Sunday, May 01, 2005

A basket of monkey love. Posted by Hello


Wudas said...

Today is our 15th anniversay. I can appreciate a little hot monkey love.

Keeefer said...

Theres somthing very moving about a knitted monkey hacked up and stuffed in a basket

angie peg leg said...

He looks great Kelly Anne. Hey, our international smuggling operation came to fruition today. Thank you so much, I'll send a check out right away.

Kelly O said...

APL, I ment to put in a card or a nice note, but I did not remember until I had the box all sealed up. Anyway, don't send the money, just take the equivilant amount in US $$ and put it in my name to the Aids Walk and that will work out for my sponsership.

I am glad I could be of help. Just let me know if need another fix :)

Keeefer, I think I need your address, it sounds to me like it is time to send you a package you sound like a natural born knitter. Let's see you need some sticks and string and I also have some Peeps getting stale on top of the fridge just for you and your lovely wife. E-mail your address and I will send them winging your way.

Oh Ma! Regardless of the age of your children, remember they are NEVER ready to hear about their mom's kilt lifting, hair raising, gold banana hamock monkey love! Having said that...I love you and happy anniversary.