monday but started with the vomiting again Tuesday afternoon, he has been running a fever on and off since.

PJ started vomiting at 1:30 Tuesday morning and pretty much tossed her cookies every 15-30 minutes for the next 16 hours! It was a brutal day I would not have gotten through it if it were not for the extra pair of hands that Debbles provided for me. Paul had impeccable timing with a rotary board meeting at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning followed by a day at work and CSPS meeting at 7:00 Tuesday night. He got home just as cleaned up the last of the vomit, I will never know how managed to time that but my hat is off to him.

Monkey Lovin'
Wrongo, Sebastian's poor monkey remains headless. The rest of the monkey is complete, except it is in pieces. Would it be wrong to just give the poor kid his monkey in a basket, limbs all akimbo, not connected to the torso and the monkey's poor head rolling around in the bottom of the basket? Come on this is the stuff that keeps psychologist in business. The fact that giving my child a headless monkey even crosses my mind means it is time go knit, or is it time to take a Valium and call it a day. To much vomit and not enough knitting makes mommy a freak show.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Brain Dead

No wit here...brain much menopause!

My brain is working so hard to cataloge and process the information I have been cramming into it that I just have nothing for you today.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Working Weekend

This weekend has been so busy I have neglected my blog. I can't wait for Monday so I can catch up.

Ah, where do I start to catch you all up?

The Cows are Barking. We have won 2 games in row. This is shocking, there must be something amiss in the universe. I don't know what, perhaps Mr. President has something to do with this? We don't usually do well until the year end tournament. Then we do well for a game or two, drink to much beer while we play and all goes to hell after that. By mid-afternoon of last years tournament I remember my DH telling me, he would play better if he knew which ball to catch. Those are the Barking Cows I know and love, this winning thing sucks, I don't want us to get competitive.

Mom, if you have any ideas of a single color logo for the barking cows I am having new shirts made up soon. No worries if it does not stir your creative juices, but if something sparks in your brain let me know. We don't have anything but the CSPS maple leaf logo now and everyone seems happy with that, but the team name just begs for a sassy logo.

Saturday I skipped my long run, my legs where feeling fatigued. I already had 5 runs in for the week, that is more than enough to satisfy my running addiction. I had an easy day at the office followed by my second Rolfing appointment.

Dan worked on my legs for an hour and half, it was a pleasure pain experience. Hurt a bit while he was doing the deep work, but damn did I feel good afterwards.

Paul and I went to see Westsyde Secondary School's production of Romeo and Juliet. Bonnie was in it and I wanted to go see her performance. It was quite good. I am impressed at the dedication of these high school students to put on a great production. (Bonnie is a wonderful gal who I run with, she baby sits my kids quite often, they LOVE her) I was stoked to have the chance to see her perform she was passionate and wonderful.

I have spent the remainder of my weekend hanging out with the kids my DH and preparing myself for a speaking engagement. I am the guest speaker for the Soroptimist's women's forum this coming Wednesday night. I will speaking to 80 women about perimenopause and menopause. I have done some public speaking on this topic before, in fact that is how I landed this gig, I did this talk for the local 'Curves' gym and one of women that attended that talk a year ago asked me if I would do this one for the Soroptimist's.

I am a freak of nature, I understand that public speaking most people's biggest fear. I don't have this problem, I love sharing information with anyone who will listen. I must admit though, that when I received an email asking me if I needed anything other than a microphone, my stomach turned over when I read the word 'microphone'. I don't mind the public speaking, but I don't like to hear myself amplified. Somedays I get tired of the sound of my own voice, I really don't need to hear it louder than it is in my own head. Does this sound silly?

My biggest fear about public speaking is having someone ask me question I don't know the answer to, or not knowing a source I can refer them to for the answer. As long as I am well prepared I can relax and enjoy myself. I better go do some more reading!

Happy Birthday Judy!

Thursday, April 21, 2005


I have had enough! Who is designing the clothes we wear these days?

Last summer I bought a running skort, I love it. It is size XL.

I am in the process of buying new shirts for our softball team. I went to costco where I found these great wickable white t-shirts for $15 each. A great price, by the time I have them silk screened they may only cost me about $25.00 a shirt. No problem.

