Monday, May 30, 2005

Sebastian standing in the scoop of the giant loader, to fill the giant dump truck. All I could think of when I saw this picture for the first time: "Boy you could really fill that scoop with a lot of ice cream." There is something seriously wrong with me. Posted by Hello

This is a giant loader to load up the giant dump truck you see in the next photo. Paul tells me the ones they use now are even bigger than this one. This loader is actually a British Coulmbia Information Center and you can go inside it for all the tourist information you could ever want about visiting BC.  Posted by Hello

Huge dump truck and small boy! These trucks are out by Highland Valley Copper for all to go and visit. They were used at the copper mine in the 1970's until they got to small and to old. To small, can you imagine? To old? Hey, I was born in the 1970's! Posted by Hello

Okay for the record, Dad got him dressed today. I would have put him some real clothes to go see the big trucks. Dad took him in his 'sun suit'. I guess this is okay, for several reasons, Paul certainly never lost Sebastian while he was there, and the kid did not get sun burnt. The fabric is supposed to protect your skin from harmful suns rays.  Posted by Hello

I took this picture out the window on our way by Swan Lake near Vernon.  Posted by Hello

Quentin loves the new van, lots of room to spread out and get comfortable. Posted by Hello

Dueling haircuts, Sebastian and PJ getting their haircuts on the way to Pentictin.  Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

Attitude Adjustment

I am working hard on an attitude adjustment and I believe it is beginning to take. I have been a bit of a grumpy gus these past few days weeks. But yesterday I decided it was time to snap out of it and take a look at the big picture.

Really there is not all that much to be so stressed out about. Paul is doing very well, the house not fallen down, the laundry has not taken a life of it's own and run amok all over the house, the kids are happy and almost healthy, I am happy and almost healthy. So why on earth am I wasting all this energy being stressed for? Paul did take it upon himself to go grocery shopping today, I may have to eat hamburger helper and potato smiles (yuck) for the next week, but all in all we will survive that won't we?

I really have far more to be happy about than I do to be stressed about. I have made an effort to switch gears and I am feeling better. I have had no desire to eat the past week or so, but I am trying to eat more and that will help me too. I have even brought some of my free weights to the office so I can get in a work out in between patients. Sounds a bit freaky I know, but exercise is a good way for me release the stress valve and get on the right track. Yesterday at lunch I met Debbles at the driving range and hit a bucket balls, that always makes a girl feel better.

I have a short weekend ahead of me, but I intend to make the most of it. I work tomorrow and then Paul and I have a golf tournament with Canadian Ski Partol. Paul will not be golfing, he is in charge of drinking beer and driving the golf cart, sounds like fun doesn't it? I am hoping to run the Blackwell Dairy 15K run Sunday morning, it is a nice hilly course around the dairy farm and followed by all the free icecream you can eat. How can I go wrong with that? I will hopefully round the weekend out with the kids and I planting some flowers together in the back yard. Then I am back to work bright and early Monday morning.

I have lots of great photos to post for you but I still do not have the right software on the lap top to do that. I will try to post some this evening.

Tonight was our regularly scheduled girls golf night, but we will be not be golfing tonight. Miss Model MacKinnon and her almost hubby have been touched by a tragedy this morning. A good friend of theirs has passed away. Darryl was out on the golf course yesterday afternoon and he had a myocardial infarct. He was 34 years old and engaged to a wonderful young lady who is also a good friend of the MacKinnon family, one of Miss Model MacKinnon's closest friends. I do not have words to express how I feel about the loss of this young man with his life just beginning, love blosoming and a wonderful life before him. We have been robbed of this young man's gifts to the world. Paul sheds some of his wisdom on this tragedy with this thought, "At least he passed away golfing, doing something he enjoyed and not at work." Hmmm, something to think about.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Way it Should Be

Today has been a good day, as matter of fact work should be like this every day. I had a busy morning, but not so busy I could not keep up with myself. Debbles stopped by the office to say hello and to bring me a muffin for breakfast and she brought me pasta salad for lunch. How spoiled am I?

I had a rolfing appointment during my lunch hour, and then one of the other chiropractors in town stopped in to get adjusted. So I asked him if he would mind adjusting me while he was here. I managed to get all tuned up and did not even have to step out of the building. A much better gig than yesterday.

