Thursday, May 05, 2005

I did not know which one was better this one or the next one, so I posted both of them. Just blow by them if you are bored of looking at us. What happened to the bottom corner of this photo...I have no idea. I am going to have to figure out that 'crop' thing mom keeps talking about. Posted by Hello


Keeefer said...

Your little clan are lovely Kelly.

Wudas said...

If you any kind of photo edit progam it will have a crop function in it. This photo is the better of the two. The kids faces are more facing the camera.

Kelly O said...

Thank you Keeefer. Paul and I have a knack for making children. No more for us though, just practicing now:)

Mama, I thought so too. There must be an editing program on my computer somewhere, I am just not ready for the learning curve right now.