Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sleepless in The Loops

Enough already! I would like this crazy winter foul sickness to leave my house. For the past two months someone in my house has had a cough, sniffle, sore throat or fever on any given day. My kids are just passing it around the horn, and then when you think it has finally run the gamut, it comes back around again.

I have had several sleepless nights in a row up with crying, coughing, feverish children. We have gone through enough Kleenex for Abe Lincoln's nose on Mount Rushmore. (Abe Lincoln's nose is 18 feet long and each pupil is 4 feet in diameter for those of you that want to know). I have purchased more tissue than should be legal for a family of 5. Sebastain is doing his best to save Kleenex, he has chosen to use his shirt and needs it replaced on an hourly basis due to booger saturation. The child is doing his part for the environment, I'll give him that.

Due to this lack of sleep, I am getting cranky. I did not get to run with Mnt. Goat MacKinnin this morning, I was so tired I just could not get out of bed. I have not run with her in a long time and miss the good company and the hard running. We had a trail run planned this morning. I would love to nap now, but if I do so I will never get to sleep tonight. I am better off just pushing through the grumpyness now and going to bed early tonight (yeah, that will happen).

I am feeling more grumpy for a bad case of homesickness. I know this is going to sound backassward but whenever we have company I get homesick. I love company and I am real family person. After Judy's visit I am homesick. I love living in Canada, I love my life here, but sometimes I wish I could move my whole family here with me.

Okay, okay enough grumpy melancholy, I think I just heard Abe Lincoln sneeze, I'd better go wipe his nose, before I have to wash his t-shirt too.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

An Icky Hickey

Okay this is just silly, I am 34 years old I am a mother of 3 children, I own my own home, I have a doctorate for goodness sakes and I have a hickey. It was an accident I am sure of it. Hickeys are not necessarily a bad thing, unless they are big and ugly and on you neck and you work tomorrow. I can hear my patients now, "Uh, Dr. Ouimet, I have a question for you, is that a hickey on your neck?" Nice, very professional.

I think it has been there since yesterday, which means my mother-in-law either had the good grace not to say anything or she did not notice it. (She left at 5:00 this morning, we had a god visit, more on that later).

I don't know if Paul has noticed it yet either. I dread the moment when he sees it, because of the look that will cross his face when he realizes he put it there. He will get this weird smug look on his face, not unlike the look everyman gets when his wife tells him she is pregnant. You know the look, like this huge sense of accomplishment and pride, like he is the only man in the whole wide world that could accomplish this monumental thing. Never mind that every man in the world has the ability to get a gal pregnant a hundred times over and give her hickey while doing it! It's like marking their territory or something.

I remember telling Paul that we were pregnant with number 3, when number 3 rolled around we not preventing him, but we weren't planning him either. I knew I was pregnant for at least a week before I had comes to terms with it enough to share it with Paul. We were at the office and Paul and I happened to be in my exam room with no one else around. I said, "Paul, I have something I have been meaning to tell you." and he just stood there with this weird, pained, proud, mystified, goofy look on his face grinning from ear to ear. He knew what I was going to say. Then he said something to this effect, "Well there is no need to worry dear, I put the stem on the apple this time. Yes dear, that WAS my primary concern, how do you always know just what to say?

My cousin is now expecting baby number 5, (check out my Mom's blog for the storey, she posted it on Sunday, use the Daes Work link on the right, I am to lazy to look up the link for you here) this is after having her tubes tied. She is mad as hell and yet, I am sure her husband is grinning ear to ear with that goofy look on his face. He is thinking about what powerful mighty swimmers he has. I mean getting right by those tied tubes it takes some serious stamina swimming through those knots! Never mind that it was her healthy body that 'repaired' what the surgeon 'broke' and now here she is expecting. I bet she is sporting a hickey too.

Lets take a look at Shawn and Denise, they had twins a year ago. Identical girls, so this was the moms doing as the egg split into two embryos resulting in identical twins. Shawn takes all the credit. To hear him tell it, "My boys were swimming so hard and so fast that they split that egg right in two." Uh huh, that's the way happened. I bet Denise occasionally wears a hickey too, hopefully her husband is wise enough to put it where the general public can't view it.

Well all I can say is damn this hickey! I'll be wearing it to run clinic tonight too, I just find it a little embarrassing. Now don't get me wrong, I was not complaining during the process of getting it, and I am not really complaining now. I just respectfully request that Paul place the hickey lower next time. Hey, hey it's not a porn site here, just so it lands somewhere below the neck line.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I am getting very frustrated with Blogger. I am having trouble posting comments on Shannon's and Mom's blog. Not only that but, I spent a half hour on the computer today writing a blog entry and I could not save it as a draft or post it. It is lost into internet purgatory where it will forever be without a home. It was a good blog today too! I just don't have it in me to write it all up again. I will try tomorrow, but I think the moment is lost

Monday, March 28, 2005

Sebastian got his first 2-wheeler! A rite of passage. Posted by Hello

Not bad for a pygmy in a kilt! Posted by Hello

How did I do?

You all know the answer to that due to the picture posted above. I had a good run, I went out to fast as usual and found the last 3 miles of the race very hard. When will I learn? I started to get tired about half way through and then Stephanie pulled up beside me. I told Stephanie she showed up just in time, I was starting to get tired. She was wonderful, she stuck with me the rest of the race. Every time I would start to slow down she would tell me, "pick it up just a bit, relax." and that was all I needed. I would not have done so well if it were not for her pushing me at the end.

So let me answer the question I know you are wondering. Why didn't Stephanie get 2nd place if she was right there with me. 2 reasons: first, she is in a different age group than I am she is 24 years old (she took first in her age group), and second at the last bit she dropped back to give encouraging words to Karen who was right behind me (she ran the 20 mile race and had been running one hour longer than I had).

The heck of it is Stephanie would have finished at least 5 minutes faster than me if she had decided to run her own race. Instead she choose stick with me and help me get a personal record (PR). Thank you Stephanie! I would not have done so well without your help.

I know you are all dying to know who took first in my age group, that would be none other than Debbles. She ran it in 1:50 and change, she was taking it easy as she has marathon to run in Paris on April 9th. This was a taper run for her, she should be cutting her mileage down at this point in her training and begin resting her body for her race. You can check out the race results here if you are interested.

