Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A 'Relaxing Morning'

I am so glad that things are back to normal around here. This morning as Debbles dropped off LB's car seat, she asked me what I was up to this morning. I told her that Quentin and I were off to Costco for groceries as we were just about starving. I did not get a chance to go last week, remember I was knee deep in...lets not talk about that.

Debbles replied, "It's nice for you to have a relaxing morning!"

What Debbles could not see from the top of stairs:

Quentin was sitting on a chair at the kitchen table with a bin full of foam shapes of all sizes dumped all over the kitchen table and gleefully giggling while sweeping them off the table and onto the floor. No worries he helped me clean up the mess.

Quentin wandering over to the counter and pulling a pizza box full of pizza down onto his head and all over the kitchen floor. He helped clean up this mess too.

Next we wandered into my washroom so I could have a shower. In my washroom I have a white plastic bin full of goodies that Quentin plays with while I am in the shower. All safe for him, things like a weekly vitamin holder with no pills in it, empty travel tube to store a toothbrush, some pedicure tools, various tubes of magic potions, to make me younger looking, give me soft supple skin, smell wonderful and hairless. I swear I did not know he could now take the lids off. From the shower I hear: "Mamamamamamama." What does he need? I peek out to see the kid sitting on the floor covered in goop. I hop out of the shower dripping and soapy to clean him up and put away my potions. Back into shower to get myself clean. Back out of shower to dry myself, the floor and Quentin.

Get almost ready to roll out the door. "Mamamamamama." Now what? Quentin is standing in the other bathroom stinking to high heaven surrounded by baby wipes. A quick glance into the toilet reveals that it is stuffed full of baby wipes and a whole roll of toilet paper. Quentin helps me clean up another a mess, and learns that there is a limit to what goes into the biffy.

Off to Costco, race around like crazy and get in line. 11:00, time to get the kids at school, I am going to be 10 minutes late. Race to school...You get the idea.

Oh yes, after lunch Quentin got a hold of the foam soap the kids use to wash their hands (LB helped him reach it) and rubbed it all over his hair and belly. Then he laid very nice for me on the kitchen counter and laughed while I rinsed it out.

The funny thing is I am relaxed, I had a great morning and I am glad to see that Quentin is feeling better. I have gotten lax during the week he was not feeling good, I will be on my A game again when he gets up from his nap. That kid makes me laugh with his antics and curiosity. For the record, he is not usually so messy and he is a good kid. I think today he was just making up for lost time.


Shannon said...

Sounds like you had a very busy morning. It made me laugh out loud. I can totally relate to some of those events.

Keeefer said...

Well its no wonder wrongos still in pieces, what with you wasting all that time....sheesh....time to answer the door and shower on your own indeed! ;)

Kelly O said...

Shannon-I thought that might be a morning you could relate to. It made me laugh too.

Keeefer-I know, I know, enough relaxing for me, I need to get off my bum eh?