The barking cows lost our game last night. We started out very well and then things got udderly ridiculous. We dropped the ball about a million times. I think we would do better on the score board if we kept track of errors rather than runs. We had a great time and the other team was a lot of fun to play.

The kids are not feeling well, everyone has a terrible cough and so there was no sleep at the Ouimet house last night. Paul finally gave up and went and slept on the couch. We kept everyone home from school today in an effort not to spread the germ all over town.

I have run clinic tonight, first run after the half marathon. We will see if being cooped up in the office all day will override my sore hamstrings. I am hoping to have a nice fun trail run with my group. I will let you know how it goes.

There is no knitting here, no time until Thursday night, then I may get a breather. Of course I just might have to sleep instead. Shannon, I don't know how you work the night shifts and then get through your day. I would fall asleep on my feet.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Growing Pains

After much ado I have finally figured out how to get into my Blogger account from the lap top. I am now coming to you from Paul's desk at our office. My desk is covered with the accounting I am supposed to be doing now, Paul's desk had space on it so here I am.

I am having a tough go of it these past few days. I am having a hard time being a full time working mom and leaving the childrearing to Paul. I miss the kids already and today is only day one. I am for some crazy reason feeling close to tears. I have worked days for Paul when he has other things he needs to tend to, but for some reason I am finding it particularly hard this time.

I am doing fine here making patients happy and keeping up with the work load. Keeping up with the work load is a task today, the Tuesday back from a long weekend. We were crazy busy this morning, this afternoon may slow down a bit, but I am not sure yet. I am writing this when I can grab few minutes in between patients, so forgive me if I lose continuity.

We had a good a weekend. We drove the new ride to Pentictin and I am falling in love with the van. The kids loved it too. I have some pictures to post for you but I don't have camera software on the lap top so those will have to wait until I get home.

I had my worst race ever on Sunday. I went into the run fatigued and very stressed from the crazy week before. When I get stressed I lose my appetite. This would be okay if I were not trying to fuel up to run a half marathon. To make matters worse I was up most of the night with one kid or another the night before the run. The race course is beautiful and I can't wait to give it a go next year under better conditions.

Running can be a bit of a gamble sometimes. As a runner you always have good runs and bad runs. You just hope that the good ones land a race day. That is not the way this one played out for me. I am over it already and looking forward to the Blackwell Dairy 15K run this Sunday. It is one of my favorite courses and I am hoping to redeem myself for this last weekend.

We had a nice visit with Paul's Granny and Grandpa Harvey. We had a great dinner with them on Sunday and stayed at their place Sunday night. We all slept well for a change and had nice drive home. I took some photos for you of the high points of the drive, I will post those as soon as I can.

We have a softball game tonight, Paul will be drinking beer and coaching from the sideline. I am looking forward to getting outside after full day in the office. Theresa is keeping to busy here to write more. I also a have a completed knitting project to show you. Where did I find the time to knit last week? I have no idea!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Paul got this beauty playing softball on Tuesday. He found the only patch of gravel on a grass playing field. Did I mention that Debbles made homemade bannana and chocolate chip muffins. Scab man or muffin maker... Posted by Hello

Dish rag

Yes folks that's me, a wet sloppy worn out dish rag! My day started at 5:30 this morning and I have been going full boar ever since. There is good news and good news though, which would you like first?

Good News
Paul is doing well and was even caught smiling a few times today. The whining seems to be at a minimum and he is doing better than I thought he would at staying out of trouble. I only had to apply a small amount of salt in the wound pictured above to get him to behave himself all day for Debbles. (I hope you all saw Debbles update post in the comments from yesterday) He is a good man. Some how Paul even managed to get to the bank (via Miss Mini driven by her owner Miss Debbles {Random thought here Debbles, do you really own Miss Mini or does she own you?}) to sign a check for the van and brought a Starbucks coffee to me at the office. I don't know how the man does it.

More Good News
Busy day at the office, 38 patients, 3 virgins, one guy twice and still managed to have an hour and fifteen minutes for lunch and an hour off in the afternoon to go pick up the new van. I will post a photo of her soon, she needs a name doesn't she? Perhaps when you all see her you will be inspired. It was a full but happy day.