Yes problem: We are all shapes and sizes on the Barking Cows. Some of the cows are thin, some of the cows have large udders, some of the cows have done nothing but chew cud and drink beer all winter long and these cows need large shirts.

I am 5 feet 8 inches tall, I weigh in at 143 pounds. I run anywhere between 35K and 50K a week, I lift weights 3 days a week. I am a 36B (PJ ate them, breast feeding caused shrinkage, mom you lied!) My shirt size: extra large. WTF?

If you happen to be over 143 pounds what on earth are you supposed to wear? I buy extra large dress shirts and they are to small in the shoulders. Often I can barely button them over my 36B's. What if I had boobs? What would I wear to work? It frustrates me! If you are any bigger than I am is your only clothing option big sloppy T-shirts and jeans? Hello out there??? People come in all shapes and sizes, perhaps we should make clothes in all shapes and sizes. Novel concept, I know.

Is this a conspiracy? All the clothing designers are making shirts that only cover 36B's and under, all the ladies larger than that can't buy shirts. The master plan: all women over 36B must go naked. Well boys you're BUSTed, get out the fabric and start making clothes that fit everyone. I am average sized women, I should be a medium!

This problem is not gender specific either. Paul, my DH is just under 6 feet tall, he weighs in at about 190 pounds. The last dress shirt I bought for him...yes you guessed it EXTRA LARGE. It was to small in the shoulders, but fit in the body.

The Barking Cows need clothes! We can't put the whole team out to pasture naked. Can we? If we did we might win a record 2 games this year, the other team would be so busy laughing they would not be able to play.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

2 Poached Eggs and 1 Piece of Toast!

Let record show that is my breakfast almost every morning. I often add a protein shake and a banana, I am not really sure if I ever had beer and M&M's for breakfast. I have had one or the other, but I don't know if I ever mixed my vices before.

We won our season opener. It is great to get out only win of the season out the way, now there is no pressure and we can go on our merry way, happily losing the next 16 games until the tournament. Paul and I won the male and female MVP awards for the game. The other team picks them and we pick two for them, at the end of the season we use the stats to give out a league MVP award. I have no idea why I got it, I had one really good hit and a couple of grounders and I am not sure if I even fielded a ball the whole game. That may be why I won, I had no opportunity for error. A good time was had by all. Paul's nomination was obvious, he hit a home run and as our resident shortstop, he spent the whole game playing with his the ball(s)

It's time for monkey business: I have to go now, I have a monkey to stuff.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Season Opener

Tonight we play our first softball game of the season. Paul and I play on the Canadian Ski Patrol team. I think this year will be my 5th year playing for the Barking Cows. Paul has a longer history with team, he played on it for years before he went to California to find a bride. (Okay, really he went to Ca. To go to chiropractic college, but he was lucky enough to come back to Canada with a bonus...Me!)

We are not a good team, not by any stretch of the imagination. We are out there to drink beer and to socialize (this part we are good at). We play with some names you have read about here in my blog, the Linfields are on the team, the Proznicks (remember the twin girls I knitted the hats for, those are Prozzy babies). Last year we were short men on the team and I recruited Kenny Vike; yes this is the same Ken of 'I lost my @$$ in poker this weekend' fame. And many more wonderful characters I am sure you will hear about as the season wears on. I will take my camera to a few games so you can join the fun with us. The year end tournament is a hoot, always a high light of our summer.

Monkey Business:
I am trying very hard to finish this Wrongo this week. I don't know if this will happen as we have a softball game tonight, I have the run clinic Wednesday night, and we have another softball game on Thursday night. But I am itching to finish a project and get something new started. I have been lingering for to long on what I have going. I need to move along.

And now follow the photos for a morning run with me. There are some typos along the way, but afterwards you can sit down and have a beer and eat all M&M's you want. That is one of the perks of running!

