Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Growing Pains

After much ado I have finally figured out how to get into my Blogger account from the lap top. I am now coming to you from Paul's desk at our office. My desk is covered with the accounting I am supposed to be doing now, Paul's desk had space on it so here I am.

I am having a tough go of it these past few days. I am having a hard time being a full time working mom and leaving the childrearing to Paul. I miss the kids already and today is only day one. I am for some crazy reason feeling close to tears. I have worked days for Paul when he has other things he needs to tend to, but for some reason I am finding it particularly hard this time.

I am doing fine here making patients happy and keeping up with the work load. Keeping up with the work load is a task today, the Tuesday back from a long weekend. We were crazy busy this morning, this afternoon may slow down a bit, but I am not sure yet. I am writing this when I can grab few minutes in between patients, so forgive me if I lose continuity.

We had a good a weekend. We drove the new ride to Pentictin and I am falling in love with the van. The kids loved it too. I have some pictures to post for you but I don't have camera software on the lap top so those will have to wait until I get home.

I had my worst race ever on Sunday. I went into the run fatigued and very stressed from the crazy week before. When I get stressed I lose my appetite. This would be okay if I were not trying to fuel up to run a half marathon. To make matters worse I was up most of the night with one kid or another the night before the run. The race course is beautiful and I can't wait to give it a go next year under better conditions.

Running can be a bit of a gamble sometimes. As a runner you always have good runs and bad runs. You just hope that the good ones land a race day. That is not the way this one played out for me. I am over it already and looking forward to the Blackwell Dairy 15K run this Sunday. It is one of my favorite courses and I am hoping to redeem myself for this last weekend.

We had a nice visit with Paul's Granny and Grandpa Harvey. We had a great dinner with them on Sunday and stayed at their place Sunday night. We all slept well for a change and had nice drive home. I took some photos for you of the high points of the drive, I will post those as soon as I can.

We have a softball game tonight, Paul will be drinking beer and coaching from the sideline. I am looking forward to getting outside after full day in the office. Theresa is keeping to busy here to write more. I also a have a completed knitting project to show you. Where did I find the time to knit last week? I have no idea!


Shannon said...

We all have crazy weeks. You're not the only one. Try getting up at 5am working 8 hours, picking up kids, running errands, helping with homework and trying to keep the house clean and make sure everyone has clean clothes.

Keeefer said...

You think thats bad im working a 45 hr week and stilkl finding time to drink beer.....thats a toughie i can tell ya ;)

ang peg leg said...

You think that's tough, well...no, I got nothin'. Glad to hear Paulie is recovering and you're loving the (gulp) mini van. This week of hell will be over soon and you'll be blogging with stories of barf and fevers don't worry!

Wudas said...

Okay, I'll one up you guys. Do all that with no husband in the house. Or worse yet, with the wrong husband.

Kelly O said...

Ahh, you are all making me feel so much better. Hearing that everyone out there has a crazy work load helps to put things in perspective. It is to easy sometimes to get caught up in my own saga and forget to look up and catch my breath and realize we are all in the situation.