Debbles kicks ass! I came home to a clean house, empty laundry baskets and dinner on the table. I should have been a lesbian so I could have a wife to do all these wonderful things for me on a daily basis.

I had better get going, Paul and I have a date. We are going to Pay-Per-view Fat Albert and snuggle on the couch. I am not sure how snuggly scab man will be, but we will give it a go.

I will try to blog over the weekend, but the laptop doesn't usually let me into my blogger account. We have a couple of hours driving the new wheels tomorrow and a yarn shop to go to, and then the race on Sunday, wish me luck!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

DH Update

Paul has not been released from the hospital yet because the medication they gave him is making him sick. They are waiting for the Dr. to come by and change his medication to something his body can handle.

As a general rule we do not take medications to often around here. I don't even think there is a bottle of tylanol or aspirin in the house. I do use homeopathics with the kids when they get a cold but for the most part we are a drug free home. Paul's body is just does not agree with the chemicals they are trying to give him and so it makes him sick. I hope they have at least offered him some food, it may help him absorb the medication and settle his stomach down.

I will use my nervous energy to go fold the laundry and get some knitting done. It is almost to bad my house is already clean and there are already cookies baked. Of course you can never have to many cookies can you?

Worry Wart

Paul went in for his surgery this morning at 6:00. There was a rumor I would be able to pick him up around 10:30. It is 1:30 now and they have still not released him. I don't need any excuses to worry, it is something I have down to an art. I would like my DH home so I can hear him whine and know that all is well. (I have first dibs on his medication!)

Don't worry tomorrow I will be blogging about how tired I am of hearing my DH whine. The pendulum swings very quickly around these parts.

Just to set all your minds at ease the day surgery nurse left a message on the answering machine around 10:00 this morning to let me know that Paul was doing fine and I should be able to pick him up around noon. Debbles is picking him up for me and she called the hospital at 12:30 and they were not ready to let him go yet. My guess is either the doctor was running late and had not had a chance to examine him and clear him for release or Paul was not feeling well due to the heavy medication used to sedate him. Anyway the latest news is that he should be released around 1:30. Now you know as much as I do, I will keep you posted.

Debbles gets a gold star for the day. I don't know what I would do without that girl. She got up at the crack of dawn to give Paul a ride to the hospital for me. I could not get him there without waking up all the kids and trying to get everyone out the door by 5:45 a.m. This would have taken a miracle. Now she is on pick up duty, imagine picking up a wild grumpy bear, just waking from that tranquilizer shot he had for breakfast. Did I mention the bear has not eaten since dinner last night. She is one brave lady. Did I already say I don't know what I would do without her? Thank you Debbles!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Soccer Mom

I am having some trouble coming face to face with my true self.

We are buying a mini-van. Yes, it is almost a done deal. The money is there, I have picked out the color, the van is on the lot. I pick it on Friday afternoon.

As I walked through the show room , I drooled over a little 2 seater sports car. Then I came home and called my bank and bought a mini-van. I know I will love it, will be a great little work horse for this family of 5 but a little part of me is sad that I could not buy the sports car.

I realized as I whipped up a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, wiped the baby spit off my shoulder and sent Sebastian to his room for not sharing that it my destiny. I am a soccer mom. The day has dawned I have bought a mini-van.

The sports car will have to sit in the showroom until the kids are in high school and I am beginning to suffer from pre-empty nest syndrome. Now I understand how Paul feels when I tell him he can't buy a Harley yet. "It is just not practical Paul, I mean how many car seats can you strap onto a Harley?" Poor Paul!

I do like the van. It will serve us well and is what we need for the next 10 years or so. I will grow to love it. I am already thinking about how great it will be to pile everyone in it and go somewhere. We will have it in time for our trip this weekend. I can't wait to pack it full of stuff and not worry about space. I am looking forward to summer trips to the park with bikes and 4 kids and Debbles all in one vehicle. I am looking forward to visits from my family, and we can pile in and go out to dinner. See, I am falling in love already!

Oh yes...It's blue. I will post a picture for you when it is parked in the driveway.

