Monday, May 16, 2005

Canadian Jumping Beans

We talked about getting the kids a swing set, or building them a play house and then the light bulb came on: a trampoline. Yes we bought the kids a trampoline. It rocks. We got a 12 footer with the cage around it and the padding that protects the kids from injuring themselves on the springs. It is like a very large play pen. So far it has kept them entertained for hours.

They have played on it and under it, today I turned on the sprinklers so they could bounce on it in the water. They are in love with it. It cost less than a good swing set would have and I think it will last them longer. I think they would lose interest in a swing set at a younger age than a trampoline, I am 34 and I am having as much fun as they are on it. I can't wait to get Paul out there with me and give it test drive, whoops was that my outside voice? Can imagine how much fun that thing is going to be in snow?

The 12 foot one is a great size, we still have plenty of backyard space to run around in and it will be easy to move around to mow under.

We have a party pad now, a beer refrigerator in the garage, a hot tub and a trampoline. Now if we could get Shannon and her DH to come over with the kegerator, mom and Darryl bring the smoker and a couple of those chickens, Debbles you bring LB and a fit man with a great bum (every party needs eye candy), Keeefer you bring your lovely wife and a bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Angie Peg Leg, you just bring Talulah and that peg leg of yours and we will get this party started.

We will put the men folk to work cooking and mixing us drinks and the ladies will get out the sticks and the yarn and knit until we are to drunk to do so. Saara, don't worry we will have you knitting in no time, my mom is an excellent teacher.


Keeefer said...

That sounds like a good plan. Im sure Saara will be a natural at knitting. Shes very....hmnmmmm whats the word im looking for, i really dont want to say domesticated.....arty...that will do.

Im not bad at barbies, we could always bring over some live lobsters too....just in case canada runs dry

Shannon said...

When does the party start? When Keeefer put in that he's not bad at barbies I was picturing grown men playing with Barbie's and fighting over matching outfits. Then I realized he meant bbqs.

Kelly O said...

Shannon, you crack me up! Bring the Lobster Keeefer.

It was a good idea to pass on the word 'domesticatated' wives are not cats Keeefer. We may lull you into a false sense of security but we are never quite tamed.

I am sure she is a crafty gal, she seems to be keeping up with you anyway.