This is the begining of my run this morning. It was clear but cold, about 1C , the sun is just coming up and there is not a cloud in the sky, it is about 6:20. For this picture I ran down hill for a while and then did a little climbing up a street called Howe. I will follow this up just a bit and then I will cut back into the trails that the golf course backs onto. You will soon see understand the addiction I have to running. To climb these hills and be on of the early birds that gets to watch this sunrise...that is where the addiction happens for me. Posted by Hello

Up, up, up for a while, it takes a little work to get to the great views of Kamloops. It is worth it I promise you! Posted by Hello

A portion of my run this morning was on land I pretty sure belongs to the Crown, but the second half of my run was on ranch land that was once owned by Mnt. Goat's grandfather. Mnt. Goat was supposed to run with me this morning but she studied to hard last night and her tired brain ignored the alarm clock. Posted by Hello

A bit of wild life today. I apologize to any one who might be offended by this photo. This cow was just a bit off the trail, I don't know what happened to him, but I can tell you two of his legs are missing and his spine is not happy. I wonder if perhaps a mountain lion or bear got him? Looks like a job for CSI to me. A little creepy to run by if the truth be told. Posted by Hello

Here I am at the back side of the golf course. I am sure you can see my house in the photo, but just the roof of it as we do not live right on the golf course. (I am glad of this, I don't need a golf ball through the front window!) Posted by Hello

This is pretty close to the end of my run, a great look down the valley at the North Thompson River. Kamloops is an Indian word meaning where the rivers meet. The North Thompson, South Thompson and the Fraiser Rivers all come together in Kamloops.  Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Poker Face

We had the Vikes and the Linfields over for a poker game last night. It was a lot of fun. We all bought $10 worth of chips and sat around the kitchen table drinking and gambling, what could be better?

I will tell you what could be better, the girls pretty much cleaned up. I think Mrs. Vike left when she was up about $4, her and her hubby Ken left early they had a run planned early this morning. More good news Ken lost $9, we will be inviting him back!

Paul and I stayed up and played more cards with the Linfields, until 2:00 in the morning. Leanna ended up about $5 and I was the big winner up a whopping $7.50. We then hot tubbed until 3:00 a.m. and then finally made it to bed. It was a great night and we have a date set for a second installment sometime in June.

The kids were kind enough to let us sleep in until 7:00 and then we all rolled out of bed and had a great breakfast. The Linfields crashed here last night. No one was in any condition to drive by 3:00 in the morning.

Today we will take her easy, nursing a mild hangover and playing with the kids. The sun is shining and it is already 10C. I have given Bonnie a call to see if she could babysit this afternoon and Paul and I are going to try to sneak in 9 holes of golf. What a day!

As I go back and proof read, I sound like I feel, a little fuzzy around the edges today. I do have a slight hangover, but on the hangover scale of 1 to 10, I don't think I am rating only about a 3, I will have to work harder on that next time!

Friday, April 15, 2005

In Service Day

Today is an In-Service day for the kids. I think this is kind of funny, helllloooo, it's preschool here people. I guess pre-school teachers need to get their acts together too.

I took the kids for hot chocolate and muffins at Cowboy Coffee for breakfast. I met part of the MacKinnon gene pool there. Moma MacKinnon and Mnt Goat's sister, Miss Model MacKinnon (the MacKinnon family seems to be blessed with beautiful women, the three of them together make heads turn). The kids and I made quite an entrance, we all tramped in, everyone being polite and good, three little ducklings in a row and the littlest duckling, Quentin trips coming in the door. He gave himself a bloody nose and started wailing. A couple of napkins, a lot of slobber on my shirt and all was well. A good time was had by all.

We followed this with a trip to the dollar store for some art supplies and the kids and I came home and colored. We have been having a lot of fun together today.

In-Service day, I think I need an In-Service day. Mom's all over the world let's call for an In-Service day, we deserve it. As a matter of fact let's match the schools In-Service day for In-Service day. Moms all over the world will go get pedicures and manicures and massages. We will sip wine, read good books and knit the whole day away. We will spend the day doing the things we love to do to relax and re-charge our batteries...What would you do?

(I think it is a sorry state of affairs that my spell check program does not recognize the word 'pedicure', this is just a shame!)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bug Bites

Watch where you tread my friends, it seems as if there are bug bites all around today.

First, Debbles has been bitten by the marathon bug. She had a great race for the first 32K and was right on schedule to come in at 4 hours flat, which was her goal time. And then it happened...She got sick to her stomach (I am sure this must be when the bug bit her, she must of had an adverse reaction at first.) Her stomach was so upset for the last 10K that she thought she would have to stop and vomit, she walked for a bit thinking it might settle her stomach. Debbles is made of tough stuff and soon realized that she was just going stick it out, she felt the same whether she ran or walked so she ran the last bit and came in at 4:26:19.