Monday, May 16, 2005

New toy, clothing optional. Posted by Hello

Canadian Jumping Beans

We talked about getting the kids a swing set, or building them a play house and then the light bulb came on: a trampoline. Yes we bought the kids a trampoline. It rocks. We got a 12 footer with the cage around it and the padding that protects the kids from injuring themselves on the springs. It is like a very large play pen. So far it has kept them entertained for hours.

They have played on it and under it, today I turned on the sprinklers so they could bounce on it in the water. They are in love with it. It cost less than a good swing set would have and I think it will last them longer. I think they would lose interest in a swing set at a younger age than a trampoline, I am 34 and I am having as much fun as they are on it. I can't wait to get Paul out there with me and give it test drive, whoops was that my outside voice? Can imagine how much fun that thing is going to be in snow?

The 12 foot one is a great size, we still have plenty of backyard space to run around in and it will be easy to move around to mow under.

We have a party pad now, a beer refrigerator in the garage, a hot tub and a trampoline. Now if we could get Shannon and her DH to come over with the kegerator, mom and Darryl bring the smoker and a couple of those chickens, Debbles you bring LB and a fit man with a great bum (every party needs eye candy), Keeefer you bring your lovely wife and a bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Angie Peg Leg, you just bring Talulah and that peg leg of yours and we will get this party started.

We will put the men folk to work cooking and mixing us drinks and the ladies will get out the sticks and the yarn and knit until we are to drunk to do so. Saara, don't worry we will have you knitting in no time, my mom is an excellent teacher.

My one season wonder takes a bath. You see that sparkle, oh yes it has a little bling in it. Posted by Hello

There is still knitting going on around here. This is the poncho I whipped up in a week. I have seamed it, fringed it, and allready worn it. I love it, it is my one season wonder. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Girls Night Out

Where have I been? I blogged on Friday the 13th, it was finally a good witty post, Blogger ate it. Happy Friday the 13th, I don't suffer from triskaidekaphobia but that may change after the tragic loss of a good post.

Saturday was a great day. It started like any other Saturday: a morning run and good day at the office. Saturday night is where the fun really kicked into high gear, a long overdue girls night out. I never took a head count, but I think we had 10 ladies show up for a night on the town.

We started at Player's for some appetizers and drinks. We were having a great time laughing and talking and I sat back and looked around the table. It was so cool to behold, 10 women ranging from 24 to 41 years old, 3 1/2 of us are married, 5 of us moms, 9 of us runners, 4 of us business owners, 2 1/2 of us divorced, 2 of us blonde, all of us smiling, glowing and having a rockin' and rollin' good time.

I did not get home until 2:30 in the morning and Paul was kind enough to let me sleep in until 8:00. We played with kids for a while on their new toy (I will post pictures for you tomorrow) and then we went out to get some flowers for the yard. PO went to the office to knock down walls and put in doors so the accupucturist can paint her room. I stayed home and played in the dirt with the kids. It is fun to plant with them, they love it.

All in all a good weekend.

I am a bit stressed about the week to come. The truck is not done yet, it is still being painted. One vehicle and lots to get done. My mind is so full of the weeks schedule I can't even keep it straight. Should I give it try?

  • Monday, observation day at school, play PO's taxi, ladies lunch, crazy kid gong show, shop for vehicle
  • Tuesday, parent teacher conferences, PO's taxi, groceries, 4 kid gong show and Softball
  • Wednesday: PO's taxi, something I am forgetting now, Lunch at Debbles, run clinic
  • thursday: PO has that long awaited hernia surgery on Thursday and I will be working for him and spending lots of time and energy on worrying, PO's taxi to and from hospital with 4 kids, Paul can recline comfortably in the trunk, with the softball gear, I have a game tonight too! Medicate husband and self.
  • Friday: Kids taxi, Work all day for Paul, come home cook fabulous meal for family and poor husband, pack kids for out of town weekend trip, listen to husband moan in discomfort, medicate husband.
  • Saturday: Pack children and medicated husband into car with my running gear and drive the whole lot to Pentiction. Stop at yarn store in Vernon for fiber fix, leave medicated children and husband in car.
  • Sunday: Run Half Marathon (kick ass), spend the rest of the day in Kewlona with PO's grandparents, do some of my own moaning, listen to Paul moan in discomfort. Fondle newly bought fiber looking for some sort of solace.
  • Monday: A Holiday! Drive home from out of town trip, unload car, get kids and Paul settled happy and fed. Drink Heavily (I don't know why I did not start this on Tuesday)
  • Tuesday: This is where I get nervous, as long as Paul is laid up I get to work full time for him, plus my shifts at the office (this adds up to 6 days a week) and maintain all my mom duties and keep house running and try to find children under laundry piles.