Okay, I will bore you with only a little more running information and then I will move on. I ran this last year, it was my first 1/2 marathon. I ran in it in 2:08 and change (I don't remember how many seconds), my second was the 1/2 in Kewlona last year which I ran in 2:02:18 (9:20 minute mile) and this was my third at 1:56:10. (8:57 minute mile) In one year I took 12 minutes off my time. I did not hit my goal of 1:55:00 (8:47 minute mile) but I am damn happy with my results and my improvement. I told Paul, "I am kind of glad I did not hit my goal yet this season, because then I would have to set a new one, and I don't know if I can go any faster!" We had a good laugh about that.

My dream is a 1:45:00 one day. I don't know if I even have that in me or not, so it is still a dream, not a goal. Lets just see where the next few years take me in my running. There is a point where you plateau and you need to happy with where you are at. As long as I stay under 2 hours I am happy with my times. If I continue to improve, bonus. If I plateau out at 1:55:00, I would be okay with that as long as I can maintain and not get slower, I am not ready to slow down yet.

Ah, one more running tid bit for you. There is a Masters Runner (60-64 age group) here in Kamloops, his name is Jack Miller. He is an amazing runner and he is looking to break 5 or 6 Canadian masters records this year. Well he broke his first with yesterdays 20 miler with a 2:08:10 that is a 6:25 minute mile. Just to put it in perspective for you he is 26 years older than I am and he ran 5.89 miles further than I did in exactly 12 minutes longer than it took me to complete my race. Phenomenal. There may be hope for me yet!

As you know if you looked at the photos, Paul and I are going to go see CATS! tonight. I am excited, I have always wanted to see it. I will let you know how it was in my next post. Right now I think it is time to end my knitting dry spell.

I should have taken this picture and posted it on Saturday. Paul bought these for me for Easter, he also bought us tickets to CATS which is playing here in Kamloops tonight. Grandma Judy and Aunt Jodie are going to watch the kids while Paul and I go out.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Easter Fun

Happy Easter!!!

We had a fun Easter day today. We started with a traditional Easter egg hunt in the back yard in the cold, The kids had a great time. It was quick, I think it would have taken a bit longer if the wind was not so cold. The Easter Bunny brought some chocolate and some nut filled eggs and even some filled with coins and matchbox cars. A good time was had by all, and we are still enjoying our chocolate high.

I got a bit of sewing done today, just some repair work on Sebastian's pajamas and some repair work on my running tights. I figured if the tights had a hole in them it would be sure to snow tomorrow for the race. If I fixed the tights and they were ready for more winter use then it will magically clear up and be warm enough tomorrow that I don't need my heavy winter tights. I am trying to use Murphy's Law to my advantage, I am not sure if it possible but I will let you know how it goes.

I am looking forward to the race tomorrow. I am hoping for a 1:55:00 time. Wish me luck, I will need a little anyway. That is an 8 min 47 sec mile for 13.1 miles. I am having wierd moments today where I think " Oh yeah, I can do that, no problem." Then I have these thoughts, "that is pretty quick for me, I don't know if I can maintain that pace for the distance." I go back and forth. My plan is a good dinner, a good nights sleep and a relaxed fun run tomorrow. I keep picturing that time clock reading 1:55 as I cross the finish line.

I went for a run today just to loosen the works a bit. I had not run since Wednesday and I was getting restless. I ran down to Runner's Sole to get my racing bib and timing chip. I am glad I went I had terrible run today, I am glad I got that out of my system before tomorrow.

Jodie was supposed to drive here from Panorama today for a visit with all of us, she usually comes while her mom is in town. There is a lot of snow flying between her and us right now and she has decided to leave tomorrow morning when the roads are better. We are looking forward to seeing her so I hope the roads clear a bit and she makes it our way.

Well that tasty dinner is about ready now. I have baby back ribs in the oven, fresh corn on the stove top and some wild rice to go with all that. Sounds good. I had better get going.

I am hoping to get some knitting done tonight, it will keep me relaxed and distracted from thinking about the race tomorrow. It is funny, the only thing I race against is the clock, I don't care who is behind me or in front of me, I just want to reach my own goals and I still get a bit nervous before the race. There is no need to get nervous, no one but me really cares about how I do, I mean I am not running in the Olympics here. Don't get me wrong, I don't get to worked up, just a little bit.

I will let you know how I do tomorrow.

Sebastian the Builder gets busy with the blocks. Posted by Hello

Look what PJ's building. Posted by Hello

Hunting for Easter eggs, it was lots of fun and very cold and windy. Posted by Hello

Q ball just being cute enough to kiss. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Have My Eggs and Eat Them Too!

So here is what I am thinking. Thank you Debbles for thinking this for me, and Harold for helping out too. I am going to have my eggs and eat them too.

The kids don't really know, or care what day of the week it is. They don't know what day Easter is either. I think we will have our Easter egg hunt Saturday morning with the kids. Then I can race on Sunday morning and play with the kids for Easter. I may cook a ham up Sunday night, but I am not sure yet. Good idea! I am glad someone else thought of it for me.

I agree with Mom and Angie, I was not willing to run the race and miss the kids Easter egg hunt. I just love these times so much and I am painfully aware of how fast the kids are growing up and that I won't have these times any more. I would kick myself a million times over if I missed it for a silly run.

I took Q to the doctor (Harold) because that rash I can't get rid of is getting worse. He said there is nothing to worry about, he just has very dry skin because of the weather right now. He also suggested I quite using Bounce dryer sheets, they are very hard on children's skin. Harold gave me a prescription for Eladil for Q's skin but we have not filled it. The pharmacist said a new study was just done on Eladil and children and called Dr. S with new study. Harold is going to do some more research on it before we fill the prescription. Dr. S suggested Vasiline will get rid of the rash, but Vasiline is just really messy and stains your clothes. Q is running around naked now covered in Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream. That cream is good stuff, let see if it will do the trick and then Q won't need the prescription.

Judy is baking chocolate chip cookies and just heard the oven timer go off. You know how I feel about chocolate...gotta go now!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I'm Back

What a week, and it is only Wednesday.