She apparently is determined to conquer that bug, she was heard saying the following last night: "I think I will do better next time if I don't eat anything before the race." I think she should try the same game plan again and this time skip the Paris water bottles, you never know what those crazy French men are putting in the water.

Mouse Bites: Apparently Layne and PJ had an altercation at school today. They wanted to read the same book and rather than sharing it they decided they would fight over it. I am sad to say that PJ won the argument by taking a bite out Layne's shoulder. I am embarrassed, but I think all kids bite at one time or another. No Mom, I am not going to bite PJ back, that is Layne's job and I am not hungry.

Giggle Queen Linfield, a good friend of mine has a wonderful job, she give the oldies baths at an assisted living facility. (Giggle Queen is my hero, it is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it) Giggle Queen has a tough costumer who has had her dentures taken away from her because she likes to bit the staff. I am happy to report that Giggle Queen was only gummed.

The bugs are biting, welcome to spring!

We have been spoiled by Debbles with Paris booty. A red parits shirt, a red wrap, the chocolates are for Paul, some apircot peach tea, eyeshadow and lop gloss to make me beautiful, bling bling rings, Debbles tells me a girl can never have enough bling, and a belt I am in love with. As if this is not enough she brought the boys Paris shirts and PJ a very cool skirt and shirt. Oh my we are SPOILED! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Did I Just Say That?!?!

As a parent their are phrases I hear coming out my mouth that make me wonder if I have been possessed. Sometimes by one of my parents and sometimes by some times by a crazed women with Tourette's Syndrome.

The worst I think are those phrases that my parents like to throw at my sister and I. You know the ones, even when you are 4 years old your thinking, "I am NEVER going to say that to my kids." Well I am here to tell you, yes you are. You can't help it, some how parents burn these phases into our brains, and under stress with one kid standing in a puddle of her own pee, and another kid sprawled out on the tile crying because he fell off the stool again, and child number three starts digging in the plants and eating the dirt, it just pops out, "Everyone, just go to your rooms....Why? Why? WHY!!!? Because I'm the MOM and you're the Kid!, That's why!" It is not even my voice I hear coming out of my mouth, it's my Mom's. She has possessed me. There are other phrases too:

"I brought you into this world, I can take you out!"
"It will be curtains for you!" (What does this mean anyway?)
"Kelly Anne, quit flitting!"

Then there are the crazy things my kids MAKE me say. I could not come up with this stuff on my own, the kids bring out the best in me.

  • At the dinner table last night, "PJ, you can't wear your fairy wings at the table."
  • To Layne B a few days ago, "Sebastian can be the big sister if he wants to."
  • To Sebastian, "Honey, I think you should take out the pony tails and wear your ball cap to school."
  • "I don't know what they do with chickens eyes and mouth when they kill it."
  • "Please don't poke your sister in the bum with that knife." (It was a plastic knife from her tea set, safety first."
  • "PJ, it is important for you to wear panties to school."
  • "Please don't wash the walls with your toothbrush."
  • One of my all time favorites, "Sebastian it a good rule of thumb, not to touch your penis with your toothbrush."

What will I say next?

Look what the kids built. Genius! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I've Caught Myself!

I sounds like a bad syndrome or disease, but oh no, it is a good thing I have finally caught up to myself. I feel like I am finally catching up with this whole DST thing. I drug my bum out of bed this morning and went on a great little recovery run. I did some road running and some trail running. I decided tomorrow morning if the sky is as clear as it was this morning I would bring my camera along and show you all why I drag myself out of bed so early.

I have been knitting on Wrongo and I have vowed never to buy this kind of yarn again. The yarn is very loopy and hard to knit with. I finished the body last night and my right hand is just aching today, I still have to do the head and the tail out of this yarn and then the rest is out of the cotton. I try to switch yarns to save my hands but the body was the biggest part and I just wanted to get through it so I could put that crappy yarn aside and make a few hands.

Mom, I can't seem to find a good increase to use on the purl side of the fabric does not give me a gaping hole in the monkeys hand. I have tried yarn over and the make one increase. The make one increase works okay, but I have really hard time purling into the back of the stitch to prevent the hole. If you have any suggestions for me I would really appreciate it. Have you received your gift in the mail for the "Top 10" Blog yet? Canada Post must be having the month off!