I am going to lie down now

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Boring Blogger

I am just a dry well lately. I feel like I am giving you all booooring posts the past two weeks or so. It would seem I am only on my game when covered in vomit, buried in laundry and have changed and/or wiped 40 poopy bums in one day.

All is well at our house, we are finally healthy and having a good time. The Barking Cows have righted the universe with a 3 game losing streak. I ran a 5K time trial last night and added 35 seconds to my time. FYI: this is not a good thing, runner's never want to ADD seconds to their time.

Perhaps it's the mini-van that is sucking all my wit and cleverness. Yes, you read that right. MINI-VAN. I never wanted to be a mini-van mom. Then why did I have 3 children? Good question. If the mini-van was not leaching all my individuality and wit right out of me I would have a clever answer answer for you. But alas, I don't. That is it! I am taking the mini-van back to the dealership from whence it came!

Not a tough task, it is a demonstration vehicle, it does not belong to me, YET. In case you have not figured it out yet. We might be buying a mini-van. I am liking the Dodge Grand Caravan with the Stow-n-go seats. I just wish it were not a mini-van. Can I have seating for seven without having to buy a mini-van. Would it be wrong to buy, um, let's say a limousine? We would all fit in that wouldn't we? And we would have a minibar. Or maybe I could buy a bus, you know one of those short yellow ones? Okay maybe not, but I like the idea of a minibar. Can I get a Dodge Caravan with a Marqarita machine installed?

Maybe it is the color of the loaner that is zapping me. It is gold, with brown interior. It is grannie's mini-van. I need a saucy red one, or midnight blue, but not Granny Gold. Does it come in limousine Black, or Short Bus Yellow? Excuse me, I think I see a minibar.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Road Less Traveled

I am frustrated with a good friend of mine. Not for anything she has done or not done, but simply because she does not value and respect herself as much as she should.

She looks in the mirror and sees an image that is nothing like what you and I see when we look at her. I see a beautiful woman, with warm brown eyes that has a smile for everyone she meets. She has told me what she sees when she looks the mirror and it nothing true about who she is or what she looks like.

I have been blessed with self confidence. I am not the prettiest girl in the world, I do not have a models figure, but I do love myself. I have many areas of my life that I would like to improve on, I would love a tummy tuck and boob lift, I have a thousand things I can't wait to learn, but when I look in the mirror I see someone I am happy with a person and body I respect. I would love to be a better mom, a better cook, a better wife, a better runner, but ultimately I am happy.

It frustrates me that this amazing woman I know sees only the negative in herself. I think if we could listen to what she tells herself everyday we would be surprised with how hard she is on herself. I am frustrated because I don't know how to show her what I see when I look at her. What I see when I spend time with her. How do I help her gain self confidence? How do I point her to path that only she can travel?

Seeing Double? I don't realize how much PJ looks like me until I see a photo like this. Shannon you should post one of you and Taylor for us. Posted by Hello

Mini Me. Posted by Hello

Me. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mothers Day:
This mothers day I am wrought with mixed emotions.

I am little homesick for some reason and wishing I were at home to spend the day with my Mom and with Shannon. I don't get homesick as much as I used to, but it does occasionally hit me hard. It is the down side of the choice I made to move to Canada.

I have a good life here, that I love, with no regrets about the choices I have made. I do however occasionally wish that I could have my cake and eat it too. Perhaps someday I will win huge in the lottery and I will be able to buy Darryl that plane he always wanted and then my family could come and visit whenever we needed a fix. For now I will have to be content with phone calls, emails, and blogs.

