Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Soccer Mom

I am having some trouble coming face to face with my true self.

We are buying a mini-van. Yes, it is almost a done deal. The money is there, I have picked out the color, the van is on the lot. I pick it on Friday afternoon.

As I walked through the show room , I drooled over a little 2 seater sports car. Then I came home and called my bank and bought a mini-van. I know I will love it, will be a great little work horse for this family of 5 but a little part of me is sad that I could not buy the sports car.

I realized as I whipped up a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, wiped the baby spit off my shoulder and sent Sebastian to his room for not sharing that it my destiny. I am a soccer mom. The day has dawned I have bought a mini-van.

The sports car will have to sit in the showroom until the kids are in high school and I am beginning to suffer from pre-empty nest syndrome. Now I understand how Paul feels when I tell him he can't buy a Harley yet. "It is just not practical Paul, I mean how many car seats can you strap onto a Harley?" Poor Paul!

I do like the van. It will serve us well and is what we need for the next 10 years or so. I will grow to love it. I am already thinking about how great it will be to pile everyone in it and go somewhere. We will have it in time for our trip this weekend. I can't wait to pack it full of stuff and not worry about space. I am looking forward to summer trips to the park with bikes and 4 kids and Debbles all in one vehicle. I am looking forward to visits from my family, and we can pile in and go out to dinner. See, I am falling in love already!

Oh yes...It's blue. I will post a picture for you when it is parked in the driveway.


Wudas said...

I'm sure you'll love it. By the way I made the changes to the cow and emailed it to you.

Keeefer said...

Sports cars......well you are better off without one. Saara has had a fair few over the years as an incentive from her last workplace. This one time we had a porsche boxster for a few months. Saara made me drive it in the pouring rain and i aquaplaned it into a barrier. Tore of the whole front of the car. Much safer with a minivan im sure.

Kelly O said...

A floating boxster...much better than a minivan!

Mom, thank you very much for the art work the cows gave you a triple moo cheer at the last game. That is high praise from the barking cows.