Debbles is due back from Paris tonight. I won't get to see her to hear all about the race until tomorrow. Paul found the race results online but of course now that I would like to link the site I can't find it, check out this one though and be sure you scroll all the way to the bottom and check out the amazing photo there. If I remember right her time was 4:26:19. I think I ran my first marathon in about 4:28 and change, I am so proud of Debbles for one-upping me again, I can't wait to hear about her experiences. I am curious if she will come back done with the marathon distance or bit by the marathon bug. I will be sure and let you know. I will ask her if I can post some of her photos to share with you as well.

Monday, April 11, 2005


Happy Birthday Shannon!!!

I sent you a gift, did you get it yet?

Maxin' and Relaxin'

We had a relaxing weekend around here. It was very nice to just take it easy for a change and not have to run the family all over town.

Saturday I got up early and ran my long run with the 1/2 and full marathon group, I ran an hour out and an hour back, about 13 or 14 miles. I felt really good the entire run and had a negative spilt. The negative split is my nemesis I try for it every race and usually I am backasswards. A negative split means you run the second half of your run faster than the first. I usually go out too fast and get fatigued half way through and I have to push to stay on pace at the end. Not Saturday, I did very well pacing myself. This is something I need to work on more to be more successful in races.

I went to work following my run and had a crazy busy day. The best part was after work Paul had made an appointment for me to see a rolfer that he has been seeing. Rolfing is a massage technique that involves working VERY deep with the muscles and the fascia that surrounds them. It was an hour and half apt and it was wonderful. He worked very deep and my legs were much more sore to work on than my upper body (no surprise there). It was very interesting, I could feel the changes in my muscles and the way I was lying on table as he worked on one side and then the other.

He did my neck and right arm first and when he was done with that he just stood back and looked at the changes in my posture. I felt my right shoulder had dropped down and was now laying flat on the table and my right arm laid down flat too. It was a strange sensation to feel so much change in my body with so little work. He did a lot of work on my legs and I had very little soreness on Sunday even after running 14 miles on Saturday. Normally I would be a bit stiff after such a long run but I am not at all today. I am hooked and I will try to get in and see him once a month. Paul goes every 3 weeks and has been feeling much less stiff and muscle sore since he started going. It was very sweet of him to just book an appointment me. He is very thoughtful. Oh, yes I also noticed I was very hot for the rest of the day, my circulation was just pumping so well following the massage that I was warm all day. I also had the best sleep that night of my life. I feel asleep at 10:30 and slept right through until 7:00 Sunday morning.

Sunday we got up went for a 'drive', Paul has been nagging me to go for a drive with him to Paul Lake. He just wanted to drive around the lake and look at houses and see what there was to see. Now with no kids I wouldn't mind this so much, but packing up three kids to go for a drive is incredibly booooring to me. The kids, "where are we going?" "Where is the lake?" "Can we get out now?" "Where is the park?"

Our kids travel well and I don't mind taking them places at all. But to just drive them around for 3 hours and end up back at home kind of sucks. To drive for a few hours and end up somewhere fun where they can get out and run around, or visit people, or see new things, I think that is great. I don't see the sense of piling them all in the car for a 'drive'. They did well, I told them we were going on a special mission and everyone had to stay awake and count boats and campers. That kept them entertained for a long time. We had no tears and no sleeping so all in all it was a nice day. I hope that Paul's 'driving' craving is all satiated and we don't have to go again for another year or two.

After we got home Paul went for a bike ride, and I stayed home with the kids. When he got back he played with th ekids while I had a nap on the couch. I really have nothing at all to complain about drive or no drive, it was relaxing family time. Priceless.

Friday, April 08, 2005

This monkey is going to take me longer than I thought to make. You have to make eight hands and feet not four and then you have to sew two pieces together so you can 'stuff your monkey' (I could not type that without giggling). It took me longer to whip stitch the hands together than it did to knit the both of them. Between the monkey and the sweater I am ready for something mindless and easy like a scarf or a felted bag. Is it time to cast on another project? Posted by Hello

Blogger Bites

I am a bit annoyed with blogger again. I could not post all day yesterday and cold not get my post out this morning either. It looks like it is up and running now so here goes nothing.