The other part of me is looking at my children today and being thankful for what I have and for the gifts they give me everyday. My children have made me a better person. I learn from them everyday as I look at the world through their eyes and discover the world with them. I am blessed with a good a husband and wonderful family.

I hope that I can pass on the gifts that my mother gave to me to my own children. My mother has given so much to my sister and I. I never understood the sacrifices she made for us, the way we made her heart ache at times and how much she loves us until I had children of my own. I think this calls for a Top 10 list, this one is for you mom!

Top 10 Gifts My Mother Gave Me

10. Typing skills-I wanted to take Drivers Education, mom insisted I take typing and also told me I would thank her someday, I hate it when she is right.

9. Mom leads a good life- she taught us by example to live our lives to the fullest, to never compromise ourselves, to always be ourselves.

8. All things crafty- I can knit, sew, needlepoint, cross stitch, and just about build you a house out of a stack of business cards and a hot glue gun, mom rocks in the art department.

7. How to use a drill- I can drill a hole with the best of them, I can sand, paint, spackle, saw, hammer and I know the difference between a Robertson, Phillips and Standard screwdriver. I think this scares my husband a little bit...Thank you Mom.

6. Cooking-mom inadvertently taught me to cook. She was a single working mom, she got home late and so Shannon and I were in charge of dinner. Mom planned the meals and Shannon and I cooked them.

5. Dancing-Mom can shake her booty with the best of them and passed on not only a love of music but the ability to shake her money maker. I remember her shaking it with Shannon and I in the front room, just having a good time with us. (I am also scarred by an image burned into my brain of my mom dressed as Sonny and my dad dressed as Cher on their way to a Halloween party)

4. Dream Big- Mom always encouraged us, no matter how strange or how unattainable an idea we came up with may have been, mom was always there to tell us we could do anything we wanted to, anything we put out minds to.

3. The Ability to Laugh at Myself- It seemed like torture at the time, an awkward teen and mom poking fun at things that bothered me most about myself. She would explain to me how important it was learn to laugh at yourself. She was right

2. Girls Rock-Men and women are created equal. Mom pulled her weight in a man's world, learning and working a man's job and never compromised the woman she is to pull this off.

1. Pay it Forward- Take the gifts that you are given and pass them on, share them with the rest of the world.

Mom, I hope to pay forward all that you have taught me by giving my children the same gifts. Thank you for all that you have given to me, for all that you have taught me, and for all that you continue to teach me. I love you, Happy Mother's Day.

Unfinished business:
This link is for all you, who like me had no idea what frotting is. I am so glad I googled that one Keeefer, thank you for educating me. Next time some stranger brushes up against me I will be sure and rush home for a shower. You are a worldly man to know of these practices and the 'kern(al's)' of information you have to offer up to us.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Frisson for All

That would be my campaign slogan if I were to run for office. Would you vote for me?

One of my favorite web sites is It is one of sites I subscribe to using Bloglines. Today's word of the day is frisson- a moment of intense excitement, a shudder, an emotional thrill. Okay, am I only the one thinking, "And all this time I thought it was called an orgasm." You can bet I will using this one on Paul soon. He is not a wordy like I am, but for some reason I think this one may interest him. Now my Mother's Day gift list looks something like this:

1. Frisson
2. Frisson
3. Cup of Coffee in bed
4. Garmin 301
5. Frisson
6. Trail shoes (whoops I ordered these myself today)
7. Fun day with the kids and DH
8. Frisson

Well I think you get the idea. I hope moms all across the land have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Especially my mom and my sister. Happy Mother's Day!

Barking Cows:
I am happy to report that we lost our first game last night. The cows collectively sighed in relief, cracked open a round of beer and chewed our cud. Now we can just graze around the outfield and relax, now that is the way I like to play ball.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Strawberry Tea

Today was Strawberry Tea day, this is a fun event that the kids put on at school for mothers day. They invite all the Moms to the classroom for tea and strawberry shortcake that the kids all made themselves. It is one of my favorite school events.

The children started by singing us three songs, one of them in both French and English (Canadian). Then they passed out mother's day cards that they made, with a chocolate glued on it, that they also made themselves. It was very cool. We got a little gift, some nice smelling salts for a relaxing bath, the kids made those too.

