Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Way it Should Be

Today has been a good day, as matter of fact work should be like this every day. I had a busy morning, but not so busy I could not keep up with myself. Debbles stopped by the office to say hello and to bring me a muffin for breakfast and she brought me pasta salad for lunch. How spoiled am I?

I had a rolfing appointment during my lunch hour, and then one of the other chiropractors in town stopped in to get adjusted. So I asked him if he would mind adjusting me while he was here. I managed to get all tuned up and did not even have to step out of the building. A much better gig than yesterday.

The barking cows lost our game last night. We started out very well and then things got udderly ridiculous. We dropped the ball about a million times. I think we would do better on the score board if we kept track of errors rather than runs. We had a great time and the other team was a lot of fun to play.

The kids are not feeling well, everyone has a terrible cough and so there was no sleep at the Ouimet house last night. Paul finally gave up and went and slept on the couch. We kept everyone home from school today in an effort not to spread the germ all over town.

I have run clinic tonight, first run after the half marathon. We will see if being cooped up in the office all day will override my sore hamstrings. I am hoping to have a nice fun trail run with my group. I will let you know how it goes.

There is no knitting here, no time until Thursday night, then I may get a breather. Of course I just might have to sleep instead. Shannon, I don't know how you work the night shifts and then get through your day. I would fall asleep on my feet.


Wudas said...

Those poor kids, they sure have been sick alot this year. You aren't making them drink tequila are you? I happen to know it will make Paige do a bit of projectile vomitting!

Keeefer said...

Oooohhh sore hamstrings......i dont miss them one bit.If its not the tequila then its most likely the fine havana cigars they smoke when you are out and they are playing poker round the kitchen table....That Quentins a hard bluffer I can tell ya.