Um, first while I am thinking of it. Shannon try that Crocodile Tears link again and see if it is working now. I check and I had a typo in the link.

Paul came home from Kewlona not feeling his best, so I have been working the past few days. I tried to blog from the office, but Monday was to busy and Tuesday I couldn't get blogger to recognize my password. No trouble on the home computer but I can never post from the laptop. I don't know why.

Any way the good news is Paul is feeling better and things should get back to normal around here. The kids are on spring break so that makes things a little busier around the house, but we are having a good time. I missed spending time with the kids while I was working for Paul.

Today we did the grocery trip, the kids were good the whole time and Sebastian and PJ helped out a lot. They unloaded the cart for me and everything. Having all three with me when trying to get the groceries done is a little stressful, they are really good but I still find it more work. Debbles and Layne came along with us today, the extra hands were sure a help.

I have done no knitting in about a week, I just have not had the time to pick up the needles. I lead my run group at Runner's Sole tonight so I don't know if I will be getting any done tonight either. Thursday I hope. I want to get my sweater and Sebastian's monkey done, I am thinking of spring projects now.

Runner's Sole has done a funny thing....Surprise. Their annual 1/2 marathon and 20 mile race is scheduled for Easter Sunday. I really want to run the 1/2, it would be my first race of the season. I also REALLY want to play with my kids and the Easter bunny. I love watching them hunt for eggs and watching for the Easter Bunny. I don't want to miss this, it will be all to soon that the Easter Bunny will be a thing of the past around here. I treasure these moments. If the race starts late enough and the kids get up early enough I can have my cake and eat it too. Maybe I can talk Paul into bringing the kids down to the race. Why did they schedule the race this way...I wish I knew. I just find the whole thing...Well....supercalafragilisticexpialadocious.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Top 10

Keeefer, you guessed the word of the week last week, it was kilt. Well done. It has been requested by the blood lines that I choose this weeks word, however if you are interested in picking next weeks word to challenge this crazy word word family just let me know. You would need to post your word on Sunday March 27th either here in the form of a comment, or we could all traispe over to your blog for a look.

Well I have been having a heck of a time picking this weeks word, I have thought of so many that would be wonderful in their own little ways. I am feeling the need to post a top 10 list number 1 will be this weeks word. (I don't even know which one it is yet!)

Kelly O's Top Ten:

10. Enunciation
9. Scuffle
8. manzier (a bra worn by men with breasts, thank you Sienfeld)
7. Flatulence (good word, to easy for Shannon to use, Will is a gas bag)
6. Plush
5. Expectorate
4. Craptastic!!
3. Aerola
2. Cloistered
1. Supercalafragilisticexpialadociuos

No groaning ladies, this word is perfect. Yes, it can be found in Webster's Unabridged dictionary, so no complaining about that. Also the definition of the word is perfect for out purposes, Websters defines it as a "nonsense word used by children". I googled Supercalafragilisticexpialadocious and came up with 256 hits. This being one of my favorites. I think using it as we know it as a song title and associated with Mary Poppins is allowable, but unimaginative.

If I could add 11 I would add pseudoantidestablishmentariansim. I wonder if this is the longest word in the dictionary? Anyone know?

Anyone willing to attempt all of Kelly's top 10 in a single post? I will send a little treat to anyone who pulls that one off.

Running: I did not run the race today, it was windy, cold with slushy rainy snowy crap falling out os the sky. I sat in the hot tub and had a cup of coffee instead.

While the kids are away, mom makes herself a rockin' lunch to eat with no interuptions. Look I am even getting some work done! Balancing the books for the office.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 19, 2005

I Can't Make This Shi Stuff Up

Sometime last week I noticed I had a small leak in the right front tire of my car. I had a look and saw I had run over a nail. No worries, I let Paul know about the tire and asked him if he would take care of it for me. He is so good about doing this kind of thing and taking good care of us that way. He said he would see to it over the weekend.

He tried to fix the tire last Sunday when he was out with Sebastian. The tire shops were all closed, and our mechanic was going to pick up the car and finish the tune up on it Thursday anyway. The mechanic never picked up the car on Thursday and the tire in question was forgotten about.

Last night we drive up to Harper Mountain for an appreciation dinner for the volunteer ski patrolers (of which Paul is one). Paul takes the truck and I have his mom and the kids in the car. We had a good time up there and I did not have to cook dinner. My kind of night.

Same car seating arrangements on the way home. Kids all tucked into their car seats, cozy in their pajamas, grandma E's knitted blankets keeping them cozy. Paul leading the way in the truck.

I get part way down the hill and the road begins to feel strange. I thought "This is not a graded road, is it?" Then I said to Judy, "I think I have a flat tire." I pull to the side of the road and flash my lights at Paul several times. I get out of the car to check the tire. Yup, it's flat.

Sebastian is in the backseat starting to panic, "The car is broken, I want to go home!!!???" "How are we going to get home??" The kid had himself worked right up to a state of panic in two seconds flat. I try to calm him down, while trying to reach Paul on his cell phone. Sebastain won't be mollified. The kid works himself up to the point of vomit. Yes folks, more friggin' vomit. Only this time their is not only vomit, but 5 people stuck in the stinking car, in the middle of no where with a flat tire. Did I mention it was trying very hard to snow?

Paul does not answer his cell phone, he never does. No problem, my parents raised me right, I know how to change a flat tire. Loosen the lug nuts problem. It's hero time, my kids are going think I rock, this really impress my mother-in-law too.

I get the flashlight out and go back to the trunk. There is no jack. WTF? What happened to the jack. No worries, I will call BCAA they will send a tow truck, Tow Truck Man will come and change the tire. The only downside of this plan, instead of being outside in the fresh crisp air being the hero, I am now inside the warm, but stinky car.

I call BCAA, tell him what is going on:

"Where are you ma'am?" (Why do they always call you ma'am)
Me, "Ummm, well, I am on my way home from Harper Mountain."
BCaA "I am in Vancouver ma'am, I don't know your area."
Me "I think I am Paul Lake Road, but I am really not sure."
BCAA "Are there any land marks you can give me?"
I look around "Nope, I am in the middle of Nowhere, do you know where that is?"
BCAA "What are you close to?"
Me "I am between Pinatan Lake and Kamloops, I am sure I am on Paul Lake Road."
BCAA "Well, I will try to send someone, it will take an hour or so for them to find you."