Then the children serve their moms strawberry shortcake, tea and more chocolates that the kids made themselves. I was worried that I would have to eat two cakes, but when PJ brought over the second one I asked her if it was for me. She let me know in no uncertain terms that it was hers. We shared them both and I think Quentin ate more than anyone. It was a lot of fun.

Paul and I seem to be in the process of realizing one of our dreams. We have always wanted to have a holistic health clinic that provided far more than chiropractic care to our patients. Well I have good news. We now have a acupuncturist starting in our office on June 1st. But wait, there is more. We also have an Athletic Therapist that is going to work in our office 2 days a week to start and add more as her patient base grows. How cool is that!!??

We already have a massage therapist and we are looking for another. We have had a few chiropractors approach us looking to join our practice as well. We are not sure if we want another chiropractor to join us at this time, but we are always open to what they have to offer. If the right one comes along, who knows what would happen. We are thrilled at our growth over the past 5 years and are very excited to adding fresh energy to the office.

Monkey Lovin'
Wrongo is finished and I will post a photo for you as soon as I can pry him out Sebastian's arms. It was love at first sight, they have been inseparable. I have started an easy quick project for the moment, I need immediate gratification. I will post pictures and tell you more about it later. My sweater is calling my name too, I just need some mindless work for a bit.

I did not know which one was better this one or the next one, so I posted both of them. Just blow by them if you are bored of looking at us. What happened to the bottom corner of this photo...I have no idea. I am going to have to figure out that 'crop' thing mom keeps talking about. Posted by Hello

Layne took this one, see her finger in it, it is one of the best photos of the day.  Posted by Hello

Layne saw me trying to get a picture of her and shot me a pose. She sure is a beautiful kid, both inside and out.  Posted by Hello

They are all so sweet! Posted by Hello

The kids singing a song for us at Strawberry Tea. PJ is the one wearing the blue skirt over her dress in the front row. Layne is also in the front row, she is the one pulling up her shirt and showing us a little skin. Sebastin is standing behind PH with his hands together, clapping, wearing the light blue button down short sleeve shirt. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A 'Relaxing Morning'

I am so glad that things are back to normal around here. This morning as Debbles dropped off LB's car seat, she asked me what I was up to this morning. I told her that Quentin and I were off to Costco for groceries as we were just about starving. I did not get a chance to go last week, remember I was knee deep in...lets not talk about that.

Debbles replied, "It's nice for you to have a relaxing morning!"

What Debbles could not see from the top of stairs:

Quentin was sitting on a chair at the kitchen table with a bin full of foam shapes of all sizes dumped all over the kitchen table and gleefully giggling while sweeping them off the table and onto the floor. No worries he helped me clean up the mess.

Quentin wandering over to the counter and pulling a pizza box full of pizza down onto his head and all over the kitchen floor. He helped clean up this mess too.

Next we wandered into my washroom so I could have a shower. In my washroom I have a white plastic bin full of goodies that Quentin plays with while I am in the shower. All safe for him, things like a weekly vitamin holder with no pills in it, empty travel tube to store a toothbrush, some pedicure tools, various tubes of magic potions, to make me younger looking, give me soft supple skin, smell wonderful and hairless. I swear I did not know he could now take the lids off. From the shower I hear: "Mamamamamamama." What does he need? I peek out to see the kid sitting on the floor covered in goop. I hop out of the shower dripping and soapy to clean him up and put away my potions. Back into shower to get myself clean. Back out of shower to dry myself, the floor and Quentin.

Get almost ready to roll out the door. "Mamamamamama." Now what? Quentin is standing in the other bathroom stinking to high heaven surrounded by baby wipes. A quick glance into the toilet reveals that it is stuffed full of baby wipes and a whole roll of toilet paper. Quentin helps me clean up another a mess, and learns that there is a limit to what goes into the biffy.

Off to Costco, race around like crazy and get in line. 11:00, time to get the kids at school, I am going to be 10 minutes late. Race to school...You get the idea.

Oh yes, after lunch Quentin got a hold of the foam soap the kids use to wash their hands (LB helped him reach it) and rubbed it all over his hair and belly. Then he laid very nice for me on the kitchen counter and laughed while I rinsed it out.

