Thursday, May 05, 2005

Strawberry Tea

Today was Strawberry Tea day, this is a fun event that the kids put on at school for mothers day. They invite all the Moms to the classroom for tea and strawberry shortcake that the kids all made themselves. It is one of my favorite school events.

The children started by singing us three songs, one of them in both French and English (Canadian). Then they passed out mother's day cards that they made, with a chocolate glued on it, that they also made themselves. It was very cool. We got a little gift, some nice smelling salts for a relaxing bath, the kids made those too.

Then the children serve their moms strawberry shortcake, tea and more chocolates that the kids made themselves. I was worried that I would have to eat two cakes, but when PJ brought over the second one I asked her if it was for me. She let me know in no uncertain terms that it was hers. We shared them both and I think Quentin ate more than anyone. It was a lot of fun.

Paul and I seem to be in the process of realizing one of our dreams. We have always wanted to have a holistic health clinic that provided far more than chiropractic care to our patients. Well I have good news. We now have a acupuncturist starting in our office on June 1st. But wait, there is more. We also have an Athletic Therapist that is going to work in our office 2 days a week to start and add more as her patient base grows. How cool is that!!??

We already have a massage therapist and we are looking for another. We have had a few chiropractors approach us looking to join our practice as well. We are not sure if we want another chiropractor to join us at this time, but we are always open to what they have to offer. If the right one comes along, who knows what would happen. We are thrilled at our growth over the past 5 years and are very excited to adding fresh energy to the office.

Monkey Lovin'
Wrongo is finished and I will post a photo for you as soon as I can pry him out Sebastian's arms. It was love at first sight, they have been inseparable. I have started an easy quick project for the moment, I need immediate gratification. I will post pictures and tell you more about it later. My sweater is calling my name too, I just need some mindless work for a bit.


Keeefer said...

Congrats on the expansion of your empire. My wife (saara) has a physiotherapist relative in Minnesota (a lot closer to you than we are) His name is David Poulter.....apparently hes a kind of famous physiotherapist......not sure what thats all about. Ive never met him but his wife came to our wedding.

Strawberry tea sounds great! what a good idea that is.

I bet the Sebastian/wrongo combo is quite adorable.

angie peg leg said...

The Strawberry Tea thing sounds like so much fun Kelly Anne. What a nice Mother's Day thing. Congrats on finishing Wrongo, Sea Bass is one lucky monkey keeper. The business things sounds great. I've used acupuncture before and am always amazed at how it really works. Health Quest Chirporactic is rolling along like a steam roller isn't it?!

Shannon said...

Congratulations on reaching your business goals. I bet strawberry tea was fun.

Wudas said...

Ah, building an empire! That's my girl! I've always wanted to try acupunture but never got around to it.

Kelly O said...

Next time you all make it to the Loops I will see that you get in for a visit with the acupucturist. We wrote into her lease a free visit a month for PO and myself. I can't wait to try it.

An empire, wow I like the thought of that mom. I guess I have to finish paying my student loans first though.

Scotch Tape said...

I just want to point out that it is criminal to have a Wrongo without a Bongo Chongo, that's like Peanut Butter with no Jelly. Or Strawberry Tea without crumpets.

Kelly O said...

Get the hell out! Is that the real Scotch Tape posting on my blog!!???? It can't be! Somebody pinch me. What the heck are you up to these days, arn't you one of those we love to hate...a lawyer?

All we need now is Justin Boots, Tim the Tool Man, and Outback Jack then we have a reunion.

Well Scotch Tape you will be happy to hear that Chongo is in utero...well not quite more the egg and sperm state I have the yarn and the sticks but they have not quite got it together yet.

angie said...

I didn't tell him about Chongo...he remembered on his own!

Scotch Tape said...

Well am I the 'real' Scotch Tape? Lets see... I can prove it with 3 observations:
1. Shmoo is an evil freaking cat.
2. Canadians should learn to wear footwear in the 'lower 48 (Canada is just the 51st state with an inferiority complex).
3. Three words: Darryl, Christmas, & G-String. It never left my head.