Okay, now that I have a chance to actually blog I can't remember all the wonderful topics I had for you. Isn't that just the way it goes. I will just type away and see what spews forth.

I am still feeling the yuck of Daylight Saving Time (DST), I just can't seem to get my bum out of bed in the early mornings and run. I ran only 2 days this week so far, Monday morning and Wednesday night run clinic. I took my group into the trails on Wednesday night and we did about 10K of good hill climbing, it made me want for some trail shoes though. I am running in Nike Shox shoes right now and they have a very high stance (they are high off the ground) and I don't feel very stable on the rocks and roots, it makes it to easy to turn your ankle. I tried on a few pairs of trail shoes this morning and ordered some from Runner's Sole. I can't wait until they come in!

The Runner's Sole Fiasco (Check out Sunday Feb 13 blog entry The 'B' List) ended with Wayne apologizing for telling me I was on the on the 'B' list and not worth two pairs of shoes a year. We worked it out so that Debbles and I continue to lead our run groups for him and we get the employee discount on anything we would like to order (50%) and it we want anything all ready stocked in the store we only get 25%. I am okay with this, but it explains why I ordered the shoes in instead of buying some right then. Oh yeah, I also get free entries into of the races that Runner's Sole puts on throughout any given year, that is a nice perk too. I am good with the way that things worked out, but I do find my relationship with Wayne has changed, he not so much a friend now and more a business acquaintance. Which is just fine, I enjoy doing the clinics and have met so many great runners through it and that is far more valuable to me than anything else.

The long run tomorrow is out at Campbell Creek Rd. Which is one of my favorite places to run. The downside, it is the longest training run we do at a whooping 14 miles and I am in the half marathon group. I think the marathoners may be doing the full 26, but I am not sure. I enjoy the runs, I am just having some trouble getting into the swing of things since DST. I can't remember ever being this thrown off by it before. I am just going to have to suck it up and dig in and I will feel better in another week or so.

A package came in the mail to today from Shannon, Will, Taylor and Morgan. PJ's birthday gifts arrived. They sent PJ a beautiful pink feather fan and a box of kid k'nex. I wish you could have seen PJ's face when she opened the K'nex. Her face just lit up and she said, "Now I have my own K'nex to play with!!" She then took the box into her bedroom and hid in her closet with them so she could play with them by herself. I did not know she wanted some so badly, it was the perfect gift Shannon, Thank you. You should know that she also ran around the house with the fan asking anyone if they wanted some 'wind'.

Morgan and Taylor sent a big treat for Aunt Kelly. They sent me not one, not two, but three LARGE bags of peanut M&M's. My taste buds thank you for supporting their addiction. Thank you for thinking of me!

(PSST, for of those of you reading today, tomorrow is my Shannon's birthday, be sure to surf on over to Shannon's blog and wish her a happy day)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

This kid looks like he is up to no good! What a face. Posted by Hello

All I have left to do is pick up and knit the bottom half of the sweater, the collar was easy I just picked it up instead of knitting it and then sewing it on. All the ends are all ready sewn in, so when I am done with the bottom half I am truly done with the sweater. I blocked the pieces before I seamed it together, but I think the whole thing may have to be blocked once it is together. Posted by Hello

Via La France!

Debbles should be in France as I am typing this, how cool is that? Debbles needed a trip to France to seduce her into running her first marathon. I mean who wouldn't be willing to run, walk or crawl for 26.2 miles for an excuse to go to France for a week? I would be running right there with her if I had the money to go. (Paul and I are saving for a trip to Jamaica next year, we are planning our honeymoon, never mind that we have been married 5 years, we were busy having babies and starting a business)

I sent Debbles with 3 gift packages to get her through her trip. The first package was for the plane it contained all you need for a long happy plane trip.

Package number 1: Airplane

1. Cosmopolitan magazine (you need drivel to read while you fly)
2. Star magazine (in case Cosmo was to heavy for the plane trip)
3. A bottle of Bombay sapphire gin (isn't the reason for this one obvious)
4. One of those lime squeeze bottles to go with the gin
5. A couple of protein and meal replacement bars (You don't want to have to much gin on an empty stomach and who knows what or if they will feed you on the plane)
6. A bottle of the homeopathic Calms (in case she decides not to drink the gin and wants to sleep on the plane)

You will notice there is no tonic on the list, you can get that for free on your flight.

