Sunday, May 01, 2005

Girls, Golf and Gin

Just so you know girls, golf and gin mix well together. We had a great time golfing. Miss Model MacKinnon bailed on us as she was not feeling well, but we had a great time as a three-some (and who wouldn't?)

Debbles and Mnt. Goat went to Vancouver to run the Half Marathon there this weekend. I stayed home, I had to work on Saturday and could not go. I talked to Mnt. Goat and Debbles today, they both had a great run this morning. There were some ladies there from the Saturday Full/Half clinics and they wanted to be under 2 hours. Debbles and Mnt. Goat helped the ladies and paced them the whole run. It is fun to do that occasionally, to just never mind your own time and to help someone else reach their goal time.

Debbles sounded happy when I spoke to her on the phone this morning, she is having a good time and I am glad to see it. A part of me wishes I had been able to go to and run with them. But no worries. I finally registered for the Pentiction Half Marathon, I think it is coming up May 22. I will be to scratch this racing itch then.

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