An hour in the smelly car with 3 kids and Grandma Judy. No problem. Judy and I compare notes and figure we should have had more to drink at the party. To late for that. I start the kids singing, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old MacDonald and anything else I can think of. The Tow Truck Man, our new Hero, shows up in a half an hour! WoooHooo. He gets out his jack and changes the tire in under 10 minutes. Yippie.

It was a fun, smelly, drive home on an larger than average doughnut. I was just happy with the way it all turned out, having a blow out can be nasty and we were lucky. I did call Paul again once we got on the road. It seems his cell phone turns off automatically when you are in an area of no service for a period of time, to save the battery. He did not get the message until he got all the way home. He was on the way to rescue us when I called him.

I think Paul felt bad about the whole thing. There was nothing he could have done different, it is just the way the cards fell last night. He had the tire fixed his morning and after much searching he found the jack. It was in the car the whole time, in a secret compartment in the trunk. Paul said, "You would have never found it in the dark, I don't know why the hell they put it there." He made sure that I know where it is now and stuck some gloves in the secret hiding spot too. "If this ever happens to you again when it it this cold out, you will need some gloves." He is a good man.

I had a great 11 mile run this morning. It dumped snow last night, we got about 6 inches or more up at our house. The run was down in the Valley and snowed on us the whole time. It was beautiful. It was only about 0 degrees C, so the snow melted as it hit the ground. I picked up my race packet for the race tomorrow, I still don't know if I will run or not.

Friday, March 18, 2005

It has not all been monkey and cow buiness around here. It is seamed together, now it is time to pick up and knit the collar. I love this sweater! Posted by Hello

Spoiled, Lucky and Stupid

We here in Kamloops have been spoiled the past few weeks. We have indeed been lulled into a false sense of spring. The temperatures soared up to 15C, all the snow had magically left the back yard, even the big shady spot that is always the last to go was nothing but a brown patch of lawn.

Today was a nasty reminder of how spoiled we had become. How much we had taken this wonderful weather for granted. I ran my morning run today in snow. It was cold wet snow. I had put away my winter running gloves and my favorite running touque had settled down for a long summer nap. It was a sad day today. I had a wonderful run anyway, I love running in the snow, and it is up to about 8C now and the skiff has already melted away. No harm no foul.

This weekend has brought a surprise for me. A little stroke of luck if you will, a small moment of peace in my otherwise busy life. Paul has been planning to go to Kelowna to visit some family there and to do some orthos for them. We were supposed to go last weekend, but the orthos had not all come in yet. Well they are here now! This means he is off to Kelowna this weekend with his mom and the kids.

Sadly, we do not have a vehicle that we will all fit in. Both our vehicles only seat 5 people. I am going to have to stay home. I am looking forward to some time to myself, this is a precious thing in my world. I shouldn't say that really, I take time to go running and workout almost everyday. But this is different, a whole evening with a quiet house. This will be my first evening with no children since Quentin was born. The funny thing is, I will miss them. I will glance at the clock and think, "they are having dinner now." and that sort of thing.

I do have to work on Saturday still, so I am don't exactly get to sit around and do nothing.

I may have done something stupid. Would that surprise anyone?

I run my long run as usual on Saturday morning. 11 miles this Saturday.

I signed up for The Spring Run-Off 10K race Sunday morning. I have not raced a 10K since the end of last race season and I want to see what my 10K time is. I am never sore from the long runs, but I am always a little stiff in the legs. Have I made a grave mistake? I am not sure yet.

I decided I will see how I feel on Sunday. If I feel good, I will go run the race. If I am to sore I will stay home and relax (in quiet empty house). Stephanie told me I should use the 10K as a time to trial to see how I will do in my next half marathon.

My first half marathon of the season will most likely be the following weekend. Sunday the 27th of March. The River Run here in Kamloops. I would love to get personal best at this race. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am going to try to do 3 this year.

Aside: Kamloops is not recognized by my spell check program, it wants to replace the word 'Kamloops' with 'smallpox' WTF?

This is a picture of Glamour Girl Layne-B giving a helping hand with breakfast for this calf who was rejected by his mommy.  Posted by Hello

The kids got to see this baby being born at the farm yesterday. I look at this picture and can only think one thing. Thank you mother nature for not making me lick my children clean after their delivery. Yuck-O. Posted by Hello

He'll be coming around the mountain when he comes! It's Sebastian on the Farm Feild Trip yesterday.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Gong Show

Gong show, yes that is what yesterday turned out to be.

I had a good morning, if not a little rushed. I spent the morning doing laundry and getting the sheets changed and house clean for Judy (Mother-in-Law), then I whipped down to the office and had a half hour massage (woe is me, chiropractic perk). I raced up to the school to get the kids and then went to Debbles house for a yummy lunch. Toodle home for quiet time so the kids get a rest before we are to head out to the airport to pick up Grandma Judy.

Nap time, when all hell breaks loose. Everyone goes to their rooms, with some resistance. Quentin gets put in his crib and he starts to cry. He rarely fusses before naptime, but I know he is tired and I figured that was the cause. I was wrong. I got him to sleep in my arms, but everything I set him down he would wake up and cry. I finally decided I would let him cry a bit and see if he would fall asleep. He escalated to the point where I figured I had better go rescue him, I picked him and he settled down a bit. And then it happened, yes, the little bugger barfed all over me. (I am so sorry for two bodily function blogs in one week, please forgive me). Anyway the poor kid is sick all afternoon.

I am thinking, 'What am I going to do with this sick kid when I have to go get Judy at the airport." I called Paul, he was booked until 5:30, so I called Debbles. And lets just offer up a huge thank you to Debbles. She said, "Layne and I will be there at 4:00."

I can't think of a time that I have been in a pickle that Debbles has said, "No Kelly, I just can't help you." Deb has rescued me through the flu, family crisis, feast and famine. I am truly thankful for her friendship. I have been so lucky in my life to have good friends, Angie Peg Leg, and Debbles those two would offer up a limb if I needed one, so would my sister and mom for that matter.

