Thursday, May 19, 2005

DH Update

Paul has not been released from the hospital yet because the medication they gave him is making him sick. They are waiting for the Dr. to come by and change his medication to something his body can handle.

As a general rule we do not take medications to often around here. I don't even think there is a bottle of tylanol or aspirin in the house. I do use homeopathics with the kids when they get a cold but for the most part we are a drug free home. Paul's body is just does not agree with the chemicals they are trying to give him and so it makes him sick. I hope they have at least offered him some food, it may help him absorb the medication and settle his stomach down.

I will use my nervous energy to go fold the laundry and get some knitting done. It is almost to bad my house is already clean and there are already cookies baked. Of course you can never have to many cookies can you?


Keeefer said...

Hope hes home safe and well. Heres to a speedy recovery.

Wudas said...

Let us know how he's doing. And you can't have too many cookies around unless you eat them all by yourself.

Shannon said...

I hope that Paul is doing fine. Please keep us updated on his condition.

angie said...

Get well soon Paulie. And look at the bright side Kelly Anne, your DH came home 3 pounds lighter.

Kelly O said...

Okay this is Debbles acting in the Kelly role here today, so I am updating the blog with Paul's condition. He is currently sleeping (with PJ) and has taken it easy today. He is moving about better than yesterday, but it could be the major road rash from softball on his leg that is causing the old man walk too. Today has been good, normal around here - fighting, apologies, boogers, dirty bums and smiles and laughter! All is well in the Ouimet household. Kelly is working all day today and is no doubt thinking - "Hey work isn't a bad gig!! Time to myself!!"
Supper is on the go, house is clean, laundry is moving, food is ready for the trip tomorrow, and my phone hasn't been ringing all day! Sweet.
PS the minivan arrives today too!! Kelly will no doubt comment on her new minivan persona soon....I'll pass on the good wishes to Paul from everyone. Take care, Debbles :)

Shannon said...

Debbles Thank you for the update.