Package number 2: Pre-race Kit

1. A pair of magic running socks, cute and guaranteed to keep your feet happy throughout the race.
2. AAA battery (for the MP3 player)
3. A gel pack in case she needs a little pick-me-up at mile 22 (I personally think she should consider packing the gin...But that's just me)
4. A card (because I want her to know I will pushing her every mile)

Package number 3: Post-Race kit

1. Protein bar (she will need to get something into her system when she is done and who knows what they will have to eat)
2. You Did It Card (I have run marathons, they are mental race more than a physical race and accomplishing this feat is amazing)
3. Epsom Salts (she will need a soak in a warm tub when she gets back to her flat)
4. A tube of arnica gel for sore muscles and knee joints
5. I hope she did not already drink all the gin, it would be good with the hot bath too!

Did I forget anything?

I know she will do well, she is a phenomenal runner and strong woman lets all send her a good vibe for her trip. Debbles have a good trip and a great run, I will be thinking of you.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Secret Talent

I am sad, today I realized that I have not yet discovered my secret talent.

My sister for instance, when we were little I was awed by her ability to roll her tongue and spit through it. I wanted to be able to that so badly I tried until I had drool dribbling down my chin and onto my shirt. I can't even roll my tongue. Apparently this is a genetic trait that just passed me by, my mother and father can do it, where was I when this gene was being handed out? Shannon got all the good stuff.

Mnt. Goat MacKinnin can run anyone into any trail in Kamloops and get you so turned around you don't think you are ever going to find your way out, and then then next thing you know she has run us right back to where our cars are parked. I may have the worst sense of direction on the planet, if asked me to point south right now I could not do it for you. Mnt. Goat also has the gift of gab. She can talk to anyone, at any time, about anything. That is a true gift.

Debbles, amazing cook, give that girl 5 odd ball ingredients and somehow she will procure for you an amazing 8 course meal. I get by in the kitchen okay, but I would rather be knitting. I think Debbles greatest talent is giving of herself, but this is no secret.

Artistic talent, look to my mother. She takes a shower and has to come out and write down every idea she had while she was in there. She can design anything, what do you want a new business card or a wedding dress? She is your gal. My sister is really artistic too, she may be better on a sewing machine than even my mother, which is truly saying something. And Shannon is fast, I don't know how she does so much quality work so fast.

Paul my DH, "honey can you build me a what-cha-ma-call-it that will fit right here?" No problem. He built a work bench in the garage an elephant could sleep on it is so structurally sound. His true secret talent I think is softball, my husband is blind in one eye due to a congenital problem (born with it) with one of the muscles in his eye. He had a wonky eye as a child that was surgically repaired. By the time the surgery was performed his brain had already turned off the imagine from the lazy eye. His brain shut down the image coming from the Wong eye to keep him from seeing double. Innate intelligence. Anyway, Paul bats left-handed and is blind in his right eye, yet somehow he wins the homerun contest for our team every season. The first season we played on the team together he was having trouble with his eyes and he was seeing double whenever he focused on something, like a softball. He still had the highest number of homeruns on the team. Blind in one eye and can't see out the other and he is a great batter, now that is a true secret talent.

I can't wait to one day learn what my secret talent is. I would take anything, I am not picky, I will take the smallest talent and celebrate it. I mean sign me up for something as silly as Claire's talent, Molly Ringwald's character in The Breakfast Club. She can put lipstick on with her breasts, you know put the lipstick tube in her cleavage and apply the lipstick to her lips. Hell, I can't even put lipstick on without a mirror and certainly don't have the cleavage to support this handy trick.

Don't get me wrong, I have skills, but a secret talent? What is your secret talent?