I think this gift of a good solid friend in my life is something that my mom has taught me. Her and Diana have been the best of friends since high school. I can't think of a time in my life that those two were not setting an example of what good friends are about. I have seen them laugh together and cry together, they don't always see eye to eye, but their differences seem to give each other strength. What an influence that has been on my life and the way I value my friends. Neat.

Enough mush, the story has a happy ending. I made it to the airport on time, Judy is having a great time with kids and we are enjoying her company. Quentin is feeling much better, he actually ate some dinner last night and some breakfast this morning.

The kids went on a field trip to a farm today, where they got to see a calf being born. I worked but Paul and Judy went. I will share some photos after I download them. Paul brought our camera, but left the battery on the counter, Debbles to the rescue again, she had hers with her. She is going to bring it over this afternoon so I can post some pictures for you.

I am feeling restless this afternoon, I feel like this post is a bit scattered. Ah well, I guess that reflects today's mood. I think I need to get up and go do something, a nap maybe? Or I could put on my kilt and do a little Irish jig for you. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Poop Filled Day

I make it point to not blog about bodily functions, but the day seems to warrant it, it seems to even beg for it. You have been warned.

I have spent the past 4 years of my life with diapers and toilet training. I am down to having only one child in diapers these days (this is cause for celebration, I had two in diapers for years). Quentin is about 18mo old now and he is toilet training. I had the other two both toilet trained at about 2 years old, so I figure I have 8 months or so of diapers to go yet. When we are at home I use underpants to train with, this way the child knows he is wet, diapers are too good at wicking the moisture away from the skin and kids don't even know they have wet themselves. Q is now complaining and coming to me when he has wet himself even if he is in a pull up or diaper. This is a good sign, it means he is recognizing how his body feels when he has to go. There is a comical story here I promise.

When I got the Q Ball up this morning I was in a bit of a hurry, so I took off his diaper and just pulled his pajamas back up, I figured I would be getting him dressed soon anyway, so he could just go commando for a bit. This morning after breakfast, he was toddling around in his pajamas while I was getting ready for the day. He came to me agitated and pulling on his clothes. I checked and he was nice and dry. (You can see where this is going can't you). I asked him to show me what he needed and he pointed in the direction of the bathroom. I was duly impressed, I thought 'Damn, now this kid is on the ball." Then I noticed the bottom of his pajama leg looked odd. Yes, you guessed it, poop, in the bottom of his pajama leg. What a day to start my day and poor Q, poop from his bum to his ankles, that's just not right.

The up side:
1. I took no photos to post here for you.
2. There is no smell-o-blog yet
3. He was not wearing a kilt

Now that I have grossed you all out, today is poopy in the figurative sense as well. My husband is falling apart. We have been married for 5 years and in that time he has had 3 surgeries and was scheduled for one more on Monday. Mom always told me I was hard on my stuff but this is ridiculous.

1. Eye surgery to repair a congenital eye problem
2. Vasectomy, 3 kids in 3 years, you do the math
3. Wisdom teeth last month, the three week nightmare. He is still whinging about it
4. WAS scheduled for a surgical repair of a inginual hernia, Monday.

I need to learn to be gentle.

Monday was perfect timing. You see my mother-in-law flies in tomorrow to spend two weeks with us. The kids go on spring break on Monday. It was perfect. I was going to the office for the week (which incidentally includes a holiday on Friday so it was a short week). I work for four full days and Grandma Judy stays home and takes care of Paul and the grandkids. Hell this sounds like a planned vacation to me. I assure you all our patients combined would not whinge as much as my DH following a surgical procedure. Let us remember how fragile he is.

The surgery has been rescheduled to sometime in April or June, this means we will have to close the office while Paul recuperates, and I will have to take care of all FOUR children myself. God Bless BC Medical.

All joking aside, Paul and I are disappointed, we were looking forward to putting this surgery behind us. Paul was looking forward to being able to start back to his work out program. We have found all this waiting to bit a stressful. It would have been so nice to have this done and not have to close the office and to have the extra help with the kids and the house. Poop.

Wrongo is coming along, you see here 2 arms, 2 hands and one ear. I need to make 4 hands and 4 feet, they get sewn together to get stuffed. I ran out of yarn for the body, but I was rescued by Debbles who drove through Vernon yesterday. She stopped by the Never Ending Yarn for me and picked up more yarn for Wrongo. She also picked out the yarn for Chongo for Angie Peg Leg. She did a great job. I took a couple of pictures of the yarn but they did not come out well. I think I have to wait for a sunny day. Posted by Hello

Look at this! The doorbell rang at 8:30 Monday morning and look what the mail person brought. Angie Peg Leg sent a care package. I got a good chuckle out it because Peeps always make me think of Angie and here she sent a whole box full. Sadly my kids don't even know what Peeps are. They will find out very soon, Thank you Angie Peg Leg. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 14, 2005


Whoa! Mom and Shannon, no need to get your knickers in a bundle, you would think I just peeked up your kilts or something. I did not know I was cheating, I would love to pick the word, I was just trying to make things more interesting. I am not trying to get out of choosing the word, I have several words I am thinking of if readers out there don't pull through.

I threw it out there to keep things fresh and to get people active and involved in my blog, not to cheat. I also said to look for the word all week...I did not say it was in today's post. I thought I had a week to use the word, an I mistaken?

I certainly apologize if I have upset either of you.

Word Up

I come from a long line of 'wordies'. Wordies, that is what I call people who love words. You would think being a wordie would make me feel a little nerdy. On the contrary, I take some pride in being a wordie. I love to use words that make my husbands eyebrows knit together in confusion, I love to use words that other wordies give me 'the nod' for.

I come by this naturally, I can remember as youngster my Mom and Diana sitting around drinking wine and playing Scrabble (no doubt making up some of their own words as they played). Much of my childhood memories of my father include him sitting in 'his chair' reading the newspaper. One of my grandmothers would kick your @$$ a Trivial Pursuits without blinking an eye. My other grandmother, who never graduated with a high school diploma used to proof read my term papers for me. A phrase I heard all to much during my childhood, "Look it up in the dictionary". I was destined to become a wordie. My sister is a wordie too, it could not be helped.

