Thursday, May 12, 2005

Boring Blogger

I am just a dry well lately. I feel like I am giving you all booooring posts the past two weeks or so. It would seem I am only on my game when covered in vomit, buried in laundry and have changed and/or wiped 40 poopy bums in one day.

All is well at our house, we are finally healthy and having a good time. The Barking Cows have righted the universe with a 3 game losing streak. I ran a 5K time trial last night and added 35 seconds to my time. FYI: this is not a good thing, runner's never want to ADD seconds to their time.

Perhaps it's the mini-van that is sucking all my wit and cleverness. Yes, you read that right. MINI-VAN. I never wanted to be a mini-van mom. Then why did I have 3 children? Good question. If the mini-van was not leaching all my individuality and wit right out of me I would have a clever answer answer for you. But alas, I don't. That is it! I am taking the mini-van back to the dealership from whence it came!

Not a tough task, it is a demonstration vehicle, it does not belong to me, YET. In case you have not figured it out yet. We might be buying a mini-van. I am liking the Dodge Grand Caravan with the Stow-n-go seats. I just wish it were not a mini-van. Can I have seating for seven without having to buy a mini-van. Would it be wrong to buy, um, let's say a limousine? We would all fit in that wouldn't we? And we would have a minibar. Or maybe I could buy a bus, you know one of those short yellow ones? Okay maybe not, but I like the idea of a minibar. Can I get a Dodge Caravan with a Marqarita machine installed?

Maybe it is the color of the loaner that is zapping me. It is gold, with brown interior. It is grannie's mini-van. I need a saucy red one, or midnight blue, but not Granny Gold. Does it come in limousine Black, or Short Bus Yellow? Excuse me, I think I see a minibar.


Keeefer said...

Hmmmm where can i get an in car mini bar from? I want one now.

Over here, we have drive thru liquor great a concepts that! We also have a huge drink driving problem ......hmmm i wonder why???

angie said...

How about an SUV? There are many: Toyota, Lexus, Acura, Nissan, Honda, Infiniti, etc that make vehicles for that many people and are really good looking and sporty. I know for a fact (because I am going to buy one) that the new Acura MDX has 4wd and a fold down 3rd row of seats.

Keeefer said...

Thats a good point angie. The SUV can look pretty good too

Shannon said...

SUV's are for people who actually go camping and stuff. Mini vans are as bad on gas as and SUV is. I don't blame you for not wanting a mini van but then we own a Prius. If you have to have a mini van a red one would be good. What about a station wagon?

Kelly O said...

I have looked at some of the SUV's but they don't have near the space a mini-van has. Remember not only do I need to seat 3 kids, but all those children are in car seats and I have LB 2 days a week, this means I have to fit 4 car seats in the vehicle and still be able to aford to feed everyone. This makes the best bang for the buck a mini-van.

I know the facts are ugly.

Keeefer said...

you need one of them beverly hillbilly cars for yer clan

Wudas said...

Hi Kid. I'v been off line for a few days. Darryl and I checked out the Ford Escape Hybrid. Nice ride but I don't know how many car seats you can put in it. You know you can thumb your nose at the other gas hog SUV's and be cooler than a (ugh) mini-van. How about one of the Subaru wagons. They look good. My car of choice would be the RX-8. It does have a back seat but would only hold two car seats back there.

Kelly O said...

A Hillbilly car- do you think a hillbilly car has seatbelts to hold the car seats in or should I just use duct tape?

Hi Mom-nice to see you back in blogland, PO and I would love to buy a hybrid and we have talked a lot about waiting a few years until there is a hybrid vehicle out that will hold all of us. Now we are thinking we really can't wait and we will have to buy one at a later date. I love the hybrid concept and wish I could drive a cool cat prius (sp?) like you and Shannon.