Sunday, May 15, 2005

Girls Night Out

Where have I been? I blogged on Friday the 13th, it was finally a good witty post, Blogger ate it. Happy Friday the 13th, I don't suffer from triskaidekaphobia but that may change after the tragic loss of a good post.

Saturday was a great day. It started like any other Saturday: a morning run and good day at the office. Saturday night is where the fun really kicked into high gear, a long overdue girls night out. I never took a head count, but I think we had 10 ladies show up for a night on the town.

We started at Player's for some appetizers and drinks. We were having a great time laughing and talking and I sat back and looked around the table. It was so cool to behold, 10 women ranging from 24 to 41 years old, 3 1/2 of us are married, 5 of us moms, 9 of us runners, 4 of us business owners, 2 1/2 of us divorced, 2 of us blonde, all of us smiling, glowing and having a rockin' and rollin' good time.

I did not get home until 2:30 in the morning and Paul was kind enough to let me sleep in until 8:00. We played with kids for a while on their new toy (I will post pictures for you tomorrow) and then we went out to get some flowers for the yard. PO went to the office to knock down walls and put in doors so the accupucturist can paint her room. I stayed home and played in the dirt with the kids. It is fun to plant with them, they love it.

All in all a good weekend.

I am a bit stressed about the week to come. The truck is not done yet, it is still being painted. One vehicle and lots to get done. My mind is so full of the weeks schedule I can't even keep it straight. Should I give it try?

  • Monday, observation day at school, play PO's taxi, ladies lunch, crazy kid gong show, shop for vehicle
  • Tuesday, parent teacher conferences, PO's taxi, groceries, 4 kid gong show and Softball
  • Wednesday: PO's taxi, something I am forgetting now, Lunch at Debbles, run clinic
  • thursday: PO has that long awaited hernia surgery on Thursday and I will be working for him and spending lots of time and energy on worrying, PO's taxi to and from hospital with 4 kids, Paul can recline comfortably in the trunk, with the softball gear, I have a game tonight too! Medicate husband and self.
  • Friday: Kids taxi, Work all day for Paul, come home cook fabulous meal for family and poor husband, pack kids for out of town weekend trip, listen to husband moan in discomfort, medicate husband.
  • Saturday: Pack children and medicated husband into car with my running gear and drive the whole lot to Pentiction. Stop at yarn store in Vernon for fiber fix, leave medicated children and husband in car.
  • Sunday: Run Half Marathon (kick ass), spend the rest of the day in Kewlona with PO's grandparents, do some of my own moaning, listen to Paul moan in discomfort. Fondle newly bought fiber looking for some sort of solace.
  • Monday: A Holiday! Drive home from out of town trip, unload car, get kids and Paul settled happy and fed. Drink Heavily (I don't know why I did not start this on Tuesday)
  • Tuesday: This is where I get nervous, as long as Paul is laid up I get to work full time for him, plus my shifts at the office (this adds up to 6 days a week) and maintain all my mom duties and keep house running and try to find children under laundry piles.

I am going to lie down now


Keeefer said...

Has the town recovered from the girls night out? Your week is looking very busy. Im off work today, ive got a suspected fractured foot from playing (ahem) netball.......I so wish that said rugby!

So i get the joy of a little chinese man exposing me to radiataion (Ha i didnt want kids anyway) and then its back to work tomorrow....popssibly on crutches

Shannon said...

We all have crazy weeks like that. At least I do. I'm taking a day off during the week to see the new Star Wars movie.

twmolett said...

oh boy, its that week already. It came so quickly. Let me know if you need anything.