My sister inadvertently started a word game. She used the word pygmy in her href="Midnight'>">Midnight Madnesspost on her blog. Well like a pygmy duck to water, my mom blogged away about pygmy horses and what all, and I managed to work 'pygmy' into my blog as well. This has resulted in a wordie, word off, if you will. My mom has chosen the word of the week and Shannon and I are going to try work it into our blogs. Here is where you come in...

Should you chose to accept the challenge, I will be using the word in my blog at some point this week. I challenge you, the reader, to guess Mom's chosen word. Next week it is my turn to choose the word (and here comes the carrot for any of you pygmy rabbits, horses, deer, and other wordies carrot lovers out there) whoever guesses the word correctly gets to try to stymie us. You can pick next weeks word for me and give us wordies a challenge. If there is more than one correct guess, I will pull names out of a hat and let the winner know via email.

It is cheating to go to Mom's blog to learn the word. She posted it loud and clear, with photos even. Sorry, Mom, I am not linking you today, but I am going to try to put my favorite reads on my blog here one of these days. You will be linked soon I promise.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Party Pooper

Last night Paul and I went out on a date. We went to the Blazer game. (The Blazers are the local hockey team, Western hockey League). We are season ticket holders and this is the second game I have been to all season. Usually Paul and Sebastian go and PJ and I have a girls night out, we take Quentin with us too, the hockey games run to late for him to stay up that long.

We have 4 seats so Phil and Leanna came with us, afterwards we went over to their house for a few drinks. I was feeling a tired and bit wonky, so I only had a drink or two. Paul, told me I was a party pooper because "we left so early, and you didn't drink at all". Let the record show that we got home at 1:30 a.m. Party pooper my @$$.

Speaking of @$$, I am dragging mine about now. I fell asleep about 2 a.m. and Sebastian woke me up at 4:00. He crawled into my bed and told me I was 'crowding him' so after tossing and turning for a bit I crawled into his, I got up at 6:45, and was supposed to meet my running group at 7:00. I raced out to Westsyde and the rest of the runners had about a 15 minute head start on an 8 mile run. I am proud to say, that not only did I catch up to them, but I passed a couple of them and completed my run before they did. Not bad for a lady running on to little sleep.

Then it was off to work for a busy day at the office. I only work until about 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon so I don't have to much to complain about. I am all pooped out now though, tonight I can safely be called a Party Pooper. I am ready for bed and it is not even 9:00.

Knitting Front:
My sweater is coming together nicely. I posted a photo of a bit of the seaming process. Once I got the hang of what I was I doing it went along faster than I thought it would. I was hoping to finish the seaming tonight and pick up the stitches for the collar, but I think I need a good book, a cup of tea and a long nap.

I told Paul today that I was proud of him for starting a little knitting project of his own. I think it is nice that he is showing so much interest in what I like to do. He asked me if I would adjust him this afternoon before he went into the hot tub. He came in with no shirt on and laid down face up on the chiropractic table. I then noticed he was 'knitting' his very own sweater in his belly button. The man is really amazing. Talk about multi tasking, taking care of the kids all day while I am at the office, and knitting a sweater at the same time. Phenomenal. I asked him if I could blog about his knitting ability. He said, "Only if you post some pictures." I will spare you all the trauma.

Really, where does belly button lint come from? As far as I know it is a strictly male issue. I never found a fur ball in my umbilicus. Of course, I am not covered in fur like Paul is. I think it is time for a cup of tea while I ponder this. Good night!

This seaming is going better than I had hoped it would. This photo shows off my seam well, but does no justice to the color of my yarn.  Posted by Hello

Friday, March 11, 2005

M&M Addiction

Is there any hope for me? I need help, M&M's Anonymous anyone belong to a chapter I can join? You see it goes like this:

I month or so ago, I was shopping for groceries and LARGE yellow bag beckoned me. It whispered very sweet nothings in my ear, it wooed me with talk of chocolate, and some line about 'the peanut in the middle'. I caved, I am weak. This LARGE bag of peanut M&M's somehow climbed into my grocery cart. It came home with me. I ate it. It took me two or three weeks, but I did it. All by myself (I hid the bag from Paul) I am ashamed. I need more.

I went back to the grocery store, to...ummmm....ahhhhh, yes, to get milk, that's it, I went for milk! And another LARGE bag of peanut M&M's came home with me. I had to have something to go with all that milk. I did not hide these from Paul. They are gone, this time I only ate half the bag. I NEED more. I am sitting here at the computer, blogging my little heart out and really my heart is elsewhere today. My heart is on aisle 13 of the Real Canadian Super Store, craving and drowning in peanut M&M's. I am ready to fill the bathtub with them and just relax in it, with a good book and some knitting, and of course a glass of milk.

I need to kick the habit. I will be strong, I will not buy more. I know I have better energy if don't eat a lot of sugar. I know I will have a better long run tomorrow if I can just control myself. We all have our vices don't we? Tell me what yours is, then perhaps I can forget about mine.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

AhhhHa! Here is the Q Ball, banging to the beat of his own...hammer? Posted by Hello

Look at those smiles! What is Q into while I am taking this, where is that little boy? Posted by Hello

If I Were a Cartoon Character...

Let's give credit where credit is due, let me first thank Keeefer for today's blog title and a portion of today's blog topic. Thank you keeefer!

If I were a cartoon character who would I be? I read Keeefers comment and I got to pondering this very subject. There are a lot of great cartoon characters out there, I mean what do you go with here? Supernatural powers, a good 'artists rendition' (Cat Woman?). I mean you want to be a hot cartoon character don't you? Or do you go for brains (Pinky and the Brain)? Or maybe money (Richie Rich)? So many to choose from...gets the mind going doesn't it. Or maybe I have too much time on my hands. Maybe I spend too much time with small children? I need to get out more.

I am going to have to go with Jessica Rabbit. It seems obvious to me, she is all that and bag of chocolate. She has a hot body, a great career, she is smart as a whip and she is married to funny man Roger Rabbit. And well you know they must (insert throat clearing sound here) like rabbits too. What about you? Which cartoon character would you be?