The funny thing is I am relaxed, I had a great morning and I am glad to see that Quentin is feeling better. I have gotten lax during the week he was not feeling good, I will be on my A game again when he gets up from his nap. That kid makes me laugh with his antics and curiosity. For the record, he is not usually so messy and he is a good kid. I think today he was just making up for lost time.

Monday, May 02, 2005

What? What did you say? I think there is something in my arms! My arms I can't feel my arms! I just couldn't resist this post, please forgive my warped sense of humour...I get it from my mother :) Posted by Hello

Garage Sale Steal. This is a great book series put out by Singer in the late 80's. They are great books about everything there is to know about sewing. I have taken a couple of sewing classes on tailoring and how to make your own patterns, these books are referred to many times throughout both couses. They are out of print now, I have seen them at used book stores for around $12.00 a book. Would you like to know how much I paid for them? $4.00, for ALL of them. What a bargain. Posted by Hello

Trusty, Rusty, Dusty...Gone!

I love a blog title that leaves you wondering what the heck I am up to today. Well, I know Debbles has already figured out what I am carrying on about.

The Albatross has been sold! What on earth is The Albatross? I am so glad you asked.

1 year and 3 months ago, we bought Debbles Forerunner. She went and bought herself a cool cat mini and she was kind enough to sell us her ForeRunner for a smokin' deal. She took pitty on us, we had 3 kids and 2 vehicles, my car and little Toyota pickup truck that Paul is was in love with. Yippie! We now had two vehicles that we all fit in.

Paul decides to put the Toyota pickup truck up for sale. This is a great little truck, indeed it is a little work horse. It has more go go juice than the ForeRunner (Sorry Debbles) and runs like a top. It is also, well, ugly. Paul wanted his money out of it so he put it up for sale at the same price we bought it at 3 or 4 years ago, $2,500. He posted a great sign on it, listing all The Albatross's wonderful attributes, all the extras, all the wonderful things about The Albatross that Paul had grown to love. He even had the phrase 'little rust' on his sign.

After The Albatross sat in the driveway and waited patiently for a new home for about six months. I talked Paul into bringing the price down to $2000. I also talked him into taking the 'little rust' line off his list. How did I do this? I simply put two fingers all the way through the body of the truck, through the rust hole that was about 4 inches away from the sign. Paul was a bit a lot in love with this little truck and was having a little trouble letting it go.

When I complained about it sitting in the driveway he would say things like, "Well, it might help if I would put an ad in the paper." To make a short story long. The Rust Bucket Albatross, after 1 year and 3 months of being 'FOR SALE" has been sold. Please join me in a moment of screaming and a dancing on the table silence and respect for the loss of The Albatross.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

A basket of monkey love. Posted by Hello

Quentin, yesterday afternnon is this the face of boy that feels good? The good news is he is a bit tired today but seems to be feeling better. I am hoping for a sick free week next week. Posted by Hello

Girls, Golf and Gin

Just so you know girls, golf and gin mix well together. We had a great time golfing. Miss Model MacKinnon bailed on us as she was not feeling well, but we had a great time as a three-some (and who wouldn't?)

Debbles and Mnt. Goat went to Vancouver to run the Half Marathon there this weekend. I stayed home, I had to work on Saturday and could not go. I talked to Mnt. Goat and Debbles today, they both had a great run this morning. There were some ladies there from the Saturday Full/Half clinics and they wanted to be under 2 hours. Debbles and Mnt. Goat helped the ladies and paced them the whole run. It is fun to do that occasionally, to just never mind your own time and to help someone else reach their goal time.

Debbles sounded happy when I spoke to her on the phone this morning, she is having a good time and I am glad to see it. A part of me wishes I had been able to go to and run with them. But no worries. I finally registered for the Pentiction Half Marathon, I think it is coming up May 22. I will be to scratch this racing itch then.

Off to a rockin' start, here are Debbles and myself, this is right off the first tee box. I wish I could say that we were both fishing out our balls, but that is not the case. The truth is I started out VERY rough and we are both fishing for my first two balls! Don't worry my game improved as the gin flowed. Posted by Hello

Debbles at the tee box.  Posted by Hello