Friday, May 06, 2005

Frisson for All

That would be my campaign slogan if I were to run for office. Would you vote for me?

One of my favorite web sites is It is one of sites I subscribe to using Bloglines. Today's word of the day is frisson- a moment of intense excitement, a shudder, an emotional thrill. Okay, am I only the one thinking, "And all this time I thought it was called an orgasm." You can bet I will using this one on Paul soon. He is not a wordy like I am, but for some reason I think this one may interest him. Now my Mother's Day gift list looks something like this:

1. Frisson
2. Frisson
3. Cup of Coffee in bed
4. Garmin 301
5. Frisson
6. Trail shoes (whoops I ordered these myself today)
7. Fun day with the kids and DH
8. Frisson

Well I think you get the idea. I hope moms all across the land have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Especially my mom and my sister. Happy Mother's Day!

Barking Cows:
I am happy to report that we lost our first game last night. The cows collectively sighed in relief, cracked open a round of beer and chewed our cud. Now we can just graze around the outfield and relax, now that is the way I like to play ball.


Wudas said...

Were you able to open the .jpg I sent you with the barking cow logo?

Shannon said...

My Mother's Day won't be anything like that. I hope that you have a great Mother's Day.

Wudas said...

Shannon, a couple of C cells in the proper appliance and you too can frission without your man.

Keeefer said...

Frissons a good word. I like frotting too

Kelly O said...

Mom, I did get the .jpg open and I love the art work. I forgot to take it to the team on thursday, but we have a game on Tuesday and I will see what the team thinks. I love it, Thank you for working it up for us.

True, you don't need a man to have frisson.

Keeefer I looked up frotting in my dictionary and it was not there. Is my dictionary out of date (1986) or are you pulling my leg? I will give it a google and see.

Shannon said...

I do have the proper appliance for that job. But there are certain times during the month that frisson is not going to happen. With or without a my man.