Knitting Wrongo:
Oh Mom, you asked a question a bit ago, about Wrongo, the monkey project. I did some checking and it seems Wrongo is a pygmy monkey, he is only going to be 15 inches tall when he is completed. I am taking a seaming sabbatical from Kyoto, consequently, Wrongo has two legs to stand on and one arm to wave with. I think I will make him some hands and feet next. Monkeys can be cagey, if he has some hands perhaps he can share some gestures with us? I need to knit up a gauge for the second yarn. It will keep things interesting.

Blogging progress: Lets all give a whoop for this blogger. I wrote my first peice of HTML for todays blog. Now if I could figure out how to put a list of blogs I read on my blog? Anyone have any hints for me. Yes, I am computer inept and a blogging rookie.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My Smith Machine, I am in love! Posted by Hello


I went for a run this morning with Mnt Goat. We hit the trails behind the house for about 9K, the snow is almost gone and we had a great time. I am tired of road running and I have not seen enough of the Mnt. Goat lately. She has been very busy with school, she is working very hard these days to make a success of herself, I have a lot of respect for her and her hard work and dedication. But, I selfishly miss running with her and spending time with her.

During our running adventure, Mnt Goat told me she and her sister were talking about how skinny I am. I know Mnt. Goat meant this as a compliment and I took it that way. I have three young children and I have worked very hard to lose any pregnancy weight I may have gained and Mnt. Goat and her sister are recognizing that and complimenting me. But, (we all knew there was going to be a but didn't we?) I am not a fan of the word 'skinny'. I don't want to be 'skinny'. Skinny should be reserved for phrases like 'skinny dipping' or maybe "Give me the skinny on what we are doing tonight" or "what's the skinny?" But as a descriptive term for me, not my favorite. Crack addicts are 'skinny', people with nutritional disorders are skinny, and I know a fair number of people that are 'skinny fat'. You know what I mean, don't pretend like you don't know what skinny fat is.

I don't mind 'thin', I love 'fit', stay away from 'shapely' and my favorite, hum what is my favorite, 'toned' and 'happy' are two of my favorites. 'Healthy' is a good one too, if used right, you don't want to be too 'healthy'.

How do I stay fit?
I am so glad you asked that!

A year ago a friend of Paul's moved from a very big house to a very small house. He had a nautilus weight set from costco he did not have room for anymore. We were kind enough to store it for him. I started using the weights and I have been at it consistently for about a year now. This combined with my running, (which has been a 15 year addiction of mine) has helped me get back to my pre-babies weight and keeps me fit.

Our friend bought a new house, it is a big one, and so he came and got his weights on Saturday. I said a weepy good-bye. My DH went right down to costco and bought me a new nautilus weight set, nicer than one I had. He told me he knew I would use it, he knew I enjoyed using it, and then, get this: he told me I look great and it was a small price to pay to keep his wife looking hot! Love IS blind isn't it? He spent the weekend putting it together for me and I never even missed a work out. He is a good man, and I am a lucky woman.

I am also very sore, the Smith Machine isolates the muscles better than the bar did by itself and my legs are killing me from squats and lunges. I did a shoulder workout that Debbles taught me and I could hardly lift my arms up to wash my hair in the shower today. I love the Smith Machine!!!

It is coming right along. Do you remember my self imposed February deadline? Do you think I can finish it by the end of March? February WAS a short month after all. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

And no one can decide who he looks like, me or his daddy. It seems obvious to me. I had to make you smile after my sad post. Did it work? Posted by Hello

Comments ROCK

I hate to take the curling puns any further, but who could resist that blog title. Mom, you started with it your comment! So whatever commences from here will be your fault.

I am in agreement with my sister and my mom, (this is not as rare of an occurrence as you may think) I love the comments that people make. For so many reasons.

First off, you folks are funny. You post comments that make me smile and often that make me laugh right out loud. I love that. (Angie Peg Leg-that is Orville, he is 97 and kicked my @$$ in curling)

Second, it is really neat (for lack of a less Leave it to Beaver word) that people are reading this. It just astounds me how small the internet has made the world. The fact that someone in Australia posted a comment here and my sister has someone in Guatemala reading her blog is just cool. I read a blog from Germany and one from Scotland regularly.

I also feel less homesick since my mom and sister started blogging. I get to see what they are up to with the pictures they post, I get to hear about the latest family doings and I don't have to pay a phone bill. What a great way to stay close to one and another even though I live in the Great White North, (Great Brown North these days).

So thank you one and all for letting me know you are out there, I will try to spice up my life a bit so bit so you come back for more! What could be more spicy than curling...I don't know exactly but I am sure something will come up.

On the knitting side of things:
I finished the second sleeve and I have blocked the completed pieces. I am seaming the thing together and I think this will take longer than knitting the whole thing did. I have the shoulder seams together and I have one arm on. This took me over an hour last night. I am so glad for moms suggestion to pick up and knit the sash, and I am glad I decided to do that with the collar too. Good thinking mom. I will post a picture when I get it all seamed together.

On the tragic side of things:
I hate to do this to all of you, but I am going to post a bit of sadness today. A BIG bit of sadness. Paul got an e-mail yesterday about some friends of ours that were in an auto accident. One of the most incredible women in Paul's graduating class at Life West Chiropratic Collage was killed in car accident in Fresno last Wednesday. Her and her husband were on their way home from work (they are both Chiropractors) and someone ran a red light at 80mph, she was killed instantly and her husband was in critical condition. He is out of the hospital and home now, I don't much as far as details go.

What I can tell you is that Elizabeth was a truly phenomenal woman, she was beautiful, she truly cared about every patient she laid her hands on. She was a gifted healer and an inspiration to be around. The world will be a darker place for her passing. I don't think I ever saw Elizabeth without a smile on her face. In school she was always one of first people to volunteer for a project that would help others. She gave of herself in so many ways, it makes my heart sad to think she is no longer with us. My heart goes out to her husband Stone for his loss, there are no words to describe what he must be going through right now.

Monday, March 07, 2005

The Great Canadian Experience

Well, I survived curling. I was right, it is a lot like shuffle board on ice. I had fun. It is usually fun to try new things. I am not going Olympic anytime soon. If fact my team got the award for worst team on the ice that day. I think that may have been my fault. I was laughing to hard to sweep very well.

