Friday, May 20, 2005

Dish rag

Yes folks that's me, a wet sloppy worn out dish rag! My day started at 5:30 this morning and I have been going full boar ever since. There is good news and good news though, which would you like first?

Good News
Paul is doing well and was even caught smiling a few times today. The whining seems to be at a minimum and he is doing better than I thought he would at staying out of trouble. I only had to apply a small amount of salt in the wound pictured above to get him to behave himself all day for Debbles. (I hope you all saw Debbles update post in the comments from yesterday) He is a good man. Some how Paul even managed to get to the bank (via Miss Mini driven by her owner Miss Debbles {Random thought here Debbles, do you really own Miss Mini or does she own you?}) to sign a check for the van and brought a Starbucks coffee to me at the office. I don't know how the man does it.

More Good News
Busy day at the office, 38 patients, 3 virgins, one guy twice and still managed to have an hour and fifteen minutes for lunch and an hour off in the afternoon to go pick up the new van. I will post a photo of her soon, she needs a name doesn't she? Perhaps when you all see her you will be inspired. It was a full but happy day.

Debbles kicks ass! I came home to a clean house, empty laundry baskets and dinner on the table. I should have been a lesbian so I could have a wife to do all these wonderful things for me on a daily basis.

I had better get going, Paul and I have a date. We are going to Pay-Per-view Fat Albert and snuggle on the couch. I am not sure how snuggly scab man will be, but we will give it a go.

I will try to blog over the weekend, but the laptop doesn't usually let me into my blogger account. We have a couple of hours driving the new wheels tomorrow and a yarn shop to go to, and then the race on Sunday, wish me luck!

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