How could I resist a posting a picture of a Canada Goose for you? A sure sign of spring. This goose was very hungry and quite aggresive, I am sure he would have eaten the bread right out of the kids hands if we would have let him. I guess it was a long a flight home and he had worked up a hunger. Posted by Hello

The kids feeding the birds in Riverside Park on Saturday. We took them downtown to the park to ride bikes and play at the playground. Notice there is no snow, not even on the hills spring may make it to Kamloops after all! Posted by Hello

Monday, April 04, 2005

House Call

I just read my Mom's blog she is experiencing acute low back pain and her daughter is a chiropractor (that's me) the bad news is, Mom lives in California and I live in British Columbia.
So Mom, this post is going out to you. The crappy part of living in a different country is that I don't get to be my family's chiropractor, so here goes:

Okay Mom, I brought my table with me so just give me a minute here to get it set up, right here in your front room isn't this great?! I am going to need you to lie face down while I just feel around and see what is going on. Ah, it is just as I though L4-L5, with lots of muscle spasm in the lumbar paraspinals and in Quadratus Lumborum. We can get this fixed up in a jiffy, of course your neck and midback are out of alignment too, it feels like you have been compensating for this lumbar misalignment for a while.

Let me clear your neck and midback first, so I need you to take a deep breath in and blow it out and just relax. (I'm contacting T8) , okay that went in really well, now I need you to go face up for me. Atlas is out of alignment in your neck. This is the segment your head sits on, so as we already knew Mom, your head is on crooked. Let me just contact here on the left side and bring you over really gently now.

Okay, now let's fix up that low back that is hurting you so much. Here just lie on you left side for a second. Fold your arms across your chest, take a deep breath in...And all the way out there, that should so do the trick. Now stay out of the spa, heat is not best thing for you while you so acute, if you are going to heat it follow it with 20 minutes of ice, and then apply some arnica gel to reduce the muscle spasm. Go for a short walk following your adjustment and come back and read this again tomorrow.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Vogue Knitting

I bought the Spring/Summer issue of Vogue Knitting today. I love it. It has several things in it I would love to knit. I wish there was more time in a day and wish I knitted faster than I do! Vogue can be kind of hit and miss to me, sometimes their stuff is a little to 'runway' out there for me. This issue is a good one and is worth the money. I hate it when you buy a magazine for knitting or otherwise and it has only one good thing you like in it. I try to thumb through them first at the store and only buy if it has at least 3 things that interest me in it.

We had a good weekend around here. Yesterday was the usual Saturday gig, I worked, but I skipped the long run, my legs are still feeling heavy from the race last weekend. It took a lot out of me, but I am started to feel like I have more energy now. Just in time for daylight savings time to screw up my internal clock. Am I the only one that wishes they would just leave the clock alone? It goofs me up for a week or two and mucks with the kids too.

We took the kids to the park today. Debbles took some great pictures of the kids while we were there. I will post them for you later. I could not figure out how to post them from my email and I don't have the patience to play with it right now. I will also be posting another picture of my sweater again soon. The collar is just about finished and then all I have is the lower part of the body of the sweater and it is on to finish that Wrongo. Poor Wrongo still does not have enough hands and feet, he is also missing a head. I can't very well give Sebastian a headless monkey can I? I need to get Chongo on the needles for Peg Leg too. There is just so much good stuff to knit up where do I start???

I feel like I am brain is feeling sluggish. My brain is an hour ahead of my body, can a chiropractic adjustment help me with this problem? I think it is time to knit and relax. Good Night!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Magic and Mischief

Wirthy got me wondering about something. You see he posted some sage advice on my blog a few days ago and when someone posts a comment I like to go check out their blogs and see what they are about. Now click the link up there and check out Wirthy's blog.

Now here is what what Wirthy has me wondering: How on earth did he stumble onto my blog? He commented on the entry titled 'FUBAR', did he google FUBAR and I just popped up or is Wirthy a manly knitter and he was just popping in to see what I had on the needles?

There is a little magic and mischief in blogging I think. I stumble upon blogs myself that I would never think to look up and I get sucked in to other people's lives and experiences. It seems the world gets smaller every day.

A few days ago Sebastian was building something with his K'nex in his room. He called me into his room to show me what he was working on and to ask me to take a picture of it. I went and got the camera and snapped a photo for him, as I was walking out of his room my 4 year old son said to me, "Mommy, can you go put that picture on the internet for me?" How small will the world be when Sebastian is my age?

I think there is a little magic and mischief in 4 year old boys too.

Layne and Sebastian rediscover the goofy glasses. They were laughing so hard they could hardly stand up.  Posted by Hello