I really don't understand the whole game. I mean for starters, Canada is cold in the winter time. So Canadians, in their brilliance, think up a game, you can play inside in the winter time and then put the whole thing on top of a sheet of ice. It was cold, my hands were cold, my feet were cold, curling is not for wimps.

So you grab a broom and some cool little booties that go right over your shoes. One is slippery so you can zip along on the ice and the other one is grippy, so you don't slip on the ice. You squat down on one knee, put one foot against what looks like a starting block, you hold the rock in front of you and you push off with your foot. You want to throw the rock very gently, that rock goes a long way with very little push. You want your rock to be closet to the middle. You can knock out your opponents rocks, you can place your rocks in such a way that you block your opponents shots. Oh yes, lets not forget to sweep, you sweep in front of the rock to make it go faster, if you need it to. I don't really get the sweeping, I can't imagine that sweeping in front of the rock actually changes that much, but I swept when I was told too. It was fun overall. I would try it again, I will dress warmer next time.

I think curling should be a summer sport, you could go in, curl for a while and cool off and then come outside and warm up again. It is something you would have to practice a lot to get good at. I had a few good throws and a lot of not so good throws. Everyone should try it, just once.

There I am, curling. Did you ever think you would see this? I didn't. Posted by Hello

Here is Paul curling. I tried to get a picture of him 'sweeping' but no luck.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 05, 2005


I have worked hard to teach my children the concept of sharing. It is an important thing for all of us to know and practice. They get it. When Sebastian was very little, I told him he had to eat the broccoli that was on his plate before he could have dessert, there where 2 small pieces. He smiled up at me, and put one of the pieces on my plate. I said, "What are you doing?" He said, "I am sharing mommy." I ate the broccoli.

The kids have shared their cold with me. Bless their little hearts. I have the worst sinus headache I have ever had. I have had it for 3 days. I am ready for it to go away now. I have not gotten much knitting or anything else done around here the past few days. I have been in bed by 9:00 every night. I think I am ready for a nap about now.

I have gotten in a few light runs and a long run today. I did not feel to bad for today's run, 10 miles, but I am tired now, and ready for the hot tub. Yes, the long runs do make me stiff for a day or two, I am not Bionic you know.

Paul has been trying to get me to go curling with him since I moved to Canada. I have managed to dodge this bullet for 5 years tomorrow I go curling. I will let you know what this is like. It involves rocks, ice and sweeping. It sounds like to me like shuffle board on a larger, colder scale. I hope to post some pictures. This is what happens when you mix bored Canadians, beer, ice and rocks.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Afghan Love

The kids are excited, they love getting mail. And they love their afghans that Grandma E and Grandpa D sent. They arrived today, Paul picked them up at the post office on his way home from work. PJ has folded and unfolded hers about 50 times already, Sebastian has laid his out on the floor and rolled all over it. Funny thing is I did not tell which kid which afghan was intended for them and they each picked the correct one. PJ called the red one as soon as the box was opened and Sebastian wanted the one that 'matches my bedroom' so it was blue and yellow for him. Well done mom. (for future reference my room is shades of green and Burgundy)

I will post some pictures of the kids with their new treasures tomorrow.

The kids have been kind enough to share their cold/flu with me. I have felt yucky for the past few days and today has been the worst so far. I have not been sleeping well, neither has Q, and every time I finally get to sleep he wakes me up. I have had some trouble getting up for my morning runs due to this cold and lack of sleep. I did get in a short run last night (5K) and about 8K this morning. I have not touched my weight set all week. More on the weight set in tomorrows post.

Paul is just about done giving the kids a bath and I am on to go brush teeth and hair. I had better get back to work.

Thank you Mom for the wonderful afghans the kids love them!

I am hoping to get in some knitting tonight, finish my sleeve perhaps? I am sooooo there!

Shannon, your comments always make me smile. We have had lots of sun the past two weeks or so. It has been cold and crystal clear last week and this week has warmed up. We got up to 12C today, that is about 58F or somewhere in there. Spring is coming. There is no snow left in the yard, just a brown lawn. Shannon, are you up to something with all this work on your house? I remember hints of a 'big decision' in your blog.

A pair of monkey legs and my sleeve. I am making progress, and having fun doing it. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

No Knitting Here

I have a lot of passions. My family, my job, running and fitness, chocolate, reading, knitting, and much more. I picked a book on the cheap at Chapters last week (an oxymoron?). I started reading Patricia Cornwell's book , Blow Fly, the latest in her series about Kay Sparpetta. I love these books. I started it Saturday and finished it last night. Thank goodness I got it finished, now I can get something else done. I just get sucked into a good book and I can not stop reading it until it is done.

I have not been doing as much reading lately, I have been knitting in the evenings instead. I need to learn how to do both at the same time. Mom, I bet you can, I don't know if I am ready for that yet. Anyway, I bought the hardbound book at Chapters for $7.99, it is regularly priced $39.00. I can't believe how much books cost, I shop at used book stores most of the time. I recently ordered a couple of books from, runs good prices on their knitting books, and you get a yarn voucher if you buy books through them.

Now that the book is done, and Quentin is feeling better I am going to get back on the sticks. I hope to get some work done tonight and post some photos for you Wednesday. Are we getting to hump day already? Where does the week go??!?!

Hi Aunt Sue!! I am so excited to see that there are family members out there reading what I am up to. That is so cool. Mom must be spreading the word that we are all out here in BlogLand for you to keep up with us. What is your blog address Aunt Sue, and what about Diana? Is she lurking out there too? Where can I read all about that Staph infection hummmm? (I hope you are feeling better now!) Hint, hint.

Oh yes, Paul said last weekend was one of the best weekends of his life. How cool is that? I love that I was able make it happen for him. He has been grinning ear to ear since he got home and has thanked me about 10 times. Did I mention that he brought me flowers Thursday night, that was BEFORE he went. I will post some more photos of his trip, there are a lot of good ones, just let me know when you get bored of Heli-skiing photos. I still have a couple photos I have been saving from PJ's birthday, for a slow blogging day.

More helicopter photos. This is Andrew, Phil's son, they went with Paul on his trip. Amazing to have a helicopter drop you off on top of the world. I would love to go just for the ride, never mind the skiing.  Posted by Hello